Before You Visit Angkor Wat, Here's What You Need to Know | National Geographic

eager to experience a spectacular

sunrise at Cambodia's ancient Angkor Wat

here's everything you need to know to

get to this iconic site and make the

most of your visit Angkor Wat is

actually just one of over a thousand

temples that make up the ancient city of

Angkor today the entire city is a unesco

world heritage site

but Angkor Wat remains the most well

known and largest of all the anchor

temples this site can often be found on

travel must-see lists and no time of day

is more impressive than sunrise getting

here is easier now than ever but there

are a few key things you need to know in

order to travel to Cambodia you'll need

to get a tourist visa either online in

advance or at the airport in phenom penh

Siem Reap or at any major border

crossing the visa costs 37 US dollars

and is valid for a stay up to 30 days

fly into Siem Reap the gateway city for

all Angkor exploration it's located just

four miles south of the site and is a

destination in itself with plenty of

quality dining cultural and

accommodation options getting between

siem reap and angkor is surprisingly

simple if you're up to it you can

actually even walk there but if you're

looking to arrive in time for sunrise

you'd be best to arrange other

transportation the archeological Park

opens early at 5 a.m.

renting a tuk-tuk is a popular option

for under 30 US dollars you can have

your own personal driver who will pick

you up from your hotel take you to the

perfect sunrise spot and get you from

Temple to Temple throughout the day

just be sure to bring a bunch of smaller

US Dollars for cash tips along the way

guided us tours of the site can also be

arranged in Siem Reap or see it through

a NatGeo lens with one of several

National Geographic expeditions that

include a stop at Angkor Wat tickets to

access the entire park are available in

1 3 and 7 day passes ranging from 37 US

dollars to 72 US dollars a three-day

pass will give you plenty of time to

experience other notable landmarks

including the bayon temple of smiling

faces the to prom temple which was used

in the filming of the movie tomb raider

and sunset at pnom became having a

three-day pass also means that you can

escape back to your hotel room to avoid

the afternoon heat local temperatures

can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during

the summer months the heat is extra

daunting since this is a sacred site and

there are no uncovered knees or

shoulders allowed and if avoiding the

heat isn't enough to entice you to visit

at sunrise these photographs will surely

do the trick