5 Important Tips for Antelope Canyon

A lot of you Guys might know About Antelope Canyon

It's one of the most Photogenic Places in the World and is Located right in Page Arizona

But There's Five Things you need to know before Taking your trip there

Antelope Canyon Is One of the most Photogenic Places in the World no doubt about it

You Can Pretty Much Point your Camera in Any Direction and you'll get A

Great Photo But There's A few Things that you Really Really need to know

Before Going There Because you might Make A Huge Mistake and

You Definitely, don't want to miss out, on what I have to share here Because I found out before I went and

Had I not Known These things it Would Have been a Disaster so here

We are the first Tip that I have for going to Antelope Canyon is get the Photo Package now you might be Asking

What Photo Package?

So one Thing you might not know About Antelope Canyon Is it's actually on Navajo

Territory so you can't Just Park on the Side of the road and Walk out There you actually have to have a navajo tour guide

Bring you Through the Canyon and They're Actually They're Really great, they show you

All the things Take Photos of Some of the most Popular angles to get but

There Are Two Packages, one of them is Just the Standard guide Through the Canyon and

Another One is the Photo tour now the Photo tour Is very Different than the guide Through the Canyon Because

One Thing you might not know Especially Looking at Pictures of Antelope Canyon Is that it's very very Crowded Down There

Especially During Certain Times of the Year I mean it's like Herding Cattle Through a, Narrow, alley. It's that packed in There. so

You might have to Spend a little bit more Money to get the Photo Package but I promise you

It's Worth every Penny Because if you, don't get the Photo Package you can't Use a tripod

And all Those People that I mentioned They're Going to be getting in the way of your Shot and it's going to ruin

90% of the Photos that you'd want to Take


The normal Package Just going Through the Canyon Walking Through the guide, They don't stop and

Let you Take your Time to get the Photos you, need. so that Is

Probably One of the Most important Tips, Is Make sure you get the Photo Package and

I'll Actually Link A few Places in The Description Below for A few of the Places that I've used for the Tours

and They've Been Fantastic all of the guides going Through the Canyon Have Been

Top-Notch no Complaints About it. now the Second Thing Is bring a tripod and This Is one of Those other things Where it's Pretty Deceiving

Just Looking at the Photos but it's Actually very very Dark Down There

The Actual Slot Canyon is about a hundred feet Deep and the only light you're Getting Is kind of Bouncing

Through The Slot Canyon Down to the Bottom so the amount of light Down There is very very Small and some of your

Photos Are Going to be

Exposures of Six Seconds Maybe Even Longer Depending on the Apertures you use but

The Photos will not Turn out if You, don't have a tripod so that's Tip Number Two

Now the Third one Is

It May Be kind of a No-Brainer for some of you but you're going to want to bring A wide Lens

It's very Crammed Down There it Looks Spacious and it's

It's Really not I mean the the Pictures of this place are very Deceiving what it looks like

In Person versus what it looks like on the Camera and you're going to want to bring a wide-Angle Lens and if You have something

like Maybe A

Sixteen Millimeter Or even A, twenty-Four that's what I've Shot mine With 24 Millimeter and it's Worked Perfectly fine

But I wish i had A wider lens

But not

Just A wide lens but A wide zoom Lens Because that will lead me Into my next tip Which Is do not

Change lenses in

The Canyon

Now this Is

Maybe Kind of A No-Brainer for some of you but it's very Dirty Down There Especially if You're There for the light beams you know

Certain Times of the Year the light beams will Actually come Through. the light beams don't just Show up they Actually Throw Dirt Around

In The canyon so you have Dirt Flying all over. i mean When

I was done With this on my first Trip I was Just Covered in A layer of Dirt and that's not that's not A

Circumstance You want to be Changing your lenses in so if you have a zoom Lens

A wide zoom Lens that will give you a lot More

Range for your Lenses to Take Photos inside the Canyon Rather Than Just a prime

Because There Are some Photos That Work Really, well with a wide Lens and some were you know

Maybe you know

Mid Prime Like A 50 or an 85 might Work so if you can get you know a wide to mid

Zoom That Would be Probably Ideal Situation. so tip

Number Five Know What Time of year you're going to be There

So the upper Canyon the lower Canyon Are Kind of Known for Different things the Upper I Probably Say

Is more Known for the light Beams Coming Through

Whereas The lower is Probably more Known for its Soft Rock Formation so Keep This in mind when you're Going out to the Canyons

you know what you're Trying to accomplish by going There are you trying to get Pictures of you know

Famous Rock Formations or are you trying to get Photos of the lightning's Because Both are Really, Really good to be Trying to get. now

The Time of Year for the light beams Is

Summertime and More Specifically it's more like the Midday Time. so when you're Making your Reservations with the Photographic Tours

You're Going to have to be going at A very Specific Time and it Should Be Pretty Obvious when you're on the Websites like what

You know what Group What Group times you need to get and what tour you need to do

So it Shouldn't be very difficult but Just Keep that in Mind that you're Going to be out There during Summer and

It's going to be Pretty hot you know Just in the whole Area. Now if You're in the lower Canyon,

The last Time I went There it, was I think Maybe fall so you know it wasn't

Super super, busy like Like it was when I went in the Summer for the light Beams for the Upper Canyon,

But it was Really Nice Because you know Rather than the light Beams Coming Through and A lot of Harsh light it was Actually very

Soft Light I got A lot more of the you know like Purple hues to red hues

And it was a really Really cool, Experience

Versus the upper canyon Which was also really good Experience too but that one, was the light beams and That's Really

What A lot of the Photographers Wants light beams so

it's Very very Crowded Down There so Just to kind, of go Through the list real Quick again Number

One Make sure You get the Photo Package. if you don't get the Photo Package I promise you

You're Going to have A bad Time you aren't going to get Any of the Photos you want you're going to be rushed and

You're Really Going to regret even Going out There Because

It's a long trip it's like a two-hour drive From the Nearest City. Two bring a tripod

Like I said it's very Dark Down There

If you don't have a tripod you're going to either be using high iso

Low Aperture or you're Just not going to get the Photos you need.

Three, Make Sure You have A wide lens and more Specifically A wide zoom Lens Because

That brings me the number Four, you

Don't want to be Changing your lenses Inside the Canyon Because of how Dirty it is there's Dust Flying everywhere Especially

Especially if You're Going for Those light Beams because Those light Beams

It's actually Just dust so just Keep that in Mind all that all that light your thing that's Just all the Dust on the Canyon

and then Number Five

Know what Time of Year you need to be There so if you're Looking for light Beams do it in summer if You're Looking for

Anything Else Any Time of year will, do

so i hope that was Helpful for you guys Because i wish I had known this stuff the first Time I had Gone

Luckily I did a little bit of Research on my own but There's Just Really not A whole Lot of material out There

About Going Through Antelope Canyon so i hope this Helped if You want leave me A comment in the

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