Watch before visiting Glacier National Park | 2020 updates

okay in this video gonna go over Glacier

National Park some things to know before

you visit there this here is a map of

Glacier National Park Glacier is located

in the very top part of the state of

Montana in fact you can even see here

this border is the Canadian border and

in fact part of the park really is kind

of an extension into Canada so if you

want to go over to the Canadian side

they call that Waterton Lakes National

Park you would need a passport to get

over there but when I went I didn't have

the time to go to the Canadian side so

I'm just going to talk about the

American side of Glacier National Park

here John Muir said that you could spend

a summer exploring Glacier National

Park's that you should spend a summer

exploring it

of course John Muir spent just about all

this time in the outdoors and was kind

of crazy enough to fight grizzly bears

and things like that so he was an

extremist but certainly you could spend

a long time exploring Glacier National

Park all the nooks and crannies all the

hikes all the lakes it looks like an

amazing place most people though will

not spend that long a lot of people will

just spend a day at Glacier and drive

this road right here right through the

middle of the park this is called the

going-to-the-sun road and it goes up to

this peak right here to get as ascends

up to that peak and then descends down

on the other side there so and then

another maybe the second most popular

road into the park is this many glacier

area right here and of course there's

roads all over the place you can go on

this inside North Fork Road

there's there's spots here these lakes

that you can come in and camp at

like right here right here so these are

a little off the beaten path of course

most people not gonna get to those and

we didn't get to him again we only had a

day in the park so I just want to share

a few things I know about the park I've

no glacier expert but maybe it can help

you plan your trip a little bit from

just average joe's perspective that

going-to-the-sun road is only open from

about mid-july to about mid-october the

opening and closing dates change every

year based on the weather but there's so

much snow up there it takes them about

two and a half months just to plow the

road clear so that people can go there

I'm doing this video in 2020 effect it's

July 11th and that road is scheduled to

open in two days July 13th it's a very

short season glacier and so for that

reason it's packed the National Park is

packed and this year in 2020 it's made a

little more difficult because the east

entrance over here as you can see is in

the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and the

Blackfeet tribe has decided due to

coronavirus that they are not letting

anybody onto the reservation meaning

they're not going to let anybody enter

Glacier National Park from the east side

so there's only one entrance now to

Glacier National Park which is west side

Apgar Apgar village park is really

struggling with how to handle this

they're thinking about doing a ticketing

system where you're going to have to get

reservations ahead of time in order to

get into the park so something the

National Park System has been really

dealing with from for many years anyway

in many of the popular national parks

like Zion and arches places where they

are narrower places like a lot of these

national parks have basically just one

main road kind of like Glacier does and

so they're really kind of struggling

with being overwhelmed by the number of

visitors that they have so let me just

go over a few things that we did when we

went there let me zoom in on this here

we came into the park and we stopped

right there at Apgar village right at

the very tip of Lake McDonald and you

know we travel with kids at the time we

had three kids and so it's hard to be a

hardcore hiker when you have three

little kids so we try to vary up our

activities that we do on these vacations

when we have kids and so you know to

keep it interesting for him so we're not

just hiking them to death and so here at

Lake McDonald we rented boat kind of

cruised around on the lake for a little

ways I think we came over here to Fish

Creek and hung out for a little bit and

threw some rocks and stuff it was a

really enjoyable activity I think

probably a lot of people don't do that

they just didn't hurry to get up to the

go into the Sun Road but that was really

enjoyable for us and then we now keep in

mind too you know we stayed at Kalispell

that night which is down here

Kalispell you know as close to the entry

but it still is about 45 minutes away so

it takes you a little bit of time just

to get to the park from Kalispell which

is I think the most popular place to

stay as a jumping-off point so it takes

you a little bit of time to get to the

park you know and then we did the boat

ride and then you know we started up on

this going to the Sun Road now you know

you're going through a valley here and

you're you know ascending up the

mountain there oh by the way we stopped

at the trail of the Cedars Nature Trail

this was kind of a short little hiked up

in up into the up into the mountains

there again you know when we travel with

little kids we have to kind of do some

shorter hikes that they're able to do so

that was a very nice little trail you

kind of got to go through some rivers

and climb on logs and throw some rocks

around do get a I've got boys they love

to throw rocks so that little trail of

the Cedars nature travel is a nice nice

little stop anyway then we went up the

road here and you kind of come through

the valley and you turn here

and then this called the loop here

you'll turn back up now this is the

highlight right here this is the very

most famous part of the road that going

to the Sun Road when you're heading up

to the Logan Pass visitor center which

is right at the very top of the mountain

because right here from the bottom of

the loop you can see kind of all the way

up to the top it's just an amazing the

most beautiful view you'll ever see my

wife says Glacier National Park was is

the most beautiful place she's been in

her whole life

and we love the national parks we've

been to all these places around the

Rocky Mountains glacier was stunning as

you're driving uphill

you'll drive past this weeping wall

which is just kind of a waterfall going

down and then you'll get to this Logan

Pass visitor center right here at the

top that is you'll just that's just kind

of a nice little stop and you can walk

out I mean it has this Hidden Lake

nature trail that goes out to Hidden

Lake he couldn't walk all the way up

there although when we were there we had

we were there in July so the road had

just opened which meant there's still a

lot of snow around and we did hike out

on that little Hidden Lake Nature Trail

but I don't think we're able to go all

the way to Hidden Lake because of the

snow it was still the trouble still

mostly covered in snow that area though

really cool because you can see mountain

goats there we saw a little Marmot

there's some cool little just wildlife

that you'll see that we haven't seen in

other places tell us the enormous impact

of this mix between mountain goat and

Iran well honestly three mountain goats

but one of

kind of ugly so your economy Haiti we

really really enjoyed it up on top a

very wonderful little very nice little

stop there and then we kept going down

the road all the way here to st. mary

lake at the bottom and again you can see

all these these little hiking trails

going off of this road you could stop

and explore I mean you could explore so

much they're glacier it's just it's just

crazy but the thing is you know if

you're staying at Kalispell for example

like you have to get all the way over

and then all the way back in one day and

you know we were able to do a boat ride

and basically two hikes and then we you

know of course when we got to st. mary

lake we just turned around and then

drove back on that going-to-the-sun road

all the way back so we were able to do a

boat ride two hikes and the drive and

that took a full day by the time we were

done and had left the park

you know we stopped just outside there

for dinner and there's a lot of

huckleberries that are grown around in

that area so you can get huckleberry pie

and just fresh huckleberries to eat just

about any little stand right around

there so we did that and it was it was

fantastic but that took a full day and

you know so if you were going to plan to

try to do other parts of the park of

course you know we could have spent a

second day kind of exploring some of

this area up in here but we didn't have

the time to do that if you're going to

go over to the canadian side maybe in 20

20 perhaps you need to go up here I'm

not quite sure about that

normally I guess you could go out this

side of the park and up that way but I

don't believe you can do that right now

in effect I'm not really sure I think

many glacier in 2020 I think many

glacier is pretty much closed because of

corona and I think they're doing

construction on that and I think it

might be closed

through much of 2021 as well so check on

that before you go but anyway that's

just kind of a little overview of

Glacier National Park definitely worth

it I would probably recommend you know I

wish we had done two days at Glacier at

least so I would definitely recommend

two days although I'm glad that we went

on the boat ride and and the hikes and

all that I would recommend a little more

time exploring some other places in the

park and there you go hope hope that

helps you understand Glacier just a

little bit it's really a fairly simple

park like a lot of the national parks

it's pretty much just one road out and

back is the main highlight and I

definitely recommend going to Glacier if

you can make it you should make it at

least once in your life okay if this

video was at all helpful for you or

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