How to reach Kerala by Air?

Kerala is a small state that lies in the

southwestern part of India this South

Indian state abounds in natural beauty

to its West is the Arabian Sea and to

the east is the western guards mountain

range that separates the state of

thummell nod from Kerala Kerala can be

accessed by air it has three

international airports in the southern

part of Kerala is the capital city did

one in the poem which has an

International Airport that is about 10

kilometers from the city of Sidon and

the poem the Cochin International

Airport in the district of air no column

is another one and is located in central

Kerala this airport is about 26

kilometers from the city of Cochin

located at curry port in North Kerala is

the core record International Airport

which is about 27 kilometers from the

city of Coe record apart from these

airports in Kerala the airports at

mangalapuram in the neighboring state of

karnataka and the airports at Coimbatore

and Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu

are the other three airports that are

located close to Kerala capital cities

of South Indian states like Bangalore

Chennai and Hyderabad also have air

connectivity to Kerala Kerala is

accessible by air from most parts of


welcome to Kerala God's own country