Normandy: The Best Places to Visit in Normandy, France

Bonjour fellow travelers mark you with

Walter's world and we are in the

countryside of Normandy one of the

prettiest parts well they're all pretty

parts around France I'm not gonna lie to

you but this is one of the ones that a

lot of Americans come to because the

d-day beaches and most suddenly show all

kinds of great things to see and do here

in Normandy and you might be thinking

mark where should we go in Normandy

because Normandy really is part of this

like two-week American tour of France

you know you get your Paris you get to

Normandy your Lavallee maybe head down

to Provence or not but then you're back

to Paris and you take off so what I want

to do is give you kind of our top 10

things to see and do when you are here

in Normandy so let's get started now the

first thing you should do when you do

come here is I highly recommend it's

going to the d-day beaches and having

that whole experience because honestly

when you go to the detail well there's

Omaha Utah Juno or or any of the beaches

Sword Beach you really get a feel for

what happened here 70 years ago and it's

a really moving experiences with the

beaches scene man they had to run up

that Beach and that's where the fire was

coming from

there's tons of museums around here you

know if you go to beoh there's Laval

normandy museum there's an overlord

museum there's that's another museum

there there's the Omaha Beach Museum

there's so many museums out there to

really give you a feel for what happened

on that day so you definitely check

those out and one thing I really highly

recommend if you want to see the

personal sacrifice and get really a

moving story like everybody in our

family even the kids we're in tears

because of the sacrifice people made for

this is go to the American Cemetery at

Omaha Beach and go on their visitors

center yeah go to see the cemeteries is

very moving but when you go on the the

visitors center downstairs you go

through their exhibition and you see the

sacrifices people made what happened

these people it really puts things in

context because then you see the guy

that you know when you go to st. Mary's

and you'll see why is there a

parachutist a paratrooper stuck on the

church and you say oh well he was there

and he didn't get killed and he

pretended like he was dead or something

like that but the real story is his

buddy also landed on there and his buddy

got shot and killed but before he died

he killed the Germans that were there

and so they didn't shoot his buddy off

the church I mean there's just all these

amazing stories that are there that are

really moving I do suggest going to the

beaches on Omaha Beach or Juneau or Utah

or any of them it is well worth it and

there's all kinds of things

all around for museums to memorials to

just the whole atmosphere that's here

it's a definite must okay then it can't

be very somber and it can be if you know

if you've got friends in the military

and stuff like that I mean it'll hit you

right here okay because I know we

everyone had tears when we did this okay

now have a happier place to go when you

are coming to Normandy number two our

list is most summary show the most uh

Michelle is an island most of the time

it's an island and then the water goes

out and it's not so much an island and

it is an island the water goes in and

out I mean once that Michelle is if

you've seen any tourism stuff for France

you've seen pictures of mon-sol Michelle

this island with the Abbey on top yes

you will want to go there it is super

touristy but you gets millions of

tourists a year there's literally one

Street that goes up and you'll fight

your way to the top to get to the Abbey

but it is so gorgeous because when you

come there and you see it on the horizon

because you'll see it aways that you'll

see on the horizon like wow and you

drive up and you you park your car the

most insane unhealthful

parking lot ever just give me the

heads-up on that well just be prepared

for frustration at the checkout okay you

go there you get one of the free buses

that take you from the parking lot to

the foot of the foot of like the outcrop

you go out there you look over like wow

this is our Christmas picture this is

what it's gonna be

wait is it our Christmas picture this

year just take my word for it and you go

there but you wander through and they

have like this silly like torture museum

or it's got you know you know a torture

museum you know to like you know

entertain you and things like that

there's all kinds of these silly little

things touristy things going on the way

up restaurants or some hotels and stuff

like that but what you want to see if

you want to go on the a beyond the top

and you can see I mean this thing is

there had people for like 1,200 years

there's been somebody and some kind of

church thing there and it's been a

pilgrimage site for a long time it's

like one of the top four pilgrimage

sites in Catholicism and Christianity

then I don't know they put the tourism

there cuz that would be a lot more but

you see people coming there it is just a

fantastic place to visit well worth it

for the day trip to get there do you

want to spend the night there if you

spend the night you can see it and have

it basically all to yourself because

most people have gone you know by four

or five o'clock in the afternoon we had

our own transport we went there we got

there about 2:00 and it was packed

we left at six there's nobody around so

that was a nice little thing there some

on set Michelle's number two number

three we're gonna go to beoh

and bail what you want to go see there's

one go to the Bayeux Tapestry this is

William the Conqueror's story of the

battle the lead-up to the Battle of

Hastings in 1066 where William became

William the conquerer instead of really

on the bastard and the thing is it tells

the story of Harold and how he had word

told Harold that he William will be king

and don't tell him and you see all we

got stuck in quicksand and help people

that's my mother Michell you'll see the

stuff and in the kind of quick sandy

stuff there it tells a whole history the

thing is this thing is a foul almost a

thousand years old this tapestry and

it's like 70 meters long I mean about

museum goes on forever and they got a

great audio guide that it points out all

the different stuff like you see you

know they're taking the the chainmail

off the dead bodies and the heads cut

off and okay chopping off the head of a

horse it sounds crazy we were this is

knitted in okay so it's still kids safe

but you see what really went into it and

is truly an amazing thing it's a UNESCO

World Heritage Site you have to see that

is one of the most coolest things then

you'll see Harold with an arrow in his

eye you're like hey I've seen that

before yes yes you have okay

all this starts to see em bail they

actually have the Battle of Normandy

Museum there which is really well done I

do suggest watch the movie when you're

there they have it in French and English

go check that out they have all you know

they have the history the different

people you know they'll talk about the

Germans to say the Germans that didn't

destroy Paris the Germans that they were

like you didn't like they wanted to kill

Hitler and stuff like that but also talk

about all that stuff the America stood

in the Canadians and the Belgians and

all these other people that wasn't just

Americans on d-day or Canadians it was

brisk there's people from all over the

world that were coming to fight the

Nazis and so you get a really great kind

of background on man

then another thing you're doing you that

are there is you'll see the cathedral

there it's as big as Notre Dame in Paris

and it is called Notre Dame as well yeah

and it is really a cool Church and

that's actually where the tapestry used

to hang occasionally which is kind of

cool to think about what would like

would it look like in sitio where people

could come and they couldn't read and

stuff like that that you see the history

of their ancestors kind of you know nice

little propaganda film like right there

in the church but it is you see in the

tapestry is just amazing that's the top

one there okay

now the fourth place to check out is now

we've gone from like lower Normandy in

Oregon to upper Normandy and when you go

up there you have on floor which is this

cute fishing village

the port is really cool because has all

these houses up on there and then you

see like the it's the painting village

you're gonna understand why painters

would want to come there and paint

something there are some decent museums

there there's depth or graphic Museum so

you can see how people kind of live

throughout time and on floor

there's the Maritime Museum there so you

needed the support city so you can see

the history of that there's usually Jean

boudin boudin Museum if you don't have

some art that's there as well I think

these are some really cool churches

they're one of the biggest wooden

churches in France maybe the biggest

wood Church and Frances there it is a

cool little stopover when you do go

there small place but while we're

checking out now next on our list is a

bigger place it's a hood Lunas dear to

our hearts a few years ago we were there

we are actually we're looking to move to

Rouen so we ruined we love you anybody

wanting us a job there will totally go

because Rouen is fantastic the Cathedral

there you have seen it before because

Monet's painted it dozens of times ok

and the thing is the cathedral is

fantastic see that but when you walk

through the whole city the people are

super nice when you're there

English has spoken quite a bit there as

well and the people are awesome when you

walk through you can see the big clock

or the ghouls whole dog there's this

huge clock that's in there there's other

churches Joan of Arc that's where she

unfortunately got burned at the stake

so now Joan of Arc materials there

there's tons of cool churches to check

out with some good museums is where the

the Beaux Arts Museum is definitely

worth checking out but for me the thing

with doing the hood is going to see the

Cathedral and just to walk by I walk

down the shop issue with the huge clock

is up there we love we actually have a

video I want to see into a drone because

we really enjoyed it I would go there

like that no problem now the 6th place

to check out is if you're a lone a fan

you're looking at Giverny now I know

giverny is in Normandy but you can

actually do it as a day trip from Paris

no problem but giverny you want to go

there you want to go see where he

painted the water lilies and the

Japanese bridge and all these kind of

things that see where he lived

it's all right there ok it's a nice easy

day trip from Paris so you can do that

but it is worth checking out if you are

a Monet fan yes you can see some

paintings you can see is his workroom

and his studio and all these kind of

things so it is kind of cool but just

see like oh that's sort of a lot one of

us on you can kind of imagine him there

painting it you know and I mean I mean

it's like I could see him painting it

I'm like that's him

right there seeing those that's the same

thing exact gives you a little bit of

chills what do you do do that now the

seventh thing you should do when you

come here is go explore the countryside

the paws dog or the I can never say

right the on country place when you're

coming out in your explore throughout

Normandy you're gonna see a lot of

rustic beauty like it's kind of like two

distinct parts if you look at upper

Normandy by row and on floor

it seems more polished you come down

farther south it has much more of a like

a rustic just hearty beauty that's here

and the churches and the countryside

with orchards and stuff like that is

just beautiful so you definitely want to

see those when you are there and take

the time to go through because you'll

see all these little villages with these

churches like Norman churches and you

see them you're like man this just

doesn't seem like this your fancy France

it's like it's like like randomly France

like tough France and he's like wow I

mean the beauty in this part of France

it's not if you go down to the south

it's more refined George Clooney beauty

whereas here when you come to Normandy

and you see this place it's more like

the John Wayne tough Beauty it sounds

silly but it does have this kind of feel

to it you have the stonework at all this

stuff and just exploring the countryside

it's great that's why I highly recommend

you want to rent a car when you're here

and go and explore because public

transport there is some but it doesn't

always go and it's not always super

helpful getting them on somebody's shell

and back is sometimes almost impossible

so you really need to rent a car and it

gives you a chance to stay out there

state where he's really cool

bed-and-breakfast is there are in former

farmhouses and stuff like that and just

love it okay so definitely get out and

explore the countryside in Normandy the

other thing is that everybody likes to

cut your site some people like their

beach tanks and there's so many fishing

villages and Beach places to go to do

video travel whatever you can go to if

you want to have a thing for kids you

can go there if you want to have a more

fancy upscale thing you know go build

and do that and you have like the

beaches and you have the strip and all

these kind of things and when you go

there you can really relax and it's hard

to remember that way this is actually

where some of the d-day battles took

place because you're sitting on the

boardwalk having a drink and enjoying

your cider and stuff like that you kind

of miss that and that's one of the

things if you want to feel the d-day

history you come north to like the

Bayeux and say Marie ugly's and those

kind of things you want to like the more

Ritz your kind of stuff you're going to

have tall on floor and build things like

that put it is great and those fishing

villages are soaked

so much good food when you're there and

the beach places in the summer in the

winter it's still cold and the spring is

still cold okay so don't think this is

like Miami I can just view the heads up

on that one so the next thing you should

do when you do come here is make sure

you go out and realize that wine is not

the specialty of Normandy cider and

apple products that is the specialty of

Normandy you are gonna have seeds a

cider when you are here that's just

gonna be drinking its really bubbly and

its really good and yes it does have

some alcohol this one has four and a

half percent sometimes it has two and a

half percent it just depends where you

go it can be stronger or less and the

thing is this is tradition because

you're gonna see these apple orchards

around here that's going to influence

the food and things like that we'll talk

about the number ten but some of the

things to eat when you are here the

cider the Cavazos wood just strong

alcohol apple brandy kind of stuff they

have that apple juice for kids you can

go see where they make it there's tours

of those kind of things it is well worth

having so make sure you do have society

when you are here and the last thing I

want to say about coming to Normandy is

make sure you go and you eat and here

you're gonna have a lot of seafood

you know the oysters are great the

scallops are great soul that's the kind

of food that's the soul so the fish okay

not the music okay you would eat the

sole fish when you are here it is so

fresh it is so good and well on offense

what the houses like to have like a

cream sauce with it and that could be a

chicken or it could be pork as well with

cream sauces in there cuz you have a lot

of dairy here so you have some caramels

on the but at on the apple crumble

desserts and stuff like that it is well

worth eating so I hope that helped you

know some of things you should see and

do when you do come into Normandy it is

a fantastic time we have really enjoyed

it here I actually wish we had more days

here just to sit and relax and take it

this is just the backyard of the bar and

we're staying at and it's just so

gorgeous here normally it's not to say

thank you to everybody in Normandy

that's been so great to us whether this

and run on floor at mon-sol Michele or

in Bayeux or wherever Thank You Massie

because Normandy is a great place to

visit and I highly recommend it easy to

drive around got a lot of traffic this

isn't a high high traffic areas except

for sometimes in the summer otherwise

you'll be fine anyway have a great time

you will learn more five things you love

and hate about visiting Normandy ten

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