Best Views Of Petra | Jordan



everyone is still asleep it is so quiet

when it's heading to breakfast we leave

in an hour to go and see the actual

Petra thing that you guys know I

remember the name but it's like the

facade the cool bit a pet truck so going

out today a big two up and I wanted

to show you around because yesterday was

so dark

good morning Steve it's so you have to

the old city of Petra thanks days the

cool bit the Indiana Jones a bit you

guys can probably see better now see how

there's like a lot of little tents


and then we're surrounded by all this

rock we're like in the middle of a



I've got my white sugar it's fine I

don't need the magnet is the famous ERG

did he's famous

yes yeah I'm famous give it for free all

right save you can officially go and

explore now

as we walk through petrol we're gonna

see a lot of these caves here 400 years

ago they were tombs 30 years ago they

were houses guys this is where I'm gonna

toot the horn of vlogging I think it is

such the future of tourism because when

I've seen Petra the only thing I've seen

is the facade which I'm sure all of you

have seen I had no idea that there was

this 2 kilometer walk to actually get

there just the one that we've seen

because I've got famous from Indiana

Jones or whatever like there's so many

this reminds me kind of Egypt but Jordan

style because they're all tombs yeah

that's amazing and then yeah the Bedouin

people they just moved in and they just

started living here for 30 years and

then it become a UNESCO site until 30

and then they kicked out all the Bedouin

people and now they all live like in

tents or in villages around the area so

they actually turn to these terms and

caves into their home I hope you guys

can enjoy this vlog because we're gonna

show you the whole way like the whole

walk through their course we're gonna

show you the famous site that everyone

comes here for this is why I love

logging because you can really just

capture the moment of everything that

you can do at a place this is just one

of the many tombs also it's got a bit of

an Egyptian influence in there and as

for a family of four so epic for a tomb

guys now entering the gorge it takes one

point three kilometers to walk right

through the gorge and we're going to end

at that famous facade that you guys have

all themed probably the cover photo of

this video I'm just guessing this is

seriously giving me I resigned vibes

right now it goes actually quite high

this is so incredible

you wouldn't want this chunk to fall off

it is so big so back in the day the

entire bottom floor of the gorge was

this pavement but now this is like all

that's really left I still think it's

crazy that there are no tourists yeah I

know it's like literally it's just like

our group and that's it it's awesome a

little tiny bit oh so close


while suppose this is it guys welcome to

Petra this is the Treasury well they

thought it was the Treasury because when

the Raiders came in they decided to try

shoot up the giant hot up there because

they thought that's where the bank of

Petra was where it wasn't but it's still

so interesting also been a massive film

buff this is where they filmed Indiana

Jones in the Last Crusade and they blew

it up it was really cool really

incredible being here it is worth it

it's not one of those sites where you

come here anything ah disappointment I

was blown away especially the way that

they have the entrance hall and you walk

in and then just hits you in the face it

was a really awesome entrance

this is inside one of the tombs that

they've now walk back in the day used as

houses see the smoke from the fires they



how cool is this they use the sand and

they make this art amazing already we

starting the hike it's about 800 steps

to the monastery which is the biggest

facade here in Petra the Treasury which

is the one everyone comes for is about

the third it's the third but it's the

most pristine eight hundred steps later

we've made it to the monastery this is

so worth it

no one ever mentions to come here I

think it looks probably cooler because

it's so much bigger and there's no one

here all the crowds have gotten it

really towels over you when you come up

to it like literally like takes your

breath away it's that big I'll stop

looking at it it's so amazing that they

just carve this into the side of the

mountain we've found the coolest place

for a rest so there's a monastery and

then in this little cave

who's that well you don't know when you

go look don't take this that bit a


so all I can say is keep them sunshine

on your face


the view from up here is absolutely

insane you would not want to slip and

fall down


see a photograph online you like that

looks like it's super easy to get to

uh-huh we're about to literally walk I

don't know an hour and a half up here

around the back there so we can get like

an aerial view of Petra I've seen the

photographs and look so simple to get to

but no I appreciate everyone that has

done this photograph of me we haven't

done the walk yet but we're about to do

the walk and yeah I think it's an hour

and a half up a mountain to get to the

shot but it is so worth it if we get


fingers crossed we do I'll show you it

and you guys will agree hello good how

are you do you live around here

yes we go we're going up oh okay thank

you thank you thank you so much I

appreciate it



all righty let's stop the walk


whoa this donkeys are standing in the

most ethic spot so nice it's just a

little tent setup here with the view oh

my goodness stop I think we've found the

best view in the house






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