This city was buried ALIVE - Pompeii TODAY

welcome to the city that was buried

alive right behind me here is the city

of Pompeii this ancient Roman city was

completely frozen in time when a nearby

volcano blew its top off and with that

came ashes pumice and molten lava

rushing down the mountain at nearly 100

miles per hour and so all of the people

living here in Pompeii unfortunately

didn't stand a chance so today we're

gonna be exploring some of the memories

left behind and some of the tragic

reminders of what happened that day in

79 AD just one thousand nine hundred and

forty years ago

feels like it's yesterday this was a

hustling and bustling Roman town it was

a port city so you had tons of sailors

coming through you had a really strong

economy and with that lots of

entertainment for sailors so let your

mind wander what that could possibly

mean what the Romans do anyway

drink drink have sex accurate a city

known for expensive hugging lots of

women spring break break when the

volcano erupted some of the first things

to come down were the roofs basically

you would have had so much ash piling up

that eventually the roofs could no

longer take the weight and they would

just give right in and so a lot of

people actually didn't die from the lava

it's not like you would imagine it in

the movies they would have died either

by being flattened by the building's

collapsing on them or it would have

happened from just the inhalation of all

the gases the poisons that come out of

the volcano it's a little bit eerie

aside from all the tourists this place

is a shell of what it once was

and it all came to in a quick and abrupt

end when that guy back there lost his

temper not the tourists but the volcano

and today we are joined by my buddy

krill he's come to help us shoot so he's

helping us with those secondary shots to

tell a beautiful picture of Pompeii and

if you didn't notice yes there are a lot

of people here we got here at 11:00 our

goal is to make it a nine it gets really

really busy another one of the ways the

Romans show their advance city planning

is this right here the main reason for

this is because when it would rain it

would basically act as like a little


it would clear up the streets keeping

everything clean for this rather big

city and these stones would allow you to

cross when the rain was coming through

and the water was filling up this road

Wow it's truly incredible how well all

of the ashes have held up this

historical site I mean just look at this

it's not my proudest joke but to be

honest there was worse ones that didn't

make the video that's Pompeii even the

Romans were true believers in GTL gym

tan laundry right now we are in a

laundromat where basically a lot of the

town or at least the elite the more

wealthy people would have brought their

clothing to be cleaned out and it says

here they cleaned it using clay and

urine questionable cleaning products but

I guess you had a limited selection back

then it's quite impressive because you

still see so much detail all around us

like you can see some of the paintings

that were on the walls usually people

didn't have much furniture inside their

houses yeah

or establishments like this ones and

that's why they will decorate the walls

a lot with murals Mercedes and that's

why you see all those big yeah guys

that's incredible you can see the

ancient cooking tools that they would

have used pots and pans and going for

years it's shocking that the pots and

pans from 1940 years ago literally look

identical to what I have in the kitchen

this is how you can see how beautiful

some of the interior design was in the

Roman ages this right here was the home

of one of the most influential people in

all of Pompeii and if you take a look

here you'll see the insane detailing

from the floor it's like a mosaic all

the way to well there's a staircase over

there bringing you up two floors there's

three stories in this building and

apparently Cathy said this used to mean

beware of dog all right where my history

freaks that so as I mentioned before

Pompeii population of roughly 20,000

with that though they had an

amphitheater that could literally sit

the entire city population I wonder if

they have concerts actually Pink Floyd

played here

I'm not joking I'm actually serious in

1971 I just read it online I'm serious

wait so you can back up my pack I've

seen that Pink Floyd has been a fact I'm

the fact master

so this is where our fellow gladiators

would have come down just before getting

ready for their battle through this

tunnel here can only imagine you come

down here you hear the crowds of roaring

Chris Johnny lost LeBlanc spill that

blood are you not entertained hit that

like button

no slay that like button it's actually

the world's oldest stone building all

right we know you're there there's

actually different seat sizes so there's

a hierarchy the wealthier the more

important people would typically sit

closer to the front with bigger seats

and the slaves and I hit hate to say

this but usually the women would go all

the way to the back back in the day it's

no longer like none of the more people

don't come out of me that's just how it

was and this right here is the forum of

Pompeii meaning the public square people

would do trade here the B markets

there'd be tons and tons of people

no this is the saddest thing here el

perrito was killed by the flames

merciless Vesuvius so you guys can see

there they actually have a little

fundraiser to bring him back to life

if you have any change when you visit

just throw it in there and yeah

get well soon my friend oh my gosh I

just heard one of the funniest things

there was a tour guide with like

probably three or four seven year olds

and the seven year olds they were

looking at the dead body and they're

like what happened and they're like

that's little Tommy and they're like he

was eating and then the volcano exploded

and the lava came and got him and

they're like wow when they're like yeah

and then the tour guide tells them a

lesson out of it he's like so the lesson

is make sure you eat your food fast and

don't eat too much and the kids are all

like oh okay you should tell me that so

one of the reasons the Left Behind

remnants the room memories of what

Pompeii was are so graphic and so well

known across the world are because the

bodies that were left behind actually

show the emotions the fear and the

positions that these people were in in

their final seconds of life are the

positions that we see here today and if

you look at this one right here you see

somebody that's basically huddled up

trying to protect themselves and their

hands protecting their faith you can see

the fear without seeing any of the

facial details the body language says it

all the ashes all came down from

Vesuvius completely covering the city

leaving about a 20 foot layer of ash

overtop of Pompeii and with that it

covered over people and so when people

were covered up by the ashes all of the

human flesh the organs all that

disintegrated but what was left behind

was the bones and a gap in between the

ash layer and so what archaeologists did

when they started to find this area was

they filled that area with plaster and

that's how you get this very human-like

outline because that was the void left

behind in the ashes so little history is

actually personable you can't really

read a book and feel what they're

feeling but when you see this you feel

like you're there it takes you right

back to 79 AD when all of Vesuvius was

I'm crazy and that right there we got

new pens I got you

see we get losses growing back guys once

you break away from all the crowds and

find some the side streets here you can

see how this was like a whole

neighborhood just full of life and to

see it here today a complete ghost town

it's kind of a cool experience I'm not

gonna lie every video I work on is a

little different from the last but one

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to tell you guys the full story we

cannot just show you Pompeii we also

need to make our way to the top of the

volcano if that froze time on Pompeii

it's actually extremely surprising to

see there were no more than two three

kilometers from the base of the volcano

and yet people have decided to make this

their home you see families here kids

whether I would live here or not

probably not but kudos to them guys we

made it to the volcano look how

beautiful it is down there oh my gosh

the lava is insane

don't tell them happen fight for you we

have no clue sometimes we make the

mistakes for you so you don't have to

experience them but 5 p.m. is the time

they shut but it's not all losses the

footage here is mind-blowing and to be

honest I think that's the better view of

it is not going to be actually standing

on the ridge yes it would have been cool

and maybe I'm making a few excuses

because I have no other choices but from

the upper parking deck 30 minute hike up

to the top there

and the good news is we're going back to

our Airbnb where we've stayed for three

nights now it's Naples if you don't

already know is kind of like the Bangkok

of Europe how you put it yeah so

accurate and yeah let's go back there

and get some food because Naples is the

birthplace of so many amazing foods from

Italy and one of them in particular is

Pizza one other thing you need to know

if you're coming to Italy renting a car

well we almost didn't rent a car because

apparently you need your international

driver's license even if you have your

proper driver's license from outside of

the EU so yeah something to know if

you're outside of the EU bring your

international driver's license or just

find a sketchy dude that's willing to

rent you a car without it yeah somehow

we got one


we are in Naples now and this is

apparently one of the most dangerous

cities in all of Italy we are definitely

sensing the edginess to the city of

Naples but I want to show you one of the

ways you see some of the chaos and it's

how you park your car so I basically

just slot it in here but what I really

want to show you is on this side because

this is your typical Nepali Park job the

level of I don't give a sh is is off the

charts here this guy back this car into

the pipes you don't have a Napoleon till

the front end of your bumper is scratch

the side of your door is keyed and the

back end is cracked this is how you do

it in Italy and we are back to our

Airbnb this is what 80 us a night gets

you for being in the center of Napoleon

till you drop the lifestyle

so yeah it's a super-tight living not

necessarily our place our place is okay

but once you go out into the streets I

mean it's insane how tightly compacted

the city is in fact it is the most

densely populated city in all of Europe

pretty crazy but we want to make the

most of the last hour of sunlight and

then go get some of the best pizza in

the world because well it comes from

Naples that's where it was invented so

let's get out of here and let's go

explore one thing that's really

interesting about Naples is that the

life of Naples is on the street you'll

see so many people just hanging around

outside and that's true for our Airbnb

area like that gentleman that was

outside even though we didn't know a

thing he was saying he kept insisting on

saying more and more and more and like

he just want to have a conversation even

though we couldn't reciprocate

but the whole neighborhood just came out

and started chatting and you can see

them like having conversations across

the balcony even people on discreetly

approached us to try to explain us pain

I will say that like this is a place

that's edgy there's a lot of litter

around like it's definitely a very

chaotic side of Europe and never how I

ever imagined Italy but it's kind of a

cool spot to see if you're looking to

see some of the less visited sides of

Italy we've been here three nights in a

row and the pizza here oh my god it's a

Sears yeah if you're ever in Naples try

out Lombardi 1892


it's we got the best spaghetti eight

euros seven euros and both of them are

exquisite so I'm gonna get to eating and

I'm gonna end the video here guys if you

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next month