Day Trip to Seville, Spain!

alright that funds been sitting in rice

all night it's the moment of truth

please work that's not good


this morning we are driving two hours

from tavira to Sevilla in Spain which is

where my sister studied abroad for a

whole summer so she is looking forward

to showing us around the city and we're

looking forward to seeing it and it's

their anniversary

happy Anniversary Kayla and Barrett one

whole year marriage they're dealing with

getting the key back to our Airbnb

people Kayla tell us about Sevilla

Sevilla is the best city in the entire

world and whenever people talk about it

they say to be yet una maravilla which

means that means the marvellous city is

a skimmer go let's go you can get in

Barrett say yeah happy anniversary

manages to be I am so excited

hey are you excited that you can

communicate in this country

- the in Finnish

just just tell us where we're eating

almost like I'm a dad

people who are actually fluent are the

ones that say they're not so you know

she's legit hi we are going thank you

should boat ride at the same time

since we actually

The Outsiders like

and then


cheese-like really thank you

raspberry sauce is an interesting

dynamic to the Cheesecake

I'm over the limit the band stopped

which means we're all sweating so we're

going to try to get her coffee iced

could be tragic

lunch was muy delicioso now we are going

to find our Airbnb it's supposed to be a

pretty short walk from here

I would go back to that place and eat

lunch tomorrow before we love nothing

loved our waitress

and she loves Kayla speaking Spanish

definitely one of the top two mills that

we've had since arriving in Europe the

food was fantastic croquettas were


now they're gone okay sure we may have

found it does it have a number how about

it sure honey my son be patient


we often hear baby if you go there and

have deep conversations about life what

else know that the room who this one is

fancy Oh

embarrassed by how long that parking job


then work I'm thankful to be quite

stressful kayla is about to check us out

on the town where we going

great question I needed to see the city

we're gonna go Cathedral maybe the


ice cream definitely not gelato radishes

so we'll see where it takes we think

this is something important

this is the fanciest hotel I've ever

been in by the Tourism Board in honor of

the king of Spain in 1939 Wow

to shred it on son

unfortunately we're not staying there

but it was super

this is like the coolest school I've

ever seen Wow

I thought I was going to go to class

with all the Spanish students and

realize that I was

American students in a small section of

they quarantined you all and none of the

Spanish students top

giant Cathedral in the middle of the


which is I believe it's the second

largest in the world second 250 people

in room

can we go on for free no miniskirts Wow

cable is just telling us that the stairs

and the tower aren't actually stairs

they're ramps so that in the old days

they could walk their donkeys up to the

top of the tower

I missed the purpose of why the dog

needs needed to get to the top of the

tower but thought that was interesting

for good measure gracias

Cara's enjoying using her ten Spanish



and not like me forget white ice cream

I'm all about chocolate green tea in

just cream cheese steak this is

seriously one of the greatest ice creams

that I've ever had

give it a shot


can't touch it to your lips

Regan way No

well I was doing it wrong

he's a pro

nice one room your join gala

nice gonna drink the whole jug I can't

swallow my bell he needs in their accent

to the water park or to

do it one this should be five stars it

was excellent

I think that's where we are

pour it into this map

16:17 so spikes about sample to be

tested which means a hundred little

sandwiches so there's hundred options on

here and you put your number on this car

and you give it to them and make you do

all your sandwiches there's like one

year or 120 goes all the way up me

they're sweet sandwiches and he rinse



we have

Chuey kala was a fantastic tour guide I

don't know if she just got lucky but the

four places that we ate today were like

four of the best things that we've had

the entire time we've been in Europe she

knew all the history of the church and

school like having our own private tour

dad it really was and it is past 9:30

and it's still wide outside it was just

crazy now getting hard

all right we're in the air this morning

we are driving two hours from tomaría

where Harley this morning we're driving

two hours from tavira two things like I

said that weird

who you say this morning we're driving

two hours from to be RIT

no follow Spanish classes in college

paid off

I like the center with megusta can edit

heavy punch

the world's largest door knocker

oh no not door knocker just handle oh my

gosh my neck is so sore from diving off

that rock yesterday I have about this

much movement