Oh welcome back to another episode see

you stupid

another day another adventure another

video it's black Miss Bates Oh money

something I don't know what's going on

before I start this Q&A I want to let

you know how my day went a little bit so

they started off San Francisco woke up

went to the airport and then you know we

got a little secret employee spot you

know to get a little grubs at the

airport and I ran into someone and

before I roll this guy's if I ever if

you guys ever see me in a video flash

the camera to someone and be like oh hey

like introduce yourself to ten million

people that usually means I don't know

what their name is yeah so if you guys

ever hear me say that I have no idea

what their name is so yeah roll it whoa

employee cafe don't man

if I do baby


baby guys we're out here San Francisco

you just go to the employee spot you're

like oh hey what's up yeah I know you

Sharda my bad girl I forgot your name

I'm so sorry guys it's the airline

industry like I remember faces I don't

remember names at all so today we worked

from San Francisco to Portland Portland

down to Vegas and then Vegas to Detroit

I'm gonna Detroit right now it's like

2:30 in the morning

but it's vlogmas baby and we don't stop

so I worked those three flights but the

first two were the end of a two-day and

the flight from Vegas to Detroit is the

start of a three-day so I'll just show

you what it looks like when I work from

SFO to Portland and then I went from

Portland to Vegas got in it like 4:15


so then after I did that then I went

from Vegas to Detroit my check-in time

was 5:45 yeah so now I'm in Detroit and

this is the beginning of a three-day so

I get back to Vegas on New Year's Eve

that's a Christmas tree 24 at Christmas

Eve New Year's you know what I'm saying

you know what I'm saying yeah you guys

know what I'm saying so that happened

piggyback the trip so the reason I did

that is so I can get more bang for my

buck you know what I'm saying so I don't

have to stay in a hotel in Vegas so I

just keep working and now I'm in a hotel

full 399 baby what else happened today

so yeah so when I got back to Vegas I

did say bye to the crew I did say bye to

my boy but I'm sorry you Mamma Mia Luigi

roll the clip bro come to Detroit

everybody gets so attached my crews guys

and sorry it's like it happens every

single day peace out my dude funny

Detroit to get a jacket oh I can't just

get a jacket what you mean future Milan

take it away

thank you pass my loops and I will

definitely say that I apologize for you

guys getting attached to all my crews

you know it happens it happens every

time but I was guarantee you as soon as

I see them again you will not remember

their name like in the jet bridge when I

saw this person well peace no I bet you

don't remember Eva okay so I did that

and then I hung out in the lounge for

like an hour and a half to get on my

next flight to Detroit which I did you

guys remember when I put up that video

boom right here can't be a youtuber when

I met those parents that wouldn't let

their kid who was like thirteen be a

youtuber and like I was like Braille

that is not cool man like if your kid

wants to do something like let him do

something but I meant the complete

opposite person the gate agent when I

was going on to the plane in Detroit

meet my boy Jim you guys remember a few

weeks ago at Fort Lauderdale

I had this family on board and the

parents were like no you can't be a

youtuber you have to worry about school

and all this stuff and I'm like bro I

mean you can't be a youtuber well my boy

Jim has a kid

and he just graduated high school and

bottom a DSLR camera so he could start

vlogging got it he saw my Karen he's

like bro

and I'm like why is it cool for your son

to get into YouTube I wanted to explore

pictures repel life whatever you just do


surround yourself with awesome people

and yeah you guys can do whatever you


and take it away future mother it's past

my lips thank you one more time oh my

gosh Jimmy you are my dude that is oh

that's what I'm talking about like

that's the type of dad I want to be one

day like whatever my kid wants to do I

don't care like my kid wants to play the

piano boom I'm buying a piano if my kid

wants to be a giraffe yo I'm gonna buy

my kid like a giraffe hat or something

like bro you want to be a giraffe like

just walk around like a giraffe like

this guy all of the giraffes antenna

while okay oh yeah that was super cool

Jim whenever he starts to see YouTube

channel guys I'm gonna come back and I'm

gonna give him a shout-out on here you

guys please subscribe to him but yeah so

we're on the flight in Detroit and we're

just hanging out and this dude comes to

the back we finished service and

everything and his face is just

completely pale we were like are you

okay and he was just like not feeling

too good we're like are you gonna get

sick and it was like yep so we like pull

the trash out home dude just yakked into

the trash and I'm like okay alrighty

then which actually guys it's not that

bad I mean it's better than I'm doing it

in the seat you know what I'm saying so

he was having a tough day he was feeling

better after that but I'm like bruh you

are not looking too hot dog and yeah

that's pretty much it we got back to the

hotel it's like two something in the

morning I'm an absolute zombie but it's

all good cuz your boy just had some

coffee you know what I'm saying so guess

without any further ado let's get into

this Q&A thank you guys so much for

putting in your questions look at all

these questions look at all these

questions so put all those questions

guys now I got all these squares look

how many squares I have rip it once more

and then again now you just got a

crapload of squares look at all these


guess I'm just gonna get into all these

questions here we go Mali Alonso asks

yes though Molly that's like ten

questions but I got you girl how intense

is in-flight training uh it's not that

bad it's pretty fun actually like I

personally thought it was fun like I

like I don't know just like going for a

goal you know because sometimes in life

you know just like hanging out you know

before I started YouTube and all this

crazy social media jazz like I always

just wanted to be like working toward

something so like whenever I was in

training I'm like yo like I see my wings

at the end of the tunnel like I'm not

doing anything besides focusing that I'm

getting those wings how intense was it

wasn't that bad it was fun it was a good

time just so as you have to do a study

that's it just study do you're supposed

to do and you'll be fine what do I wish

I knew before headed to training don't

get involved in these drama don't get

involved in any of the drama people get

you know kicked out and this is guys I

remember three different airlines so

this is for all of all of my training

classes don't get involved that any

drama smile show up study do get that's

it super easy that's all you got to do

suggestions on luggage she says to the

most durable not such outrageous price

tag I don't know Molly I've been using

travel Pro for pretty much my whole

entire flying career so I would say

travel pro they have amazing products

this is not a paid advertisement for

travel pro got a question from my boy

phase know are from Instagram do you

have to pay for your hotel

accommodations because I know some

airlines pay for that but I'm not sure

if your does by the way one of the best

vloggers out there I'll vlog yeah I am

vlogging here please nor my boy I do you

have to pay for hotel accommodations no

we do not so the hotel I'm in right now

is completely free and I'm actually

getting paid per diem every hour I'm

away from my base we got a per diem but

no I don't pay for this hotel I will say

though when I am commuting so

technically right now I live in Rhode

Island and I'm commuting to Vegas so

when I fly from Rhode Island to Vegas

the day before trip I usually get a

hotel or stay with a friend if I can

that hotel yes I do pay for it's just

like any other job you work here at this

location it doesn't matter how you get


doesn't matter where you have to stay

the night before but you have to be here

and then when you're working we got you

but before work like you're on your own

buddy that's pretty much how it is

question from a boy surge if you could

work for any other airline which would

you choose

what's your favorite domestically ever

international well it's so many

questions man to get one question I got

you started oh I got you any other

airline I worked for 3 Airlines I think

I work for the best right now but if I

could work for another one like an

international like probably Emirates I

don't know Emirates is dope I've been on

their plans before that is awesome

favorite layover domestic either Fort

Lauderdale or San Diego International ok

kun Cancun was sick as my last airline I

had a 72 hour layover during spring

break in Cancun at the JW Marriott it

was I'm sure you guys can use your

imagination for how that layover one

thank you for the question surge

question from my girl Diane pomme answer

sorry what's your [ __ ] 7 videos

because I'm afraid of flying weird huh

no it's not weird but I see how normal

everything is for you guys

even turbulent flight it relaxes me some

do you have a tip for fearful Flyers

like me and to help us feel calmer one

flank Diane great question a lot of

people are same in your boat they are

scared of flying but and it's like I

understand I I don't know I love flying

so like you get the best view in the

house but Diane if you are a nervous

flier I would say just to keep busy keep

your mind off it read a book get on your

you know tablet or something watch a

movie if you are like very very scared

of flying I would not recommend a window

seat you know kind of you know scare

some people I mean I think it's amazing

but it statistically it's statistically

proven that more likely to get into an

accident on the way to the airport than

anything happening during the flight so

you know if your statistics person that

helps to flying with friends if you have

a friend sometimes people like having a

little libation to keep you know calm

commoners maybe glasses vino or

something all these things are

definitely tips if you're afraid of I

and it's all good bro you're good it's

gonna be fine like nothing's gonna

happen you're gonna be ok if so it does

happens like bro it happen it's like

it's out of your hands like why worry

about something you can't control

you know what I'm saying like the pilots

are super super qualified they have to

go through a couple tests to you don't

be able to fly that thing

so yeah Dan see you on the next flight

it's gonna be a girl

actually Nicole asked have you ever

slept in a mr. fan time if so how did

that go oh my goodness yes yes I have

twice Ashley it's not fun it's terrible

you they really have a heart attack so

I've had two two heart attacks and

usually what happens is you're like

sleeping you're passed out in the bed

and then your phone rings like your room

phone cuz obviously your crew calls you

to be like a where you at were yeah and

then you know you wake up and you're

like oh no way though either they'll be

like Jonas to wait for you or do you

wanna meet us at the airport yeah one

time I was like yeah I'll be down in two

seconds and you know I'm just literally

was hopping out of my bedroom right

there but the night before like I have

everything laid out right now like if

someone called me right now I was like

hey you're gonna miss the shuttle

I'd be like be there in two seconds and

I don't know just change super quick

yeah how did it go it was tough Ashley

it was tough it's the most stressful

thing ever but then if the shuttle

leaves about you you just call it uber

and head there as soon as you can which

they'll still get there before you have

to be there I mean generally speaking

and all the hotels like they call cabs

for you if you need a cab and they'll be

here in two seconds so it's like it's

not that hard it's very stressful and

it's you know what are you gonna do

question from Megan Leon Guerrero when

the bar car comes through for my first

pass is it rude to hit the call button

afterwards if you want another adult

bevy I'm always too nervous to ask so I

settle for one drink flying gives me

exactly some time so that liquid courage

is necessary Megan yes it's okay you


if you need something if you want

another adult beverage five ten and

seven come around and like you know 10

15 minutes or something like yes

definitely hit the call button grab

another adult baby especially if you're

an anxious flyer like yo it's all good

if that helps you calm down like we got

you know worries like it's all about you


they're here for you Oscar Rick asked

how many countries have you been to

Oscar I honestly don't know huh

let me count spam by one hour later yeah

I don't know probably like 20 I don't

really count countries it's weird like

some people are like oh I've been there

like 37 countries I want to go to 100

countries by like it's like I don't know

I just want to go to cool places and

have a good time like I don't really

worry about the numbers not a big

numbers guy speaking of numbers Sandra

heart asks what is the 65 rose mean in

your Instagram lol Sandra I have what's

called cystic fibrosis it's a lung

disease and I've had it my whole entire

life and when kids are younger they

can't you know pronounce cystic fibrosis

so they just say 65 roses so yeah that's

that John Lucas what's crash pad life

been like for you since you've been a

flight attendant for so long now had a

few different crash pads I don't have

one now I might get one in Vegas in a

couple weeks I'm not sure yet

crash pad life is something else it's

literally like a hostel for flight

attendants and pilots where you're not

there all the time you pay like a couple

hundred bucks a month and that buys you

one bunk bed in a house or apartment

condo full of you know maybe like 15

bunk beds and yeah just like the night

before if you're commuting in and you

need somewhere to stay you just crash

there or if you get in late from a

flight and you want to go somewhere in

the next day you just you stay there as

well so yeah two people kind of asked

like the same question Edgar and Jason

what inspired you to start vlogging and

then Allison who are what are your

biggest inspirations when you decided to

start a YouTube channel so guys when I

started this was like ten months ago

can you stop thank you

actually well tell you the full story if

you guys really want to know I'm trying

a blog here with the vacuum

so this is how I started YouTube so I

started my channel like you guys know

about ten months ago I had to actually

delete my first video because I had

copyrighted music in it but about a week

after I put up my first youtube video

and I get a text from my roommate saying

hey you know we have a couple guys

staying at our place you know they make

youtube videos and I was like who are

these random dudes they're staying at

our place it was like nah they're cool

and I'm like whatever I come back from a

trip and then I get back to the condo

and meet these guys cool dudes from

Canada yeah and we made some videos with

them we made this banger

we made this banger and yeah those

videos are super fun we had a good time

kind of saw how they were doing their

thing with the YouTube channel and then

they were doing the live streams and

stuff and so I had that idea for mystery

flash to just go to the airport without

a destination and have you guys vote for

what country I went to so I decided to

do that and yeah helped me get started a

little bit and it was just all history

from there so based operations I mean my

favorite youtubers Casey nice that local

Paul obviously like absolutely iconic

youtubers those are the only two that

I'm like innovate changing game those

are my dudes so Sarah s are you dating

anyone no not interested just being a

mom here come on Sarah are you doing

also what made you become a flight

attendant Sarah no I'm not dating

anybody at the moment so slide into my

DMS also what made you become a

attendant I mean I knew I'd like to

travel all the time and my mom suggested

it to me and I was like flight attendant

you know it's not for like chicks and so

on I was in college sophomore in college

and I just applied to this regional

airline and this was like five years ago

and so they're like alright you know

come down for an interview so I went to

the interview and they're like all right

you're hired like come live in North

Carolina and oh my go snap this all

happen within like a few weeks so I'm

like alright you know I'm like I'll try

it out if I don't like it I'll go back

to school

I started doing I'm like wait y'all are

gonna pay me to go to these places meet

awesome people and like have a good time

like yes okay I'm gonna keep doing this

question from a boy iPod master 929 yo

tomorrow at the fly 11 hours from Paris

to Bangkok all the other foots that I've

done longer than this is Hawaii from

Atlanta not ready any tips on how to

deal with a long flight with like the

one I'm taking you know Paris of Bangkok

bro like first off dope you live in

France and you're going to Thailand

that's sick or you're from Thailand you

go in Paris that's that's awesome like

not a lot of people can do that so first

of all realize how amazingly lucky you

are or how blessed your life is that you

can do that flight first off second off

how to deal with the long flight me

personally I I take you know some Advil

PM and just like kind of knock out

firstly I also might have a little bit

of vino I mean not it's I guess I'm kind

of a bad person ask I can knock out on

planes pretty easily so anytime I get on

a plane that I'm not working I pass out

take a nap usually on that flight you'll

definitely have in-flight entertainment

so just watch a movie Cho yeah I do that

that's what I would do back at Oulton

Bailey asked how many airlines have you

worked for it work for three airlines

and with my third and final airline

right now having a blast my boy slap

sauce as cool name and cool picture bro

okay so what do you tell people who say

you're doing YouTube for money one

I don't really respond to haters I mean

only in this past month I actually got

like you know a few like hateful

comments and I'm like what is good bro

which I mean I guess happens to you know

anybody who's trying to trying to do

something I love people trying to tear

them down you know people say if you

ain't got a there's you ain't doing it

right I never really got that I don't

know if you don't have to

I don't know what that means I don't

know what that means

I try not to spread any hate but people

say I'm doing it for money well bro I

make like 25 cents for me too so like I

don't know how that would make sense so

yeah my boy Ryan Dale asks can you do a

video on how to be on a standby list he

asks us like five months ago but I

remember it because when I did this

collab with yes theory and I give my

buddy passes everybody was asking me yo

my lips how do I get free flights how do

I go to the airport and just get put on

standby like how do I do this and I'm

like bro what do you mean how do you get

on the standby list like you can't just

show up and be like hey can I just be on

standby for free either have to be

employed by an airline or you have to

know someone who's employed by an

airline that can give out buddy passes

so I get buddy passes I usually get like

a round trip like once a month that I

can give to whoever I want

so when I did the collab with yes theory

I give them somebody passes it all

happens online you just have this little

system in there that has all my

information in there and then all my

buddy passes and I just put their names

down and they're on standby and then I

just give them the confirmation number

we show up to the airport and hopefully

we can make it on the flight but like in

terms of how to get like just straight

up free flights like you have to either

be employed by an airline I have a

family member that's in that airline

that can like list you on their benefits

or just know really rich people south

end aviation so if you go on standby you

don't have to pay for the flight is that

correct yes unless you go on

international which you have to pay some

taxes internationally like when I went

to Dubai from Chicago's like 114 bucks

or something on standby

flew on Emirates but yeah

114 not bad you guys should be flight

attendants and speaking of being flight

attendants you should click this video

and watch this after this one is the

video I made a couple months ago that

literally tells you how to become a

flight attendant and links twelve

airlines that are currently hiring in

the description to that video so if you

guys want to do it just apply to all

twelve and like you'll have 12 different

chances to get hired

let's see Jessi Padilla from Instagram

asks is flight attendant work always

full-time is it possible to study in uni

and be a flight attendant

flight attendants it is full-time being

a flight attendant but I know flight

attendants that are also taking classes

in a lot of different places so it's

possible to do both I would say be a

flight attendant first and then go back

to school so I would say because like

you have to be in training for like

about two months so you won't be able to

do your classes and stuff unless it's

all online maybe you will but I mean it

would definitely be tough especially if

you haven't been in the airline industry

before to you know be remembering all

the airline stuff you know saying your

commands in flight procedures and all

these different airport codes and be in

school at the same time they'd be very

very tough I'm not saying it's

impossible like I would never say any

anything's possible you know be a flight


figure out how it works and then figure

out how you can also be back in school

yeah I know a lot of flight attendants

that are in classes that are trying to

be nurses lawyers like a lot of flight

attendants don't want to do it forever

so they just you know want to do it for

a little bit to get to travel for that

reason and then they want to you know

have like a normal 9:00 to 5:00 air work

on the ground which is not the life for

me you know I'm trying to be in the

skies mother sky walk a hashtag make a

trending already and my last question is

from my girl Sara Berger hey momma's

have a flight attendant question what do

flight that a question Sara

oh what's your favorite holiday

Christmas is my favorite holiday Sara it

is the best Santa comes Santa always

comes chance is still gonna come cuz I'm

12 guys I don't know if you know this

hopefully I'm able to get to Providence

Rhode Island so I get to go home and see

my family which I haven't bought any

presents yet guys yep mom

everybody haven't bought any presents

yet but if you're looking to get me one

I don't have a cold I'm freezing all the

time and yeah that is for the Q&A today

I'll probably do another Q&A at some

point I appreciate everybody that

comments it down below for their

questions and stuff I was super cool I

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