TULUM TRAVEL GUIDE 2018 | Otherworldly Cenotes + Eat, Stay + Budget Tips!

hello I'm Tara and this is my week in

Tulum in this blog I will be sharing

with you guys what we got up to you in

our first week ever until in Mexico and

in hopes that our itinerary may help you

guys plan your trip I'll be recommending

places to eat what to do what to see

some of my favorite snow days just head

have a good time in Tulum and I have a

very Vlade approach so you'll be getting

to know me

throughout the video and if you like

what you see you can stick around I will

leave my travel playlist in in the

description or you can check out my

previous trip to Cuba as well as all the

other places I have been let's get the

adventure started shall we

we have finally made it to beach

paradise we have checked into a budget

accommodation the weary traveler hostel

which was recommended by a friend and

the reviews and everything we're amazing

and we really just came here for the

social aspect of it it's great now

staying in like luxury hotels which we

will be doing later in the week just to

change up the vibe but we just wanted to

come here to get to meet new people that

were aged and this place is known for a

social fun it's got free salsa classes

it's got yoga in the mornings and in the

evenings thrives least in the afternoon

yesterday and we've already got snow a

bunch of new people and it's been a good

time we definitely recommend staying

here if you're on a budget so I don't

know why I'm sitting at it because we've

a lot to do today we are heading first

of all to wat Tulum is known for its

cenotes which are basically natural

sinkholes in the earth which are pretty

much the most beautiful underground

cavernous swimming pools ever and we

cannot wait to see them we've never

experienced anything like that so we're

gonna do that this morning the cenotes

here they generally say the earlier the

better so we've got a pretty good start

on the day so hopefully we'll get there

before too many cranes


so I've watched quite a few videos on a

cilium Mexico name and people were

elated when they said it was literally

holding the ground with a sign that

usually says something along the lines

of jump here better listen to the sign




was one of the most amazing experiences

ever we have not done anything like that

before the cenotes were amazing as you

can see we're not sweaty we worked up

the sweat we decided to take the bikes a

few kilometers away to the tulum ruins

so we got our tickets there about two

hundred forty pesos each and I think

it's so cool about liked it even has its

own set of Mayan ruins super close super

handy and historical it's right up my

street so I can't think of a better way

to end our evening just checking out

some Mayan ruins casually



we are a bright and early for another

adventure today heading off with one of

the nearby dive shops

echovox which was really like literally

around the corner from our hospital but

it's another recommendation from my

friend soshite akira dartie I will leave

her clean post in the description below

I found it really helpful we decided to

go on the toilet she recommended just

because chichen itza was quite fair it

takes a whole day so we are doing the

hunt Allah kana and kolba tour today

which is a little mixture of everything

it's $150 lunch is included it's 8 to 4

and the itinerary just seemed pretty

varied and fun we really liked the ruins

yesterday so we'll be seeing more of the

koba rooms today I'm just some of the

nature reserve like doing twisty things

but I don't like tourist traps and

Chichen itzá kind of seemed a bit like

that clue so see you in Chingam yes -

divide the universe in three section

underworld but every tablet like this

try to tell us the history school when

why or something else really special


150 steps in 30 degree heat let's do it

I hope I come back to I'm skinnier we

can see the entire site from up here and

it's just absolutely breathtaking just

got to the bottom come and slit the

whole way to him no shame we're heading

to the next patch over tor it's been so

interesting so far and I'm a huge

fascination with Mayan culture and their

belief system and I just find it really

really interesting robot is older than

Chichen Itza which I didn't even know I

didn't even know Chichen Itza isn't even

technically Mayan whereas kolba is so

the history here is a fascinating

mystery sacrifice some old friends like

how Cruz or some ceremonial alrighty

we're at Punta Laguna so we are here at

the Nature Reserve to see some spider

monkeys Haider monkeys and also to

choose which I'm so excited


so we just came in on our ceremony and I

got our blessing to enter this celebrity

which is one that was used for human


yeah I take all the blessings I can get

your girl don't want any curses so we're

in the jungle now that's so peaceful so



Lara prompting this [ __ ] any last

descent thought was a track it was

actually pretty different that's good I

the snow day stuff was really deep died

and I'm like from up here all you can

see is like ominous darkness

you know there's bodies down there it's

a bit scary but we went down and it was

so worth it it was absolutely amazing

the water is crystal clear and I don't

know it's just kind of like a magical

sense about it so I'm really glad that

we did this but my god yeah

snow day stuff went super deep so the

ladder back oh I cannot feel ma'am like

I literally didn't think I was gonna

make a backup absolute honor to

experience something like gosh


I'm so mad I didn't take an underwater

camera or it go for something like that

because it was incredible

like that's probably one of my top tips

for this trip definitely if you want to

get wet and take photos get some kind of

waterproof camera which we didn't or so

silly we've got a couple all right don't

move my house to say like we've been to

quite a few cenotes that are like secret

I'm every literally been quite well

known and only about two seconds off the

side of the road but to get to this

cenote we were in it we were in that

jungle probably about him Edward before

we got to the snow shape you kind of

went to saw the monkeys and all of that

stuff we did quite a lot of walking so

yeah definitely a good pair of shoes in

the moss after Cuba and a busy first

couple of days here I have to say I'm

kind of looking forward to not getting

up too early and hitting our beach

resort tomorrow yeah we were just

walking down this strip name and Celine

and the vibe here is pretty chill some

nice restaurants it's not a crazy party

strip it's more of a gonna chilled by

laid-back vibe which really really suits

us it kind of just reminds me of any

strip in a Spanish beach town even back

in Europe

trying to respond you don't like the




good morning we're starting your day and

tropical paradise another amazing thing

that you can do in two liam is you can

come over to a kuma beach which is

highly recommended it's one of the top

things to do you're into Liam because

you basically get to spend the day on

the beach but also go swimming with

giant sea turtles kinda went the simpler

age and once we got in we followed the

advice of some of these guys here and we

make some 100 coins for sea turtle

excursion and it was a Ryan Russia u.s.

dollars each so well suited and booted

and ready to go so yes the giant sea

turtles will just have to stay in our

memory bank the sea turtles were amazing

though they were like these gigantic

free start looking beautiful monsters

and it was so cool yeah I wasn't just

sea turtles we saw oh we saw everything

from stingrays to saw carros we saw

weird-looking fish we saw schools of

fish we saw 150 year old Spanish ship

ruins I'm cannon it was amazing even

like little calamari over here even

though it is a beautiful pristine beach

it's probably not the best beach to plan

on spending the day chillin there all

day cuz like I said there isn't a crazed

man to space and there's not that many

I'm like layout facilities or anything

like that but it's nice place to have

lunch and to go specifically to see all

the sea wildlife

so yeah here we are at the Allen saw it

kind of has a boho chic vibe it's right

on the beach it's a very different

feeling down here than staying in Tulum

town yeah it was like a bit of a

hideaway from the time I'm we're excited

start exploring and take a look at the

beach there's already a lot of residents

dogs here so for anyone who's a dog

lover you're gonna be happy as soon as

you step in the door for anyone

wondering we are in one of the garage

and villas a very nice kind of standard

sized room but the decor is really nice

has all of these beautiful wooden

details and then this is our bed we've

got a little window with a decent view

yeah it's pretty cute we got our little

bathroom up here and then we have like

our toilet in our shower which I'm not

going to show you because Carlos sitting

there in his boxers just something to

note I really like the way that we did

it because we saved money at the start

by staying out the hostels who are super

busy days we were out all day exploring

and still got to experience the fun side

of the hospital social times and now we

can just relax at the beach




we begun





it's Italian it's a little bit more on

the preacher site as our Bob sings on

the street pretty nice

I think this view is worth it

another glorious good morning from us we

are starting our day off rice pretty

much the same as every other tourism

swim net around the beach we finally

made it to raw love which is sort of a

vegan / healthy acai smoothie boat place

noni syrup for you guys this place is

one of the go-to spots for breakfast in

Tulum oh my god I think this place is

gonna live up to the hype

we both got the berry love smoothie

balls along with a orange iced mocha hmm

Wow folks that was a Sunoco tape fan but

we are just finally after leaving see

uncon you know this is what travel

bloggers don't show me I'll show you the

fails it doesn't all go to plan

I cannot wait to jump in some cold water

right now finally back to Mexican

reality we famed a corner shop or bodega

we've done quite a bit cycling of

enjoying both directions of Boca paila

and there's literally hardly any little

corner shops we can get snacks grab a

coke it's a very kind of an expensive

area for example the minimum you can

take out of the ATM next arrow hotel was

200 US dollars the minimum my god this

pastry is good basically like a ham and

cheese jam bond thing but as like a

crispy sugary glaze on top just making

my sugar addict tastebuds pretty happy

right now sweet savory can't beat this

is the level I'm on when I'm at a

foreign country I like street food I

like local stuff I like a cheap and

delicious we spent some time hopping

around some of the local cenotes are

sort of mixed in and hidden within the

mangroves they're kind of a mixture

between saltwater on freshwater super

clear but I just feel like the ones that

we saw while we were into the entire a

little bit closer to that area we

started at the bar high we set the bar

high and we decided to cut clicked Evo

and check out some of the busier cenotes

today most of the snow days that we've

been to have an entrance fee and we just

feel like we're enjoying these ones that

are made from rocks and coals so much

more than the ones in the mangroves that

are near Attero hotel have you guys save

some time on naruto and the cenotes that

you might like to check out here's a

recap of all the snow teas that we've

been to a lot of popular ones some

lesser-known but the montage begins


Calavera I think for some reason is

hands down our favorite cenote it's

quiet it's not very known about it's

mostly scuba divers that come to dive

here and not too many tourists and we've

definitely enjoyed hanging out more of

the cenotes than we do at the beach or

anything like that it's so refreshing

and something so unique to Tulum and

Mexico may Yucatan and also your hair

and your skin feels amazing when you

come out because there's no salt in it

so if I wash my hair and go in and come

back date it's absolutely fine when

you're just laying there floating on the

water and looking up and seeing all of

this greenery how can you not be happy

if you don't happen to read the signs in

the way in most of the snow days have

some kind of shower system just so you

can wash off the sunscreen and bug spray

to preserve the beauty I love the

snowshoes those were so good a posture

is basically almost a kabob type

situation where on to a Korean taco with

X shavings of pranitha and all of these

different toppings on

so good so cheap love this kind of

street food situation where you get to

kind of choose your toppings and

mix-and-match fakes tacos between us on

two fizzy drinks 66 pesos literally 3

euro for all of that food so it's our

last night and we're heading to dinner

we decided that we're gonna go eat at

another recommendation by you guys from

Instagram so if you're not following me

from there

be sure to because I kind of showed a

whole different side to our trip from

Cuba Mexico over on theirs as we're

coming to the end of the vlog I thought

that I would recap the two sides to the

two noon that we saw so the main 10 side

and also the beach side and what we'd

recommend for different types of

travelers I think overall as an active

couple that likes to absorb the culture

and I'll sit around at the beach all day

staying in Tulum town at the hostel was

probably our favorite side to the trip

just cuz we found it very accessible to

all of the cenotes and a great range of

restaurants a great range of budgets for

the kind of traveler that really wants

to come here to relax and have a bit

more of a resort stay where you don't

stray away too far from the hotel and

you'd like to lay on the beach all day

and eat at expensive restaurants like

Ziggy's and LeSabre and I'm obviously

other one a heart would those were all

really great recommendations that we

didn't get to try and generally you do

have to take a lot of taxis from this

areas if your budget is expansive and

you don't need to worry about that then

definitely come down and enjoy the beach

but for us we just really enjoyed a

little time yes that is just my personal

opinion of the two sites and the kind of

traveler I am oh and this is probably

the first time you guys have seen me

with proper makeup on this is definitely

being a makeup free holiday for me to

loom you are too hot



if you don't happen to already know I am

an Irish blogger based in New York City

I've logged twice a week and let me tell

ya it's an adventure in itself so if you

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forget to subscribe but for right now

I'm enjoying my last few errors