Yosemite National Park-First time Guide to hiking & lodging

oh my gosh yes oh there it is

yes you pick so we are almost to

Yosemite and Coco and I are very excited

so excited so the drive to Yosemite it's

going to take about five hours we left

from LA about 8:00 in the morning and

we're going to arrive probably about

2:00 in the afternoon that six hours

Scott basket


thank you

just paying for the car all right it's a

$30 and that'll be good for up to 70

okay great all right I got the map

we paid our $30 entrance fee and last us

a week so maybe we'll just stay it's

June in Yosemite and look there's snow

on the ground in June there's snow there

snow they're everywhere one of the

easier ways to see Yosemite is the

Glacier Point which is a pretty easy

hike you have a few options you have the

four mile loop I'm already breathing

heavy some of the elevation so I think

we're going to take it easy just do a

mile and a half trail the Glacier Point


so we just checked out Glacier Point it

is a great little beginners hike you

know I won't really considered a hike

basically a leisurely stroll from the

parking lot but good to acclimate from

the 6,000 feet but you can probably see

maybe hundreds of people behind us

it has probably some of the best

panoramic views of all of the Assembly


you get to see Assembly Falls which is

two thousand four hundred and twenty

five feet off you see the cars down in

the valley and then compare it to the

massive drop and you realize how small

you are in this world oh my gosh yeah oh

there it is yes definitely

oh there she be gosh the beautiful cup

girl come here often when you're driving

through the tunnel into yosemite park be

prepared one of the most epic views of

your life and be prepared to staff

because you're going to want to pull

over and take a million photos because

you'll get views like this

you guys see the heart in there I do


good morning we just started our morning

with a nice cup of joe from Pete's

coffee which acts in Yosemite Valley so

we were shocked to find out that there's

a nice coffee shop here

yeah Half Dome village is we were a

little nervous coming here we didn't

know if we'd be able to get food or

coffee or whatever it is but when you

get here Victoria there's a bar there's

burger joints it's like its own little

village pen hot zone village listen it's

really convenient if you showed up with


you could probably get anything you can

need here it might be a little pricey

but they've got all the essentials

food climbing gear sandwiches and

sandwiches this is our cabin while we're

in Yosemite and we get a bear locker

protect your food and toiletries and

anything with the scent go inside check

out our map dad that's usually not this

message you get a space to store your

valuables and you get a roof over your

head which is pretty cool when you're

camping and you get and you can light

one life no electrical outlets so charge

your stuff before you come will bring a

battery pack and charge while you're

here you can also charge in the lobby


when we walk into lower Yosemite Valley

we were cleaned and mixed from Yosemite

Falls and we're going to show you just

how windy and wet it is right now all


that is the housing boom all the cold

air coming off from the glacier fed

water just finished literally assembiy

Falls as our first warm-up hike and it

was spectacular it was windy it was cold

green jacket yeah

bring a poncho if you got one


what a great thing to do if you're not

looking to hike you want to relax stop

at the Majestic Hotel grab a drink and

sit by amazing views and relax there's

no one way to see Yosemite there's no

one angle multi-dimensional it's

incredible seeing Yosemite from the

valley and it's amazing seeing Yosemite

from the top of the mountain so change

your perspective get on different levels

when you come to Yosemite every single

angle has something to offer tune in

next week to see if we can get over our

pure pipe and make to the top of Half

Dome and you can see Half Dome right

there we're gonna hike it about two days

hi guys I'm Scott and I'm Colette and we

are Romer and if you want to see the

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Channel thank you so much thank you but