you get a and welcome to this

instructional video on how to apply with

a baby right let's go to chicken the

early dare alright we've got ten hours

to departure should we should go to the

gate I think we should probably go just

to be safe maybe we should go there not

so early dead

thank you think the sharing is caring

dead a man can use hold this one for a

seat geez bro

the really apologetic dead I'm sorry I'm

sorry sorry don't mind very sorry about

the baby thing but it's okay alright

does she'll be right there

she'll be all right

ya think she's done a poo the nervous

stared what was what was that oh there's

nothing it was just just a baby the

checklist dad got wet wipes nappies

water boiling key medicines cool Oh

forgot the baby vomit again that ate our

shush dad yeah she's definitely done a

Cobra Shh the design dad person whose

baby is this someone Shh just sleepy


Elva we've landed oh she Shirdi hey wait

for dad and that was how to a flyer with

a baby


no babies are harmed in the making of

this video