Best Ways to Earn and Burn Miles on American Airlines | To The Point | Ep 23

- American Airlines is one of the big three legacy carriers

in the United States.

As a result, many times you're gonna be forced to fly them,

even if you don't want to.

Fortunately, there are a ton of ways you can earn

American miles and redeem them for valuable rewards.

The first and easiest way to earn American miles

is by actually flying with American.

Now it's worth pointing out that American awards miles

based on how much you spend with them.

If you have Elite status you'll earn bonus miles

on each one of those purchases.

You can also earn miles by flying one of American's

One World Alliance partners, as well as other partner

airlines that aren't officially part of One World.

Like, Etihad or Alaska.

Now this is where things get a little complicated,

so buckle up.

Just about every airline that American partners with

has it's own award chart,

with percentages, with fare classes,

with distances flown.

It gets a little confusing.

As a result, if you're trying to earn American miles

by flying a partner airline, you definitely want

to look at the specific charts so there aren't

any nasty surprises when you log into your account

after completing the flight.

Another great way to earn American miles

is by using credit cards.

American actually has two different issuers

that they partner with.

City and Barclays.

By opening and leveraging some of these cards,

you can take home tens of thousands of miles

in sign-up bonuses,

but also get great perks.

Like prechecked bags, discounts on in-flight purchases.

Even Admirals Club membership by carrying their

top tier City Platinum card.

American also has many other partners.

Both inside the travel world and outside of it.

Things like the American Airline shopping portal.

The Advantage eShopping portal allows you to earn

bonus miles on many purchases at retailers

that you're already making.

The site will even offer you certain bonuses,

like 500, 1000, even 2000 miles for hitting certain

thresholds of spending in a given time frame.

Now that you've earned all of these American miles,

how do you actually redeem them?

Well the single best way to use your American miles

is for travel.

- I'd like a ticket for Tulsa, Oklahoma, one way.

- Not just on American,

but also some of it's partner airlines.

- Now I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

Do not rely on to find all available awards seats.

Not every partner airline shows up on

For example, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific.

Some of American's best partners cannot be booked online.

As a result, you'll want to use additional websites,

like or Qantas

to help find that award space.

Another great option for using your American miles,

still involves flights, but involves various discounts

you can utilize.

American makes reduced mileage awards available

if you hold certain co-branded credit cards.

You can also look at off-peak dates,

where American will actually discount awards

flying to certain destinations, like Europe.

Instead of paying 60,000 miles,

you're just gonna pay 45,000 miles for the exact same flight

as long as it falls during one of those off-peak dates.

Another great tip when it comes time to use your

American miles is to leverage one

of the best travel tools out there.

And that is Expert Flyer.

American makes all of it's award and upgrade space

searchable using the Expert Flyer tools.

Finally, you can use your American miles in a variety

of different ways outside of flights.

But do not do it.

You'll almost always get better value redeeming

your American miles for flights.

Not only on American, but also on it's myriad

of partner airlines.

Both in the One World Alliance and outside of it.

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