How to Book Delta Flights/Award: Fly Delta App 2020 Delta Airlines

hey what's up YouTube mr. at Fredette

coming at you with another hot video in

this video I want to show you a neat app

that I've had for a long time and oldie

but goodie fly Delta

alright fly Delta and this app review

that the first out review I did on the

Delta app received a lot of views and

comments and it was very helpful for

people so I want to you know show you

guys the updated version this was for

2020 alright so this is the app here


Delta has a thing when they call sky

Mouse and that's when you whenever you

fly you get sky mouse you can also get

five miles from using different credit

car it's like Delta credit cars or

American Express and you can transfer

those points directly to Delta and you

can also get points for dining there

Delta dining club and a lot of other

things too so anyway and as you see my

Delta SkyMiles numbers so hey if anyone

wants to donate any mouse to my account

I would greatly appreciate it

so anyway take a look right here guys

this is when you first open the app you

have your SkyMiles account you can see

you know how close or how far your way

you are a way to getting status with

Delta and you know when you get status

you get you know bonus miles whenever

you purchase things and things like you

know priority seating and extra bags and

stuff like that so anyway take a look

you can look at your today's schedule

down here at the bottom you can toggle

this whole feed down here you can see

the flight that I have coming up which

actually I won't be making that flight

it could because I have another flight

through Delta so that's a long story but

anyway I want to show you guys this at

least while I have the boarding pass up

and where you can you know view that and

this is your a boarding pass right here

like this is how you check in to the


as well and you just presented this

boarding pass at the gate and you're

good to go

you don't have to print out any papers

or anything like that as you see down

here by the boarding pass you get added

to your wallet as well alright so you're

on your iPhone alright so you can add it

to your you know your wallets and stuff

booking you can book flights directly

with the app as well alright as you see

Mandela said Lana I just did that but

let's say if we go Atlanta to Ethiopia

see and right here you can do a round

trip and dates I'm just going to put

some dates out in April nice to do this

do something like that and you can hit

fine flights and you will see also you

can show the the cost of the flight in

dollars or miles or mouths and cash as

well alright so as you can see prices

are pretty steep for that so don't it

doesn't look look how we going to eat

the obeah in table okay but anyway you

can look at the seats right here guys

you can see right here at the top right

here you can do premium select seats you

can do Delta 1 some of the planes have

the sweets and all of that the lie flat

bits and all that so you can do that so

it's just a pretty pretty cool app guys

you could do everything let's see this

will go back into the app here this is

kind of like your a date of right here

you see we toggling this down the bottom

you can look at your seats you could

upgrade all right if you understand by

list right there you'll see your standby

status you can add bags you can look at

this Airport map it'll show you a map of

the airport and where you need to be all

right we're gonna go back flight details

just more information about the flight

where its terminal you're gonna be at

and everything like that trip extras so

you can get it

you know purchase extra miles or the

mileage booster or you can do get Wi-Fi

so anyway guys this is just an updated

version I think this app is really

really good you know I use it all the

time I'm not gonna and also you have

your wallet and your profile I'm not

going to go into my wallet because it

shows my personal you know information

right there and your profile shows your

personal information like your birthday

and you know a few things like that

sorry got a little email and taking care

of some business so anyway guys that's

it for now but um thanks for watching

guys thanks for watching and you know

let me know how your Delta app the

flight just experienced is I love it I

think it's a go and they keep updating

it all the time and this is fresh guys

it's nice I like it so anyway that's it

for now guys thanks for watching and

I'll catch you in the next video peace