5 Tips Flying Southwest Airlines


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Southwest with five things about

Southwest Airlines you need to know

number one is check-in you do not want

to check in late because it will

determine when you get on the plane and

what seats you get so be sure to check

in 24 hours ahead of time set reminders

on your iPhone your Android Google home

Alexa Siri something to remind you that

24 hours before your flight to check-in

and B try to be one of the first ones so

that you're in the A or B group and that

will ensure that you get a good seat you

get a place for your carry-on and all

that good stuff now along with that

means you have to get there to the

airport on time or early so make sure

that you arrive an hour ahead of time so

that you're able to get into line and

make sure that you're in your group and

you get on you know the plane first and

get to pick your seat and everything now

if the flight is like it 5 a.m. or 6

a.m. and you you know you're not gonna

wake up the day before that early by the

early bird check-in it's worth it I

promise you they'll check you in for you

and get you an A or right at the front

of be automatically and then you don't

have to worry about your place in line

ok so that's number one number two is

gonna be about price Southwest has

amazing prices but beyond being able to

get great price you know 2 3 weeks even

further out sometimes even the same week

you can find early bird special or or

great prices on want to get away that

some of the cheapest prices but besides

that they do not charge you for checking

baggage they do not charge you for

carry-on you get to baggage is checked

in for free and a carry-on and a

personal item I mean I know that's crazy

to say that but in this day and age like

every other airline is charging you and

dinging you for every little thing so

it's a it's

really does save you money and it's

really amazing another piece of that

besides just booking out as far in

advance as you can is look for the deals

they run a lot of deals like I got a

deal to Vegas for one hundred forty

three dollars round-trip that's like a

little over $70 per leg amazing crazy

amazing especially in this day and age

and I had an amazing flight

the stewardess are so nice everyone is

so nice and it's just a very easy

process to go through okay so that's

number two number three is baggage now

we just talked about that the about the

price of the baggage but remember again

you do not pay for baggage on Southwest

you will pay no matter what on other any

other airlines so you get to check bags

and one carry-on one personal item and

that's crazy amazing this this tip

though is really about if you're gonna

check bags one or two especially they're

gonna check like two per person or one

per person even arrive at the airport at

least an hour and a half early make sure

that you have time to stand in line get

your bag check and get to your gate you

know often time the gates are far and

you have to walk to them you don't want

to be running and with Southwest even

though it's an amazing airline you want

to be at your gate on time before they

start boarding especially if you're an A

or B because they will just they will

cattle call all of a on to the plane and

if you're late

it doesn't matter you will miss that and

B will load in and then you'll you'll

maybe miss the seat or carry-on space

that you want it so make sure that if

you have baggage that you're going to

check that you get there at least an

hour and a half early from major city

sometimes two hours and if it's

international flight

you want to be there at least two hours

early if not two and a half hours just

to make sure that you get your passport

taken care of checked because there's a

little bit more checking that they do

for international flights and get your

baggage in and all that stuff now a

little bonus tip around baggage is tiles

I don't know if you've heard of tiles I

use Giro

link down the description below if you

see that they're an amazing carry-on

luggage and they have a check-in luggage

but I love their carry-on and it comes

with a tile a tile is a Bluetooth device

that goes that connects into an app on

your phone and goes in your luggage and

you can detect it where it is so this is

a little bonus tip I love when I'm on

the plane

even if I've checked my baggage I use

tile in it and I can know if it's on

them if it made it on the plane with me

that's that's always something we're

concerned about right and then as I'm

standing there waiting for it to come

around at the baggage claim I might app

will notify me when it when it detects

it so I know it's up and it's getting

you know somewhere so I can start

looking for it just really cool you can

also pay a $30 a year fee which I do and

it just kind of tracks where your

baggage is every time it detects it in

the app and logs that so if it does get

lost or something it helps the airport

to find it and all that good stuff and

you can send signals to it too for it to

ring it also works in Reverse it will

help you find your phone or device so

that's just a little bonus tip it's

really cool and I want to tell you guys

about that the fourth one is something

that a lot of people don't think about

and that I didn't until I start

traveling like all the time sometimes I

travel every week get a bottle of water

I know the airlines especially Southwest

will serve you water or coke or

something and a snack but you want to

make sure that you're not just thirsty

or waiting for you know sometimes it can

take an hour or an hour and a half by

the time you onboard

push off get in the air it takes a while

to be in the air before they turn off

the seatbelt sign in the weight the

stewardess start gina serving drinks and

stuff and then they have to ask

everybody what they want you can take a

while so one of my tips is get a bottle

of water this kind of goes for any

airline so it's just kind of a generic

thing it's not just to Southwest but

I've been stuck

on on the plane for up to three hours at

the gate and then on the runway because

of bad weather and stuff and south whet

the Vantage here the reason I'm saying

this with Southwest if they will their

stewardess are awesome they'll come

they'll bring you water they'll serve

you other airlines like United American

that I've had this issue with they won't

the stewardess won't even come by and

that's is so ridiculous but so this is

just this is something I learned grab

some water or coke I preferably a water

because an airline and airplanes the

humidity levels a lot lower it's usually

colder for a lot of health reasons and

your body needs that and so just grab a

smart water or Aquafina or Dasani or

something have that with you grab some

snacks too especially if you haven't

eaten in a while just just to have stuff

it doesn't have to be a lot just you

know bag of chips and water or something

something that you know the healthy bar

or some fruit something that will

sustain you and you don't have to depend

on somebody to come by and give that to

you you're going to thank me

you're gonna think we laid it for that

one okay number five is not really about

Southwest either but it is a huge

airline tip and I'm gonna put a link

down in the description below it's just

a little flap that I found when I was

traveling with my iPad and iPhone

Southwest is one of the airlines that

gives you free TV and free movies and

even free live TV while you're flying

now this is huge because it's on your

own device and you don't have to pay for

a lot of the airlines have the TVs and

the seats unit swipe your credit card

pay a bunch of money and it's just

awesome you know but what you find is

that you're either looking you know down

the whole time or you're having to hold

your device or you know you lay it down

on the tray and you're looking down they

hurt your neck it just get tired there's

no way to really like there's no place

to like set your device and just kind of

leave it

and so I went searching for something

that would solve that problem and

recently I found this really cool and

affordable solution called the flap and

it's literally just a piece of like foam

with some metal in there I don't even

know how to describe it but it bends and

hold your phone securely and then it

just bends back flat and fits in your

backpack or in your suitcase or whatever

really easy to take with you work super

fast it's not complicated you just stick

it in the magazine rack or in the in the

tray just any way to secure it and then

your phone just sits on it and it works

great I've used it several times I love

it they also have a bigger one for your

iPad I'll put the link down the

description for that this is a huge tip

for any airline but especially Southwest

because they offer all this free TV free

movies and if your flights over two

hours you need something to do and they

actually offer some really great shows

or some really great new movies and even

live TV if you want to just watch TV

live and like the news or something so

you're gonna love that you're gonna love

it you're gonna love it

and I promise you it's really awesome

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