Yosemite! - Cessna 172 Flight with GoPro

hello this is VJ again and today I want

to take you on a trip from Hayward to

Yosemite I've never flown to Yosemite so

this is a really exciting trip for me

and I think you'll agree that it turned

out really well

so let's get started

as we approach yosemite the first

interesting thing we come to is off to

the left here that little body of water

and on that gray area just above that is

Pine Mountain link and that's the last

airport coming in from the Bay Area

before we reach your sanity you can see

on this map Pine Mountain Lake is in the

blue circle and you know some of the

villages and purple circle so this is

kind of the last safe landing spot we've

got before we get to Yosemite and then

you can see we've got another 30 40

miles to go before we get to to the

assembly area now as we leave Pine

Mountain Lake the issue here that I'm

seeing on the horizon is the clouds I

need to be at least 500 feet below the

clouds I'm roughly at about 10,000 feet


those clouds looked like they were gonna

be at the same level I was flying so at

this point I wasn't sure and I needed to

keep an eye close eye on that so that I

give the right distance below the clouds

there but also enough distance above the

ground to be safe so that's getting

squeezed on both sides

so here we are approaching the Yosemite

value you can see the river there off to

the side in the valley and again here's

the clouds and at this point I can tell

they are a bit higher than where I am

I've got the altitude there in the

bottom right so seeing about ten

thousand I think my altimeter was

reading about maíam thousand five

hundred but the clouds at this point are

looking like they are going to be well

above me and nine thousand five hundred

is enough to get me a thousand foot

clearance over any of the highest points

at that part of the park that I'm flying

so that that's fine and at this point

the anticipation is growing I can start

to see the valley there straight in the

distance just kind of off to the left of

the nose starting to recognize some

features and it's starting to really get


well this section of the video where we

fly over Yosemite I'm going to just let

it play I'm not going to cut it so that

you can really get a sense of that

anticipation and excitement as you start

to see more and more of the park and it

becomes recognizable so this is going to

be about four or five minutes of footage

straight from the pond

one of the cool things about flying in

here is just the ability to see the

valley from a distance and then it

slowly gets bigger and more detail the

closer I get whereas when you come in a

car you often you'll come through the

tunnel or come around the bend and then

boom there it is and you just get it

kind of all at once again from the fair

here I can start to see it for maybe 10

20 minutes away and then the closer and

closer I get the more and more detail I

can see so that anticipation just really

builds and that's it that was a unique

experience for me experiencing while

you're 70 this way

right about here those of you who have

been to Yosemite you can start to make

out some of the features there and in

the valley

we've got el capitan they're that big

granite rock they're just under the left

main wheel just to the left and sorry to

the right and down of that is a bridal

veil falls and then up above El Capitan

a little bit to the right there's Half

Dome and and then we'll see the Assembly

Falls come around after that but this is

just really a unique view I've been to

Yosemite many times called I've seen

pictures certainly from the tunnel view

those again who've been there that's a

very similar view but not like this

where you can see all of the surrounding

mountains and and the forests all around

the 70 so this is just really really


this is a still shot here that my

father-in-law took awesome shot here

again and bridal veil falls there on the

right I'll count the town on the left

and Half Dome in the upper middle and

this is a closer shot here of Bridal

Veil Falls

well those who have seen the movie three

solo and if you aren't familiar with

Yosemite that big rock there just to the

lower left of the left main wheel is El

Capitan so go check out free solo Alex


climbed that without any ropes it's

the altitude shown here by the GoPro

also brought to mind a couple things one

good thing is that I seem to hold this

altitude within looks like plus or minus

fifty feet the whole time through this

flight which is good the possible bad

news is that somewhat I remember my

altimeter in the plane red nine thousand

five hundred and that is what I was

aiming for because that's one of the

allowed VFR routes if you're flying used

to one an odd thousand plus five hundred

but clearly it's saying on a ten

thousand now that it's it's to be

expected that there's going to be some

difference between the actual altitude

and the measured altitude in the plane

but seeing about five hundred feet

difference there so that's just

something really interesting and I need

to look at that some more next time and

see if I maybe I need to get a better

more recently updated altimeter setting

from the last airport

for me this is one of the most

spectacular scenes in the whole video

being able to see kind of the cemani

Falls and Half Dome all here in one shot

is just really beautiful and it's hard

to take this in from many other spots

other than from the plane

there's Yosemite Falls and Half Dome

I actually hiked to the top of Half Dome

there when I was too easy for my brother

so he had to climb up the face so that

ends our flight over Yosemite we're just

passing over Yosemite Falls as I head

back to the Bay Area I have one more

stop we'll see and then I'll show you

the landing back at a work so I hope you

enjoyed this flight over Yosemite as

much as I did these videos were really

incredible and so thankful that it

worked out

my sister-in-law and brother live in

Lathrop California in the housing

development right here below to claim

unfortunately there's no airport for me

to land on but they were still able to

say hi to us in their own really cruel

whoa can I fly and the rule is that over

a densely populated area such as San

Francisco rather big cities and go as

well as a thousand feet but indent less

densely populated areas which dish is

considered one of those you can go to

500 feet it's not really that safe so I

kept it to a nine hundred to about a

thousand feet here but that's still

close enough to get a good view or

Nathan seems to it

we are coming back into a work that's

the Southland mall and the 880 freeway

so those of you who are familiar with

the Bay Area and as they say in aviation

takeoffs are optional but landings are

mandatory so it's always good to end a

flight and a video with a landing there

was a couple things we'll we'll look at

here in just a minute and I'll talk you

through how this landing one for any non

pilots out there there are two runways

Fiat Hayward there's the larger one that

you can see off to the left which is two

eight left and I'm planning on two eight

right it's a little narrower and a

little shorter but still plenty of room

certainly for a small plane like what

I've got yeah

this particular plane had a small issue

with the rudder trim it was actually

trimmed a little bit too far left so it

looks like my paint plane is kind of

pointed to the left and that's actually

the way it was flying so I had to use a

lot of right rudder to counteract that

and keeping a centerline pretty well

here slowed it just a bit and came down

and then again if I left let off the

right rudder it goes back to the left so

that was a minor thing that I was kind

of fighting with the whole flight but

overall not a bad landing and certainly

a safe one here as we get back into the

airport I'll just end with some more

footage from Yosemite this is really a

spectacular trip so first of all I'm so

happy that it actually worked out the

clouds were concerned and the technical

term in aviation for those who aren't

pilots is get their itis there's just

really a pressure to do something that

you wanted to do a flew an hour out

there and it would have been a power

back so turning around there was a

pressure to do this but you know at any

given time the pilot has to be ready to

divert on maked another decision even if

that's difficult so in this case I'm

thankful that it worked out and I was

able to safely fly around Yosemite and

see this incredible scenery and so I

hope you do get to see this for yourself

but quite honestly this video here is

even better than what I softened inside

the point yeah really I can see a lot

more from this view right here then I

put them inside of the plane with all

the obstacles in the way so I hope you

enjoyed this and I hope to bring you

more very soon thanks for watching