Where Can I Fly in California? - Every Drone Law 2019 - Los Angeles, San Diego, SF (Episode 5)

now I get asked all the time about drill

mods and specific states cities counties

so in this pity party series I'm gonna

go over every single state and the drill

laws that exist in that state so make

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let's get into it

oh also this is not legal advice now

either you live in or plan a visit in

California where I live and you want to

fly your drone here are the rules you

must abide by now there is quite a few

drone law so buckle up

now there's three different parts of

this there's the federal laws the state

laws and the city laws now if you're

flying just for fun a la and not for

cash or check doesn't matter here are

the rules you must abide by now if you

are flying commercially skip to this

time code now first you must register

your drone before flight to the FAA

drone zone website I'll link it below

you must fly within visual sight your

drone must be under 55 pounds now that

is very very heavy most consumer drones

are like between one and three pounds

you must never fly near another aircraft

if you're flying within five miles of

any Airport you must notify the control

tower and lastly you must never fly near

emergency response efforts now for the

commercial fliers you must hold a remote

pilot's license issued by the FAA you

must register your drone with the FAA

drone zone website again I'll link it

below your drone must be under 55 pounds

you must fly in Class G airspace you

must fly below 400 feet you must fly

during the day or at civil twilight

which is 30 minutes after sunset you

must fly under 100 miles per hour

what drone goes a hundred miles per hour

I barely drive a hundred miles per hour

you must yield the right-of-way to any

manned aircraft can't fly over people

and lastly you cannot fly from a moving

vehicle unless you're in a lightly

lated area which I'm guessing is like

farmland now these eight things you can

actually get a waiver from the FAA to

void them so you must go through the

legal process now that we got the

federal laws out of the way which are

countrywide remember you always have to

abide by these rules here are the state

and local laws it is currently a

misdemeanor to interfere with first

responders during an emergency

also if a first responder breaks your

drone they get immunity perks of the job

but I read such specific laws like this

you know someone sued someone so that

how to make a law about it anyways I

digress it is also illegal to record

someone who has a reasonable expectation

of privacy now if you're looking to fly

your drone in one of California's nine

national parks you can't it's prohibited

now for the city laws in the city of

you're Belinda you are prohibited from

taking off within 25 feet of a person

outside of visual sites on someone

else's private property and within 500

feet of any special event or emergency

response in the city of Calabasas you

are not allowed to fly within 200 feet

of any school or public event and within

100 feet of any public building or

facility without prior consent so it's

not legal you just have to notify them

beforehand in Hermosa Beach you have to

get an operating permit and an ID number

from the local police before you take

flight now every law that I just

mentioned is linked below thank you for

watching make sure to fly safely and if

you have any additional questions just

ask I'll see you next time