hello everyone Evo I didn't like really

talk at the party to the camera but I

did film some clips so I'll insert all

the clips from nochebuena right now


we are currently at my grandma's house

in the Philippines dementia dementia

it's already 2 2000 like SAT it's

already 2:30 and we've been here oh I

forgot to say yesterday was so much fun

the party oh my god it was so much fun

and then it will also be back here for

New Year's as well and like guys it was

I just had a really good time but we've

been here was hanging out chilling with

the cousins that I just met yesterday oh

right now we're looking at pictures of

my dad when he was younger so this is

what he looks like now very old dad look

at the camera

alright that's what he looks like now

what's a good picture to show them he is

this one right here but we've been

looking at all of these also my dad

hasn't been back to the Philippines

since he was 16 which is about 25 years

ago so yesterday when he like saw his

aunts and uncles again he started crying

it was really sweet like I've never seen

my dad cry but then like he's home cuz

he was born here right now this house is

about an hour away from the hotel we're

saying that and I think we're all gonna

go back to the hotel and maybe swim or

something Merry Christmas

or gathering all of our things I also

brought this backpack hi dad

all right hi mom hi Christian hi

grandparents yeah we'll see I just

didn't have my camera this morning this

morning we were playing the switch with

all the cousins playing like Super Smash

Bros and then Mario Kart it was super

fun but they all went home sorry to blog



it was also raining out today but now it

stopped so we're gonna go in the car

it's so dark oh me and my dad are going

nighttime swimming I took a nap in the

car it was really nice and then we went

up to the room I changed my dad change

and oh it's raining okay it's sprinkling

but we're still gonna go swimming so

we're outside in the pool area

oh my god oh my god it's raining it's


it was too cold my dad didn't even go

fully in we're actually going to Boracay

which is an island we'll have a lot of

time for swimming there but we're

leaving tomorrow to Boracay I am all

showered up and I'm currently in this

white dress for Nordstrom's and then my

new bag from Kings Bay that my

grandparents got me it's so cute I love

it so much

thank you to them Christian is in the

steam room by himself and then me and my

parents are gonna go to the what is it

called what is it called mama yeah

all right the horizon lounge thingy the

club where they give us like

complimentary snacks and stuff so we're

just gonna go there have something to

eat and just hang out today was a really

tiring day I feel like this whole trip

has been kind of tiring but I mean it's

still really fun we've just been doing a

lot of things


Mabuhay that is the end of day 25 Merry

Christmas guys

yes so much fun okay dad yes that was

yesterday Biden vlog or end the vlog

sorry I know I loved all yesterday so

I'm ending it right now we are in the

hotel just hanging out as a family

obviously what is going on Christian I'm

trying extend my arms

oh yeah he's still sore mom that's what

dads present is this yeah I'm going to

unless we do legs I can workout so I'm

currently editing yesterday's vlog so

that's why I went up late sorry about

that okay baby

thank you it's okay but I hope you guys

have been enjoying vlogmas or i hope you

enjoyed it because now it's over i'm

gonna be vlogging the rest of the

philippines trip but i'm not gonna be on

my back about posting every day cuz i

just want to enjoy this with my family

so yeah i'll be vlogging but i don't

know what i'm gonna post it being in the

philippines has been so much fun

yes so much I love Goa B's whoa whoa

we've like seen a lot of stuff and we've

seen a lot of stuff and it's just made

me even more grateful for my life and

for my family so love you guys thank you

guys so much for watching I hope you

enjoyed vlogmas this year so much bye I

love you Happy New Year not yet