Christmas ALREADY In Philippines (How to travel FREE, My BEST Tip)

hopefully you guys can take this simple

advice of travel for free alright guys

welcome to new video we are here and SMX

big right now something and this is

gonna be the Travel Mart event so we're

gonna check out all the provinces around

the Philippines and I see if I could see

some new like cases we want to discover

perhaps to see some other friends over

here as well

well guys immediately sees a bunch of

cool stuff over here

here's Mohan


I've not had any breakfast no lunch yet

it's almost healthy and but I see

something in front of me it's very

interesting coffee

what a nice car Hey delicious coffee and

we're actually coming in booth server

the loud noise we've got this spinning

wheel behind us when I test that on spin

it to win our luck today guys best thing

about even just just what the best thing

about this place is for you best is the

free food

freakin love this this is the one mean

coolest went to and there was an

Icelandic churches this is the region

there's like hundreds of thousands of

people come to visit this village has

like a beautiful night say hi to theory

cool of get the VIP treatment like

that's right like this you must love

furniture and ads you're in the blog now

what mind if I do



no that's the alumax

mahi-mahi has teeth are like so what am

I going to drink this is someone she

said no I'm gonna put this in your drink

listen love potion just kidding take

your buddy you got here a pine seed from

Buddy so this got ha ha ha which means

you have to eat with your mouth

not even Kinnaman like it that's it

advair do control that's how good is it

good good best thing about the show free



oh it's a bit early for that ma'am

oh yeah for a perfect eighty percent and

forty percent alcohol so it's gonna be

very strong burning fiery let's do it

why not

I'm not drink for a month so we called

it a pagan ritual typo I bought a guy's

skull Cheers

- it's hot gas is actually September 1st

which means is the bear months and it's

already pissed off it's Christmas and

arrived September 1st

already welcome to the sixth month

Philippines Christmas season a September

October November December so for mas and

then usually like Jenner Fabrice still

something going on or Christmas songs



oh stop it Toby I'm gonna talk to some

people here let's build up some contest

relationship that's what this show is

all about building relationship knowing

people and explore awesome


it's been a long day I've been meeting

with a lot of people but this is one of

my hello what about Wade Lange wait like

this is my favorite birds Philippine

eagle yes so I want to find a

bird-watching I want to see if we can

find some people to talk to that can

take us and actually see them in the


we don't want to feel like no shell and

you know no no like if I was an ant ant

ant colony this is exactly how it is

you're just like you're one of many and

you just stuck in we're actually in a

line to go through the security system

is said the mall


like that has to be the first time I've

ever been a liar and of course friendly

Filipinos everywhere is dope is such a

cool place we're saying that let's give

you guys a room tour okay it's a little

bit messy now because we haven't had

time to do anything in here unless

except unpacking packing absolutely

phenomenal on Airbnb now we don't do a

lot of room tours because we usually

stay in and the cheaper was but we want

to treat ourselves a little bit of this

samurai awesome place to do some editing

your work nice leather couch everything

is in mirrors huge TV nice a bedroom

over here air comes of course and Wi-Fi

and a decent view with a balcony super

cool place if you wanna stay here in

Manila close to the airport we came down

below oh yeah what hit this is to

motivation so this is like a perfect

location if we wanted to I got a couple

of days you in Manila just like we're

doing right now and of course finally

very nice bathroom

Chinchin hot shower of course

I really like it so far yeah

yeah originally I wasn't planning on

making this video but I thought it's a

very interesting thing to share to you

guys especially the ones that are

starting out on YouTube but Instagram

and Facebook I want to do some travel

blocking blocking whatever is close

these days is that it's so simple it's

the travel shows and that the travel

shows you'll present like what you can

offer for other people for example with

my videos you know usually it's my you

know travel blogs and then I can maybe

give him some drone pictures or

professional pictures along the way so

of course it's not technically free

because you have to give something back

but if you're looking for something to

start out doing your thing saving some

money I think all the travel shows

around the world are very good for that

and even in New York which is one of the

biggest one in America Philippines boo

section the department tourism and they

even showed some of my videos in there

that was really great honorable and all

that but just take a look at this

oops all these cars contacts from one

full day talking to people and provinces

and Berar gossip you know all of the

places over the Philippines rate your

region think you shouldn't this could be

like a whole year of travel just doing

you know some of these stuff but like I

said not everything is free you have to

go to the place you have to traveler

flying driving and then you know it's a

lot of time consuming and then you have

to create you know content in return but

for me like more importantly I was more

looking into some exotic places and

things to do for example I went to the

del Valle booth and they developed with

some specialties or specialists over the

bird watching I really want to see the

Philippine Noriko in the wild so as one

of my goals is to see him you know in

the wild so I might be planning

expedition to make the no just to see

the Filipino eco so that was kind of the

relationship that I was trying to build

at this show even though I didn't

time to go there in the first place my

original plan to go to Manila was on the

6th well now it's a second September or

the first what's nice to see cool as you

know the boys hopefully we'll be doing

trip with them sooner or later

and then of course on the 8th September

that's gonna be the meet-and-greet

Luneta Park 11 a.m. on the 8th September

if you want to see us there and say hi

take pictures

have a good time so that is it from this

video nothing much going on it was a

busy day talking and that may give them

a good relationship and hopefully you

guys can take this simple advice of

travel for free but reduce the cost in

some way or another well remember even

if you know there's gonna be you know

tours or resource hosting you you have

to be the one that sells them what you

cannot give in return your work so hope

that tip helps some of you guys and I'll

see you guys to the next door pizza