You Need To Visit Busan in South Korea | Everything to See & Do

alrighty next up Assad and honestly you

guys need to come out here I don't know

if we're being biased because we're

stray lien we just loved anything on the

coast near the sea we're about to fly to

our most requested country good morning

guys and welcome back to cherry blossom

season here in Korea


guys it is our last day here in Korea

and there is one more place that we

really wanted to check out a lot of you

recommended we go to Busan so that is

exactly what we did we had a really nice

morning waking up super early in Kyung

soo and we just walked around enjoyed

the cherry blossoms there's only like a

few more days left of them I still can't

get over it that these lasts for a week

and then they're gone but yesterday we

jumped on the high speed train and

headed towards Busan alrighty next up

the Sun quick 30 minutes and we're like

literally at the bottom of Korea and

then we had to jump on the Metro before

arriving at our hotel when the train

arrives it shows you all the previous

stops until it's ready to come

Wow when we checked in I couldn't

believe the view from our hotel room it

is full-on beach paradise here in Busan

and then for dinner because we are so

close to the ocean we were like we need

to get some seafood so we found a local

Korean spot and they brought us

basically the entire Asia

well I don't know how we even got

through all of that but it is now the

next day and we have this whole day to

see as much of the Sun as possible so

let's go so we felt like a little unique

here there is a temple and it's set up

on cliffs overlooking the sea we've

never seen a temple like this before it

makes it extra beautiful and it's fresh

spring water and people going down

drinking so currently right on the East

Sea or the Japan Sea so pretty much that

way if you keep going on the boat you

can get to a little island just off the

coast of Japan which is kind of nice we

are ferry right away yeah in Japan which

is crazy but if you guys actually been

wondering how we've been getting around

we found it's actually much easier in

Korea to jump into taxis because Google

Maps doesn't work here thing is one of

the only countries in the world where

Google Maps doesn't work it's a kind of

makes public transport a little bit

difficult especially not being able to

read the Korean language a new build the

price is actually cheaper to do a meter

taxi yeah so it's about ten bucks to get

out here and then entrance is free so

that's why is that kind of like ways up

the different costs


so actually come across the bridge to

the other side away from high on day

which is the area that we're actually

staying in and honestly you guys need to

come out here I don't know if we're

being biased because we're stray lien we

just love anything on the coast near the

sea but yeah there's a lot of these

coastal walks we're just kind of just

chillin there's actually a skywalk that

we're currently walking towards gives

you a really good view of the city you

got the bridge you guys need to come out

here I like I've been super impressed so

far how nice of these views look down

guys if you keep following the trail all

the way along the coast you come to this

area it's called the sky walk you don't

have to pay to come in and they give you

these very cute little shoe covers and

then it's like a walkway made of glass

so you can walk over the water also fun

fact they call this five or six islands

because at low tide there's five islands

at high tide this six islands are five

or six islands this is nice hey yeah so

cool like I didn't expect us to it

reminds me of like the Sunshine Coast in

Australia like a big city right on the

water there's amazing beaches amazing

coastal walks I love this place it is

dee dee

so for lunch we've actually come down to

the local fish markets because the Sun

is on the ocean and it's pretty much the

fish bowl of South Korea so we had a

walk through the markets to see all the

different fish like sellers which was

really interesting so if you come here

one of the most popular dishes to have

is sushi me so that's what we come out

or just picked a local restaurant like a

big plate full of fish it's sashimi this

is overall fish but this dish is

interesting because it there's a bit of

a process actually grab some of the

lettuce and then you grab some of your

raw fish and then there's actually the

sauce here it looks like ketchup it's

not it's like a peppered sauce you kind

of just dip that in there or this soy

sauce and wasabi whatever you feel like

and then once you've done that you close

it with like a sesame leaf put it in

there and then you wrap it all up I

don't think I've had sushi me like this


and then just either you got told off

Stephen you might eat the whole thing at

once what's that sauce your sauce is

really good what's nice one soy sauce

and wasabi so fresh super fresh and it

feels like quite a platter we've also

got some other seafood here as well but

and some seaweed soup which is also

quite known for the area sutures come

out of busan tower and this is actually

around 50 years old and it gives you a

really nice view of the old kind of city

is this the older part of the city and

where we're staying in it's a much more

new development bar it's about 120

metres up because it's quite an old

tower it's like insanely high but it's

good enough to get a good view all save

you guys head down there and you wanting

to do some shopping here in Korea this

and like really cheap stores upper-class

stores normal stores but if you want

like that kind of cheap knockoffs to

take home all of this just in here

perfect for shopping


wait we need to turn the camera around

to show you what we're actually looking

at right now a beat yeah in Korea didn't

expect this I know I did I feel like

when I came to Korea I didn't know that

they had these like white sand beaches I

don't know why I didn't expect it but

they do this is definitely like amazing

summer spot I know right now it looks

just deceiving because we're in big

puffer jackets but in a street I'm

beginning a spring and I can tell it's

like that weather where it's still cold

but it's so sunny like right now I can

barely see you guys but it's like that

temperature where it's coming into the

summer if you're coming to Korea you

have to come to Busan come in the summer

time I've seen pictures of this place

and there are I'll pop up a picture you

can see how many umbrellas are on the

beach it's so busy and then cut to the

previous shot of us as having the sunset

because you do have the beach to


it's cherry blossom season it's weird to

be here and it'd be so cold but it's

worth it for the cherry blossom yeah but

what we were doing just then was like we

were reflecting on our time here in

Korea because this is our like last

afternoon here in the country and I feel

like the three places that we went to we

would highly recommend going like if

you're trying to plan an itinerary to

Korea so start in Seoul that's where you

have your crazy city adventures and then

head take Jung Joo and that's where

you'll get that like authentic

historical countryside kind of vibe and

then come to pass on and then you can

end your trip on the beach relaxing and

during the sunshine I'm sure there's

more to see in Korea but when we kind of

asked you guys where we should go after

finishing up the sonne trip this is kind

of what the majority of you said and I

think this is probably where the most of

the tourists come but if you know of any

other spots like we're always down to

going to little hidden gems and

exploring a bit more outside but I think

we're gonna have to save that for the

next time because we're about to fly

home to quickly change our clothes

because we are heading to our most

requested country of all time of run by

the nicely like Philippines was number

two but this and you guys enjoyed it but

this one is literally number one we're

about to fly to




wandering the world

and food in India was hot but I didn't

realize it would be this hard