Ultimate BUSAN Day Trip Travel Guide - How to Travel Busan South Korea


today we're heading down a boost son

from Seoul to discover just how

beautiful person is to start your trip

head down a Seoul station where you'll

take the KTX train the write down is

approximately three hours so we do

recommend coming in early and reserving

your seats doing a day trip from Seoul

to Busan is absolutely doable but it

pushes a little bit of a challenge

because you bet the west side the gum

tron cultural village the market and

then you get the right side which has

the seaside temple the Haeundae beach

and you've got spa and there's just

something a lot of things to do in

today's guy I want to show you some of

the best things to do on the west side

some of the best thing to do it from the

east side so then you can make it

comparable and then you can choose which

section you kind of want to do because

it's very hard to kind of do everything

in one day so if you have some time to

spare here in Busan maybe stay overnight

like what we're doing right now we're

staying it's Yong Yong which is an area

kind of like Myeongdong got enough it's

sort of the commercial hub of all Busan

here but wanted before you do the day

trip here to Busan is to download the

neighbor app that's like the Korean

Google map it's gonna tell you which

time to transfer to which bus to take

and really really accurate even which

exit in the stage in as well so we're

gonna go check out this inside temple

right now and we'll show you guys

once you downloaded a neighbor map check

the bus timetable and hop on the bus at

the station and head east towards a

Tongyeong goon temple it's approximately

an hour 20 minutes right till your final


so enjoy the sceneries along the way so

there is a couple of buses that takes

you to the seaside temple here but that

number 9 is an express one that gets you

just like below the footsteps where you

kinda have to kind of a little bit of a

hike about 15 minute walk down to the

seaside temple but as soon as you pass

the Lotte Mart you want to get off

that's the stuff that you need to get up

after you pass Lotte Mart we're walking

down towards the temple and there's just

so many vendors and stalls selling food

kind of hungry though but I might just

go see the temple first we are by the

entrance to the seaside temple it's a

livable walkway down but in front

there's a statue there's like a statue

pagoda which looks absolutely amazing in

the craftsmanship it's just like a tower

of beautiful stunning display here Wow

I think it's really worth it to go even

though it'd take a long time about an

hour from Busan station but look at the

view totally worth it and apparently

this temple was built in 13th centuries


look at the architecture everything's so

beautiful and apparently the belief was

like if you pray one prayer with sincere

heart your wish will be granted as you

enter the main area of the temple you'll

be greeted by this small statue of

Buddha and you have the opportunity to

bathe the Buddha statue so the first

thing you're gonna do see and I take the

latter and then you're gonna scoop out

some of the holy water and you're gonna

pour that over the Buddha statue three

times the first time when you pour it

you're gonna say may I eliminate all

evil thoughts then the second time you

pour it you'll say may I cultivate good

deeds the third where you're gonna say

may I help save all living beings and

that's the proper way of bathing the

Buddha statue

when you get up to the top

Wow the view down the temple grounds is

just stunning you got to see you got the

beautiful temple down to bottom and

everybody's just having a good time but

when you reach up to this highest point

in the temple grounds here where I am oh

my gosh you can really see the statue of

Kwan him right now absolutely beautiful

and you got all these birds surrounding

her she's looking down to the sea it's

just a magnificent sight such a

beautiful temple

so it's about three o'clock we want to

get ourselves to this next place it's a

beach it's called IND a beach apparently

it's really scenic really picturesque

especially you cuz it looks like Gold

Coast the people go cuz if you guys have

been to Australia Wow

so we're gonna head there we can take

the bus back but instead of back to show

me on or Busan station or we're gonna

stop by in the middle there

okay so me and help me who made it to

Haeundae beach oh this is so breezy

compared to you at a temple it's

definitely a lot breezier and this

particular road here that we're in and

it kind of looks like yeah it's weird it

kind of looks like gold clothes so it

feels like you're back home but really

lively Street feel it's like kind of hip

and kind of like a youngster kind of

vibe here it's a lot of like young

people here and just enjoying their time

people eating on the side of the street

so and there's so many like even Tiger

sugar from Taiwan that's right and we

are definitely super hungry food

restaurant looks so big and famous with

their fish cake and in Busan you have to

eat the fish cake so let's have a look

oh my god has so much selections of fish


this is like fish cake

so apparently that one is the bestseller

we do see octopus ball fish game so we

are getting it for sure so we got the

number one bestseller here the girl

octopus we got the cheese and then

finally we've got some crab

so we're trying to crap stick one I just

tried one oh my god it's like it melts

in your mouth it's so delicious and

definitely super soft and tender

ridiculous oh my god I've never tried

fish take this good it's so freakin

crazy inside there's like corn and then

spring onion and also the crop stick and

surprise surprise this actually cheese

inside no wonder is no good oh my god if

you wanna explode your pants you gotta

come to this place here it's Busan go

red Sun fish cake oh my god is so bloody

good everything melts in your mouth you

know what I think we'll never make it to

the beach because I just saw this soft

dry ice cream and I'm gonna get it

maybe it's not bad to be second round so

after risking my life I too got this

soft tree ice cream with the honeycomb

on top

yeah it is worth to risk my life for

this one so creamy so sweet

so milky


you still get






and so as the Sun set it was time to

freshen up so we hopped on the train

- what centum cities since a guy

department store where spa land is

located to enjoy a nice korean bat house

experience so as you exit out there is

this departments all called shin Se guy

you get inside you take the escalator up

to the first floor and just walk on

through this file and ok so the spot

kind of costs us about 40,000 won for

two people not sure because it's late at

night or but this is today's weekdays

actually a.m. till 11 p.m. so it's not

24 hours and I guess you know it's more

expensive than the traditional give me

do bound because we'll get the luxury so

we need to change wash up and then try

the different bath because apparently is

like different temperature but that's

making its own no camera but then after

that we will meet again for the

jimjilbang okay

all right so they give you your shirts

and pants as soon as you pass the gate

there with your key and you gotta

exchange it with your piece of paper

that you got with the number that's

pretty much it and then you go into your

locker and that's it

so no more camera for now all right so I

am done bathing I don't know where tell

me is big she's still in there because

she likes to take her time but as soon

as you're done you can get to this area

which really has like outdoor like steam

room there's like different restaurants

so there's a lot of things to do it and

that's a very normal thing when you go

to like a bathhouse in Korea or in Japan

but if you guys don't know it as soon as

you get into the locker you know you got

a take off all your clothes so it's a

little bit of a sausage fest if you're

in the guy section so don't be surprised

because some people can be kind of

surprised cuz you gotta take care

everything off there's no swims is

nothing like that so you're full of

naked so get used to it

and I think some of the hot springs are

come from underground here but it is a

very luxurious spa too bad I can't show

it to you but just as soon as you come

out the meeting room the meeting area

just looks absolutely fabulous so let's

go explore what else we can do here I

love this this is kind of nice you get

the feedback underneath you and it's

super warm has it got some rocky kind of

pebbles near and it's kind of like

stepping in to let go it's crazy but I

love this outdoor kind of scene here you

got that kind of natural breeze so nice

so really really nice still don't know

where helmi is so but I'm just gonna

enjoy myself okay so we're still in the

first floor but check out this section

oh my gosh this feels like a hotel snack

bar hmm the thing is after you go into

this spot for 20-30 minutes your body

temperature is gonna be quite hot so you

kind of want to drink some isotonic

drink or a milk if you are used to those

kind of onsen experience or a bath house

might just ordered that all right let's

check out the second floor there's the

stairs but I'm being lazy so so at the

second floor of apparently behind me

there's like a Calvin Klein underwear

mannequin it's crazy they're even

selling a Calvin Klein here and it on my

left there's a spot well



after that's why we felt like a jelly

now it was awesome guys but right now

we're heading back to Semyon because

we're staying overnight at Semyon to

really explore boost and again tomorrow

morning but before that we're gonna stop

by Guan gong on the way home now going

on is another station also on the Green


- what's Simeon but it has the bridge

that has this amazing neon lights all

around it and that night that bridge is

so colorful and I want to see how it

looks like it's kind of us via drone if

my drone can capture all the lighting




if you're heading to gumption culture

village I suggest to take the train to

jagalchi station at jagalchi there is a

Gucci market and Biff square which is a

nice option for a quick snack layover or

shopping prior to heading to gum chung

or after you visit to the village but my

advice is to get to gum john early from

jagalchi station take a little stroll

towards chungmu dong intersection now

where you'll hop on the bus it takes you

towards the gum chun in the cultural

village now the ride is around 15

minutes but the roads are windy and

feels like a rollercoaster ride but you

have a lot of fun this is actually my

second time to come to a cultural

village while this is actually Nick's

first time it's called Machu Picchu of

Korea actually or some people call it

Santorini but I think Machu Picchu

probably closer but this place actually

remind me of rainbow village inside

in heichou because it used to be slum

area but then people start painting it

with different colors and now become

tourist attraction where all the

tourists basically come here becomes so

popular it is actually a very good place

to visit to see the houses and also buy

some souvenir or even relax there cafes

over there as well I think one of the

souvenir that you have to buy from Korea

is oh my god they have the cutest ox

ever and also is good quality and

usually it's 1001 which is one dollar

purse are much cheaper than Australia

if Busan isn't on your itinerary I hope

this episode inspires you to whether

it's a beautiful seaside temple the

beach for a historical village whose son

is incredible

so go on and discover a beautiful boys