Best Places to Visit in Colorado

The best places to visit in Colorado. Now I'm not much of a city person or a

national parks person and prefer to be away from the herds of people and look

for my own amazing places off the path. That being said there's some beauty in

the Front Range, you have Colorado Springs in its view of

Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods but a little farther east you have the

less known feature known as the Paint Mines a colorful clay deposit in the


an hour west of town you have Paradise Cove a nice little

waterhole to go swimming cliff diving or relax

southwest of Colorado Springs in

the middle of San Isabel National Forest you can find Bishops Castle, Jim Bishop

built the castle over a span of 60 years. The castle is always open and the dragon

breathes fire on weekends

Denver has festivals, food, and Red Rocks one of the

best concert venues there is.

Boulder has Pearl Street Mall and the Flatirons and

you can go into the mountains to Estes Park and see Rocky Mountain National Park

even though it's crowded there's some amazing Peaks waterfalls and alpine

lakes in the park

but on the boarder of the park there is Longs peak a mountain over 14,000 feet

in elevation known as a 14er, it is a fun peak to hike but get up very early

and give yourself eight hours to hike it now let's get away from the cities and

farther into the mountains

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alright let's get to it

a good base for adventure in Colorado is

Summit County

Breckenridge is a neat old mountain town surrounded by old ghost towns

alpine lake adventures like Mohawk Lakes where you can also get in some good

backpacking see some neat lakes and beautiful waterfalls

near the town of Montezuma you can see some really cool old mines

like these ones up Peru gultch

from Montezuma you can also take this beautiful 4x4 route st. John's pass over

and into Breckinridge

in the autumn be sure to check out Boreas pass near

Breckenridge for all its fall colors

you can view the beautiful Gore range on your

way down to Green Mountain reservoir

a place to go cliff jumping and boating

be sure to check if it's open for cliff jumping before you go

they closed it temporarily because of an accident that occurred from jumping

you can also go south

from Breckenridge into Alma Colorado's highest town in the area the show South

Park is based on

you can hike a few beautiful 14ers just west of town

there and check out some cool mining towns like this one up Montgomery


before taking a 4x4 route over Mosquito pass or just go the long way on

the highway to Leadville Colorado

a neat old town with cool old buildings

sitting below Colorado's highest mountains

the town is surrounded by a

lot of old mine ruins to check out

if you go in the fall you can ride the

train through the fall colors

if you come in late winter you can watch ski Joring

a sport where a horse pulls someone down

Main Street on skis while hitting jumps and collecting rings

down the valley

from Leadville you can visit the town of Buena Vista or (Buuuena Vista as it's

known to the locals) and Salida both are great towns for rafting and mountain biking

above town nestled in the 14er you can find plenty of hot springs to

chill in

plus the cool iconic looking ghost town of st. Elmo

there's also

plenty of good hiking and amazing views

from there you can go over cottonwood pass to the town of Crested Butte the

town is extremely beautiful and has some very unique festivals in the fall plus a

lot of fall colors

near town you can get on a trailhead to Conundrum hot springs a 8 mile hike to

the springs and then another 8 to the town of Aspen so plan on spending a

night or two in the wilderness

you also need permits to camp there because

of the popularity of the Springs

Aspen is a neat looking town but near town you

have the very picturesque mountains known as the Maroon Bells if you're

feeling adventurous you can hike around them on four pass loop hike

a beautiful

hike that goes over four passes so give yourself about three nights to do the hike

you can also go hike to the top of the Bells an amazing experience for sure

but be prepared and cautious as many people have been injured or died on

these mountains

if you go east of Aspen you can find Devil's Punchbowl a popular

swimming area on the way up Independence pass

you can continue east on

Independence pass, an amazing drive on Colorado's highest paved pass

you will

end up at Twin Lakes by Leadville again this place is nice in the Autumn as well

you can also go west from Aspen to the town of Glenwood Springs this town has a

lot to offer they have a hot springs park with a waterslide a vaudeville

theater and amusement park above town and you can head east to one of the best

stretches of interstate you will find

the road curves through the beautiful

Glenwood Canyon next to the Colorado River

on one rest stop

the Hanging Lake rest stop

you can get out and hike to Hanging Lake a good 1.3 mile hike to one

of the most beautiful looking lakes you'll see

if you go in the high season

during summer you'll have to buy a ticket and take a bus from Glenwood

Springs due to the popularity of the lake

you can also go west of town

to the town of Rifle and check out Rifle Falls in

Rifle Falls State Park

in northern Colorado you can hang out near the town of Steamboat Springs a

really amazing area and the Strawberry Springs hidden in the woods is an

amazing hot springs to relax in it is a family friendly springs until after dark

when anyone under 18 is kicked out and clothes become optional this is also a

neat area to visit in autumn

far south in Colorado you have the San Luis Valley with Sand Dunes National

Park a picturesque area with dunes stacked against the Blue Mountains

just above the park you have Zapata Falls a easily accessed

waterfalls hidden in the canyon

also near the area you have the town of Crestone Colorado a unique little town

with access to two great trails

the hike to North Crestone and the hike to

Willow Lakes

also in the San Luis Valley you can find the Gator farm

you can tour the Gator

farm and learn how to wrestle a gator if you want

there are no restraints on the

Gator either

if you're not good at it you can bite you

farther south you have the town of Pagosa Springs

the town itself has a few hot springs both free

on the river and paid resorts

northeast of town next to the highway near Wolf Creek Pass you can visit

Treasure Falls

the town also sits below the eastern side of Weminuchi wilderness

Colorado's largest wilderness

it is a great place to go backpacking and get away from the


near this area who have the town of Creed

the town itself is unique

it sits almost in a Canyon

has a underground fire station and above town

on batcher loop has some of the coolest looking mine buildings built into the

side of cliffs I also recommend this drive in autumn

from the town of Creede heading towards Lake City you'll find North Clear Creek falls

a beautiful roadside falls

the town of Lake City itself is neat above

town you will find Lake San Cristobal and you can take the 4x4 path known as

Engineer pass from Lake City through some old ghost towns next to the river

and over into Silverton

the area around Silverton is quite amazing there is a ton of off-roading to

do there along with plenty of old mines waterfalls and lakes to view

it is in this area that I can see some of my favorite lakes and waterfalls

the Million Dollar Highway goes from Durango through Silverton to Ouray

and is one of the most beautiful paved roads I've ever been on

it even goes

over these waterfalls near the town of Ouray

Ouray is often called

Little Switzerland and is surrounded by steep mountains and waterfalls this is

Box Canyon Falls

you can take multiple 4x4 routes from the Million Dollar

highway to the Telluride side of the mountains

this is Imogene pass near Ouray

and this is Black Bear or Ingram pass coming down into Telluride

Telluride is a very unique area

the town itself is awesome to visit an above town

there are two amazing waterfalls

after visiting Bridal Veil Falls you can hike above the waterfalls for more

waterfalls, mines, and alpine lakes

that is the best of Colorado

I would also say

that the most overrated place in Colorado is Vail

it is just a noisy

overpriced town next to the interstate with no real hiking or views in general

just a good town to stay away from

this is just a summary of what I've covered

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