Christmas Exodus "Holiday Block Leave" During Army Basic Training

what's going on guys people back here

for another video in this video we're

talking about Christmas

Exodus also known as holiday block leave

we're giving to the time of year where I

know everybody not everybody but some of

your going to be going to basic training

during Christmas and you want to know if

you're gonna be able to take leave

you've got a family member or a son

daughter significant other going to

basic training and you want another

process if they could come home for

Christmas so we're gonna cover that in

this video so I want to preface this

video and say that I did not go to basic

training during holiday block leave but

I I know the process and I reached out

to one of my buddies that went to basic

training during Christmas and I got a

little question and answer from him so

I'll give you his answers but we're

gonna jump right into this video so

Christmas Exodus that for Jax I don't

know it's called holiday block leave I'm

sure that's what it's called at the

other basic training sites as well but

what is it it's basically the period

during Christmas so the army operates on

block leave periods in the rail army

you've got Christmas which is two weeks

at Christmas and then in the summer two

weeks during the summer around the

fourth of July so during basic training

you're gonna you're gonna have those two

weeks to go home and go to Christmas

with your family so when is it it's

roughly the December 18th through

January 1st to the second it varies

every year but that basic training

you're gonna have two weeks exactly in

the regular army you can take different

amounts of time but at basic training

this is gonna be two weeks exactly

fourteen days who takes it and basic

training everybody's going to tell you

take it they're gonna force you to take

it you have no options you're gonna get

out of there

you made this is a question I should

have asked you may be able to not take

it and stay behind but you're not gonna

want to stay at basic training

because you're gonna have angry drill

sergeants that are wondering why you're

there so they're pretty much gonna fall

and tell you Valen tell you that you're

going on holiday block leaves so what is

it it's just leave when is it

December 18th through 1st or 2nd of June

Varian who takes it everybody know if

ands or buts about it so you're probably

curious about what the process is now if

you're in basic training right now and

you know the process but there's a

little process I'm you're gonna have to

clean your barracks and make sure that

squared away so that it's good to go

while nobody is there and lock

everything up you're gonna have to lock

all of your sensitive items your gear

and everything into your lock wall

lockers and they're gonna have to board

up the rooms and seal them off to make

sure nobody's in there stealing stuff

once all that's taken care of you're

gonna buy you're gonna go down to the

the Travel Center on Fort Jackson or

wherever you're going to basic training

you're gonna go down there you're gonna

buy a plane ticket you're gonna you're

gonna buy it they're not gonna pay for

it for you you're gonna buy a plane

ticket if you're far enough away or

you're gonna buy a bus ticket if you're

not that far and you're just going to

square away your travel plans and how

you're getting home and then after that

once all that is squared away you're

going to the day that comes December

18th you're gonna get up early early

early early and you're gonna March to

the buses they're gonna have buses near

your company area and you're gonna march

through the buses and they're either

gonna bust you to the airport or they're

gonna bust you home if you're taking a

bus home they're gonna bust you to the

bus depot near your home and oh you will

be traveling and I'm not sure about 4101

I know at Fort Jackson you will be

traveling on holiday block leave in your

OCPs and that's kind of awkward because

you're in basic training or you're a

skinhead and you're walking around the

airport or the bus station and your skin

and everybody knows that guy's in basic

training so it's kind of awkward but

that that is the process of you know

getting your tickets what holiday

blockly process is so I also to mention

it will take away from your lead days so

once you're in basic training you will

only have like two and a half or five

days of leave and you're taking 14 so

you will be coming out of holiday block

leave in the hole you will be able to

recover those days but it's gonna take a

little while

so you get two and a half leave days a

month so we're gonna talk about the pros

and the cons of Holliday block leave so

the pros are it breaks up training basic

training it breaks it up it gives you

you know something to look forward to

you you can kind of look at is the first

half and the second half of basic

training so something to look forward to

and you do get to spend the holiday with

your family and that's always great but

uh cons and it's extra stress it's very

stressful to be in basic training with

drill sergeants who are forcing you to

clean the barracks and they want it

spotless it's very stressful

your drill sergeants are going to be

very angry because it's stressful for

them it's a big logistics process to get

all these trainees home and back and

make sure the barracks are squared away

so they're gonna be extra stressed out

an extra snappy and they're just gonna

be looking for a reason to smoke you it

kind of another con is it kind of messes

up your rhythm of basic training you

kind of get into a process and it's just

a grind of wake up get it done go to

sleep wake up get it done go to sleep

and it kind of messes up your process

because you take a break from training

square the barracks away and then you go

home and then you got to come back it's

kind it'll you'll look you'll be at home

enjoying Tommy to family and knowing

that you've got to go back to basic

training and another con is that you go

home but you're not really a soldier yet

you're in the middle of basic training

you've got this skinhead everybody knows

and you know that you know you're not

you really a soldier you're in basic

training you haven't really earned

anything yet so that's kind of weird and

and it kind of reopens the homesickness

wound because the first couple weeks of

basic training you will be pretty

homesick but you kind of harden up and

tough it up and just realize hey this is

where I'm at in life and I've got to do

this to get through it

but once you go home you kind of get

like a little readjustment taste to

civilian life and then you jump right

back into basic training so it kind of

reopens that wound and you get re

sensitized to the civilian world and

it's just it just I don't think that's a

good thing and you feel like like I said

you feel like you haven't earned it yet

so those are the pros and cons to

Holiday blockly all right

shot a text to my buddy who was in basic

training and I asked him five questions

he was that basic training during a

holiday block leave so I asked him five

questions and I got his responses so

let's see what he says so I'll send him

a text I said I'm making a video on

Christmas X it is will you answer these

questions for me number one where the

drill sergeants harder on you because

you were able to go home during basic

training and his answer was I'm going to

clean it up a little bit a freaking

course they said that it will freak us

up heavy heavily and it kind of did got

us all out of the groove of being there

so yeah that's his grammar not mine so

yeah he's basically saying they up they

are gonna be stricter on you and and all

of that did they smoke you before and

after because you went home not really

because we had to get everything

together to go home and so there wasn't

much time for them to set everything up

and freak this up so he's basically

later on he did tell me they got smoked

a few times but there's really so much

going on that they're just gonna be

strict and snappy at you question number

three what did they say before or after

that you went home he said they said

that they are really lucky and they

should enjoy it uh were you glad you

went home question number four were you

glad you went home or would you have

rather just went straight through basic

training looking back the better thing

was to stay and finish basic training

but I was really lucky I got to see my

family and friends again

so in the long run it was better but

short-term it's the best thing to look

forward to so long and it would have

been better he would have been it would

have been a better process if he just

went straight through and then would

have been easier but short-term you know

it's lucky he got to break up basic

training and see family and friends and

all did it make basic combat training

easier or harder and he said harder

because coming back to that place

knowing what you had to go back to was

probably the hardest thing either

we're done in my life and the hardest

thing of all basic training all I got to

say to say to make basic better is to

make friends so he said it sucked

because he went back right before the

Forge and he knew all of blockly that he

had to go back into the Forge and how

cold it was gonna be and how miserable

it was gonna be so he said just make

good friends and that'll make it a

little easier right guys that is the

video I hope that helped you out a

little bit gave you a little insight

onto what holiday Bloc leave is I know

it's coming around some of you will be

at basic training during Christmas and

you're wondering what the process is

gonna be and you're gonna have family

and friends there so that is the process

that is holiday black leave Christmas

Exodus hope that video helped you out if

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