Dr. Oz Teaches 300 Men How to Check for Testicular Cancer | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

since you asked here's some gloves for

you these should fit take those on now

first little show-and-tell here what are

these called where did the name come

from no no no no no

yeah they grow on a tree right and guess

what they grow like this one lower than

the other and they're always two of them

in pairs

it's the Aztec word for testicle cuz

that's actually what the testicles look

like now yeah that in mind let me ask

you a quick question how many of you

have penises that bend to the left well

that's that question Oprah yeah how many

of you bend to the right

how many of you don't know you gotta go

left or right you're not going down the

middle so let's do one more time I'm

gonna go to the left areare I'm gonna go

to the right okay look the reason your

penis bends won't wear the other is

because usually one testicle is lower on

the side opposite that so when it's up

happening is the penis if mine are like

this mine goes to the left okay the

penis bands to where the testicle is

lower so actually has room to bed and

that's a very natural thing to happen

people panic over that all the time

but there's no need to but I brought you

something even better that is attached

to go your secures yeah squeeze that oh

not too hard he busted the boss

I busted the balls

we got two of them right once they're in

the other now here's how you do it your

your testicles have this this sort of

thick shield on top of them at age 15

you guys are start examining it your

testicles the best way to do it is sit

in a warm bath because it relaxes

everything get it get them on your

fingers and just sort of feel both they

should be the same so I'll do it

yourself come on do that yeah I want to

bust this one on the top of the testicle

is is a collection sack for sperm it

takes about 70 days for sperm to mature

so the sperm goes from testicle into

this collection sack just above it and

from there they're stored until they go

through this tube which is called the

vas deferens you know why they call it

that I have no idea cuz if they cut it

that makes a vast difference now you had

a question before go ahead and ask it if

you get a vasectomy can you reverse the

procedure alright so that's a good place

talk about how this vas deferens works

when they do a vasectomy they go in

through the scrotum they actually take

this bend it and clip it and cut it like

that so what ends up happening is the

sperm backs up into the testicle you

still have ejaculation because the fluid

around the ejaculation is not coming

from your sperm it's actually sent from

the prostate other glands around that

area but when you reattach yourself the

surgeon has to go in there with very

small sutures and reconnect it's very

fragile too and sometimes you've made

antibodies against your own sperm

because they were backed up in testicles

so the big side effect of a vasectomy is

wanting to reverse it because it's not a

uniformly successful procedure fair

enough alright so the testicles are easy

to examine and make a lot of sense when

you do exam then what are you feeling

for you feeling for nodules you're

feeling for enlargement of the testicle

you're looking for sort of a full

feeling down there sometimes you get

fluid and what a lot of folks don't

think about which is important is you

actually get sensitivity of the breasts

because testicular cancers are often

endocrine cancer they they send out

chemicals that can change the way you

look pay attention to those subtleties

and you can save your someone else's