How to host a Sip and See!

hi my name is Emily Gibson and I'm a

diamond ambassador with plexus worldwide

and today I want to teach you about how

to host a sip-and-see a sip-and-see is

when you invite five or six friends over

to your home and either you tell your

story and they taste the pink drink or

your person who introduced you to plexus

is going to come over and share their

story to your friends and have your

friends taste the pink drink so how do

you do this to be effective there were

times in my business where I thought

these were a complete waste of time I

thought I could be just as effective if

not more effective in through a messages

and I wrote off doing in-home events for

people because I had gone through a time

in my business over the summer right

after I had hit emerald status where I

was doing sipping seas and one person

was showing up or they were coming and

not signing up and I thought this is

such a waste of my time and really what

I see now is that I wasn't preparing

people for how to host a sipping sea and

when I started preparing them for how to

host it I saw that they were huge huge

hugely successful so this is the best

way to teach your teams how to do a

sipping see first of all whenever

someone is having success with the

products and they're saying oh my gosh

this is amazing I want to get my

products paid for or if they just say

wow I love this stuff I feel so great I

always say oh my gosh would you be

interested in letting me come to your

home and inviting five to six of your

friends over so that we can I can share

my story and they can taste the pink

drink and if anybody wants to sign up or

join or order they can order from your

website and then they typically will say

yeah sure I'd love to do that and so

then what I tell them to do is make a

list of 20 people you're gonna send a

message to all 20 people and the message

that you're gonna send is going to sound


something like this I'm having a

sip-and-see at my house this Friday at 7

p.m. or whatever day you're having where

you can come and taste my pink drink

it's all informational and you can hear

some product stories - would you be able

to come once you've invited those 20

people with that simple text message

again it's gonna be individual text

messages to people one on one this is

not a group thing if you have a

relationship with someone where you feel

like you want to call them on the phone

and that would be more effective do that

but the way that I got 26 people to come

to my first sipping sea was by sending

that exact text message then what I did

next was the most important part of the

equation it is the fortune is in the

follow-up right so when people would

tell me yes I would make a yes column

when people would tell me no I would

write a no column and when people will

tell me maybe I would write a maybe

column so for example Emily is coming

yes Brook said no Holly said maybe for

people that say maybe you want to check

in with them 2 to 3 days before and say

I know that you said you could maybe

come it's really important to me that

you come would you be able to make it

and if they say no then you move them to

your no list but what I found is that

when I check in with people like that

they came because they knew that this

was something that was important to me

and they wanted to come and support me

when you get knows back fill in the

spaces with no but then replace those

nose with yeses because you want to

invite until you have about 15 to 20

people saying yes they will come now

maybe you're someone who doesn't have a

large network and that number sounds so

overwhelming even if you have only one

or two people come to a sip and see it

can be more effective than having a

large group so don't be afraid of doing

it if you have a smaller network and you

think we'll gosh I only have two people

coming should i cancel absolutely not

some of the best best results that I get

from sipping seas are when there are a

smaller intimate number there now that

being said if you have 15 to 20 people

that are saying yes

they will come to your house do it

because the more the merrier and

oftentimes when you have a large group

and you have five or six people that

want to sign up you'll see that more

people in the group will sign up because

more people are doing it so when people

say yes they're coming you are gonna

make sure that the day of the event

you're going to follow up with them so

three or four days before you're gonna

send them a message all the yeses and

say I'm so excited to see you this

weekend simple and then the day of the

event you're going to send them a text

message that says it's so important to

me that you're coming tonight and I'm

really looking forward to seeing you see

you at my house at 7:00 p.m. or whenever

the event is being held again for your

maybes the day of the event you're gonna

say I know you said you might be able to

come to my sipping sea and it's this

Friday at 7 p.m.

I'd really love it if you could come it

would mean so much to me and it would

help me to have your support will you be

able to make it you're asking a direct

question but you're not pressuring

you're just saying I would love to see

you and it would mean so much to me and

help me for you to come at this point

they're either gonna become a yes or a

no and you're gonna write that down next

to your name and keep everyone organized

the night of the event what you're gonna

do is you're gonna have this is my

preference but you could do whatever you

wanted but the sipping seeds that I see

go the best and they have the best

feeling usually have this there have

some lemon and lime slices in water

maybe a light fruit platter with some

healthy desserts what I see people eat

the most of when I do these and I've

done a lot of them when they have fruit

with fruit dip and some

chocolate-covered pretzels out or some

of those chocolate-covered bark things

if you've ever seen those before people

just like to nibble by plastic shot

glasses from Amazon little teeny ones

you can get them for a great price and

you can get hundreds of them I always

keep them in my sip-and-see bag I just

have a black tote bag with every single

product that Plexus offers even our

breast check kit and I have these Amazon

shot glasses in there then you mix up

one stick of slim

and pour that into the little shot

glasses for sampling and tasting the

pink drink when you begin invite

everybody to sit down and start by

sharing your 3 to 4 minute health

testimonial when you share your health

testimonial it's important to not let

your story get away from you you have a

captive audience and they do not want to

sit there for 20 minutes to hear your

story they will sit there for 3 to 4

minutes though you're going to talk

about how you felt before plexus X Y & Z

like your bullet pointing and then you

want to say what I found as I started

using these products

I started feeling XY and Z tonight we're

gonna talk a little bit about why it

helped me with those things and why it

helps so many people with a variety of

different health issues so then you're

gonna talk when I started I started

talking about just the Fab Four it was

too overwhelming for me to talk about

the whole product line because I didn't

know the whole product line all I knew

were pink drink pro bio 5 bio cleanse

and x-factor that's what we call the Fab

Four then as I continue to do more and

more sipping C's and I started taking

more and more of the products I started

talking about more of the products that

I loved I added in the mega X I started

drinking the p90 6 shakes I started

taking the ease capsules and my husband

started using the ease cream and the

accelerator and as I started to use more

of the products and gain a knowledge and

better understanding of them I started

adding those into my presentation now I

talk about every single product in the

whole line but you don't have to you can

do minimal and only talk about the four

products so that you can present it to

people in a way that's understandable to

them and gets them excited about what

you have to offer so talk about each of

the products in the Fab Four you can

also watch youtube videos if you don't

know about these products if you're

brand new to plexus and you want to do a

sipping sea and you don't know how to

even begin with learning go to youtube

and type in plexus slim Cindy Latham she

is our CMO our chief marketing officer

and she has

an amazing YouTube video that will teach

you about the pink drink take some notes

also refer to your product cards in your

success kit this is perfect for sipping

seas you can literally have those cards

on your lap and they have talking points

on the backside and if there's a

question that someone asks you at a

sip-and-see don't feel like you have to

know the answer you can simply say

that's a really great question and I am

gonna find that out for you and let you

know the answer later tonight or

tomorrow it's okay for you to not have

all the answers you have your story and

that's all that matters the stories are

what sell our products so another thing

that I would always recommend about

doing an a sip-and-see

is to have some sort of an incentive to

get them to join that night so for

example I like to offer free shipping or

$10 off before I go and do a sip-and-see

at one of my ambassadors homes I talked

with them before and I say let's team up

and do an incentive together so maybe

I'll give $10 and you'll give $10 or

I'll give $5 and you'll give $5 we're

both gonna make that money back in

welcome pack bonuses so that we're not

in the red but we're also incentivizing

people to join then in there because if

they're gonna come to an event at

someone's home and and listen to what we

have to say we don't want them to leave

without ordering because in my

experience if they leave without joining

at the event they typically don't sign

up or it takes months and months of

follow up to get them to sign up after

that so what I always try to do is after

I've presented the products maybe you're

just gonna do the fab for because you're

just starting out or maybe you want to

talk about all the products in our

product line the way that I end an event

is I say I share my business testimonial

and how it's so easy to get your

products paid for because I really

believe that no one should have to pay

for plexus there's such a great

financial opportunity that we have with

this company that anyone can have these

products whether you are rich or poor

and so I always end by sharing my

business testimonial and how the how the

products changed my life and then the

business changed my life and then at the

very end

I give prices and then I say who is

ready to go first and I just let it be a

little bit silent and awkward and if

nobody says anything I say you know what

I'm gonna leave their products here for

you to look at all of them

I need to use the restroom I'll be right

back and that typically breaks the ice

even if I don't have to go to the

bathroom I still get up and I go to the

bathroom or I get a drink of water or

whatever it is and then when I come back

people are talking and they're looking

at the products and they seem to be a

little bit more comfortable asking me

questions or best-case scenario when I

say who's ready to go first I have three

people that say I'm ready where's the

computer so then we get them signed up

and we tell them when you order tonight

you will get X amount of dollars off of

your order so that it gives them urgency

to sign up without leaving also anyone

that said that they were coming and they

didn't show up or maybe someone that was

a maybe and they didn't end up coming

what you can do what you should do the

night of the event is send them a text

message that says hey oh my gosh missed

you tonight there were so many great

things we learned together wanted to let

you know even though you weren't here we

offered an incentive and when you join

tonight you are gonna get X amount of

money back you're gonna get $10 off free

shipping whatever it is that you've

decided again you want to decide ahead

of time with the person who's hosting so

that you're not springing something on

them that they're not comfortable with

so make sure you talk about it before

and so you want to reach out to those

people who couldn't make it or maybe had

to leave early or wear a maybe and

didn't come and say to them hey I just

want to let you know this incentive is

open to you and when you join tonight

you can still take advantage of that

would you be interested in trying these

products have changed my life so

incredibly and so when you do all of

those things then you are gonna have a

successful sip-and-see and I'm so

excited for you because I am such a huge

believer now in these events when you

prepare for them and when you teach your

ambassadors to prepare for them they can

bring massive momentum into your team I

always encourage all of my team to plan

at least to level one sipping seas every


and I follow suit it is the beginning of

the month right now and I already have

to level one sipping seas plan for my

month and we are only just a few days

into the month it's one of the very

first things that I do when the new

month turns over I know that you will

pour into your personal business as you

invest in these events and I'm so

excited for you to get started