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and also welcome back to the wedding on

a budget series I am so excited that we

are nearing the end of this series this

is the second to the last video and so

if you have not caught one through eight

it is some good stuff in there we've

talked about other different aspects on

how to successfully execute a wedding on

a smaller budget I say about fifty five

hundred dollars that is what my husband

and I spent on our wedding of our dreams

and our original budget was seven

thousand so we which is a smaller budget

than thirty five forty thousand which

most Americans spend on a wedding so

even seven thousand dollar budget would

have been great and we came in under

that using these tips and tricks and

tools so make sure you grab your

checklist and also your wedding budget

tracker in the description box below you

can use that link and also check out our

wedding highlight video if you have not

done so so where you can see our fifty

five hundred dollar wedding on a budget

that we just had back in February of

2020 and it was amazing goes awesome I

still look at those photos and videos

because I just want to be taken back it

was just such a great time such a great

time today's topic is going to be about

your wedding ceremony and reception

venues and how to make sure that that is

a low budget item in your budget alright

remember going back to the budget

aspects of it we are not spending a ton

of money on certain things in this

wedding we are spreading the amount of

money that we spend on each item or each

line item each key item in our budget

evenly right so for us one thing that

was extremely important was I'm sorry I

got changes lighting it's too much there

we go the third came out and it

completely like washed me out that was

weird so one thing that was really

important for us is like I said in

previous videos is that we wanted a big

wedding ceremony so where we can invite

anybody and everybody and we didn't have

to exclude anyone but then we wanted a

private smaller wedding reception

because that's when the big bucks start

getting spit if you starting to pay for

a lot of people to eat to sit if you

need a bigger video and you need a

wedding venue instead of like a small

venue that you could just get for a

couple of hundred dollars a night that's

when things start getting tricky so for

us we had our wedding ceremony at our

church home the reason why we chose a

church because this church was already

big enough my church home was already

big enough to seat 800 to a thousand

people right because that's what we get

anywhere on any given Sunday right I

don't make a Church but it's a large

sized church to where it will

accommodate the amount of people we had

on our wedding ceremony guest list and

if you are didn't see the wedding guest

list and the wedding invitation video I

believe that is video number 6 I want to

say I'm looking at my notes nope that's

a video number for number seven video

number seven check out video number

seven was all about sending digital

invites successfully and also paring

down that guest list and you're getting

your wedding ceremony guesses verses

your wedding reception guest list in

order to accomplish a $5,500 wedding

having a huge reception is not going to

be the best bet having a big ceremony

where everybody can come it's great and

then a small reception where you have 50

to 75 people that will be your best bet

because remember catering costs the

amount of linens that you need the

amount of decor and on the tables that

you need the amount of chairs that you

need to rent and even how big or small

the space that you need it will get

bigger and bigger the amount of money

that you're spend will get bigger and

bigger as the more people you tackle

into that reception guest list all right

so our wedding reception was actually

at a fellowship hall of my dad's church

so my dad's church home is different

than my church home and he goes to a

church where it's a small church and

then they have on the other side of town

they had what they call a fellowship

center which is what they usually do for

all of like their small gatherings their

uh their yearly like summer picnic and

things like that when you walk in it's

definitely not picturesque it is not

what they were advertised as a wedding

venue right and so the amount of money

that it costs to rent it for a few hours

is going to be substantially less

because I got keep saying once you tack

on the word wedding on to something

prices start rising up but if you go

somewhere where it is a space and you

can transform it on your own and that is

your best bet you're gonna come out of

less money and so my dad spent four

hundred and fifty dollars plus $150

refundable fee that he got out of that

450 all together that was it we spent

five hundred dollars on renting the

ceremony space my home church five

hundred dollars with $150 deductible

that we refundable reducta below that we

got back that was it right

beautiful beautiful time and what I did

was and we went on and I keep wedding

deck keep wedding vendors and video I

talked about the key wedding video

vendors that I use one of them was an

event decorator so basically I took

these playing spaces that's not equipped

to host a wedding and I hired a

decorator she charged me $15 all

together that's including her fee and

the amount that she needs to rent all of

the items that we needed in order to

make the space look aesthetically

pleasing and decorated in linens and

chairs and you know votive candles and

pillars and you know everything you know

tablescapes this the sweetheart table

everything she did was under $1500 and

we just had her decorate the wedding

ceremony and the wedding reception and

it was beautiful like I

I posted on social media and I've been

posting on social media on both my

Instagram in my facebook both are at you

are pretty pities pictures from our

wedding and everybody's like oh my god

where did you get married at where does

your reception can I have the name if

you would have seen and walked into

these spaces beforehand you'll be like

I'm not getting married here and this

isn't suitable for a beautiful wedding

but you have to have the vision first

and then have somebody like an avid

decorator or you can DIY if you're

creative and you're great at that have

the vision to where you could create the

atmosphere that you want with some up

lighting with some tablescapes with you

know your centerpieces with different

types of chairs and what they offer you

can really transform a blank canvas into

something beautiful and you save

thousands right the first wedding and

reception video that I rep reception

venue that I wanted cost five thousand

dollars in February that was their

offseason price and if you want anything

extra you have to pay up above that five

thousand dollars that's the whole budget

I spent for my wedding that was just

about to be for the venue isn't that


right but when I went somewhere else I

got a beautiful beautiful turnout and I

spent five hundred bucks on the ceremony

five hundred bucks on the reception

venue and then we pay somebody $1,500 to

decorate both of them plus pay her for

her labor and she she she tore down

she's cheap set up and she tore down on

her own we didn't have to do anything

before or after it was amazing amazing

amazing amazing alright so I wanted you

to remember that when it comes to

shopping for your wedding ceremony and

wedding reception venues keep in mind

that number one like I've been saying

before this is one day and it's a party

people are not really checking for your

reception and your wedding venues like

again what I'm still hearing feedback

about my wedding I I hear about the

decor I hear about the food and I hear

about like our wedding vows change and

house into

mento it was because we are blending a

family and it was a really beautiful

like emotional moment that me and my my

bonus daughter my stepdaughter by

beautiful daughter had during the

ceremony where she and I both start

crying because she does look up to me a

lot and she was so excited that her guy

was marrying me and it was just don't

even get me in tears I don't even want

to go go into it but anyway so those are

the things people remember they're not

saying oh my gosh we're sure uh you know

that was weird that she used this church

that's not suitable for a wedding or why

did she choose this place for her


nobody cares the food was good but music

was good the atmosphere is good it was

beautifully decorated they were warm cuz

it was a winter wedding everybody was

able to dress their best and have a good

time the cake was good nobody really was

worried about the building that it was

in and whether or not it was suitable

for a wedding or if it was a a wedding

center anything like that so don't get

that in your head that you absolutely

need to go somewhere that's already says

a wedding venue so remember that the

wedding ceremony lasts 35 to 40 minutes

35 minutes to an hour

wedding reception last four to six hours

and so you need to place your time

attention and energy as such right so

for our wedding ceremony we did minimal

decorations it was a lot but it was

enough but it was minimal and then our

reception was four to six hours we

really played up the reception hall and

made sure that everything was beautiful

there because people were going to be

spending more time there right so I

always remember that too here's some

other great budget-friendly ceremony

venues so if you are in a place that's

warmer or if you're trying to get

married in a season that is a little bit

the weather is nicer outside you can use

the beach you could use a sublet you can

use the city hall steps I've seen some

really cute weddings where people are

dressed to the nines groomsmen

bridesmaids everything and they're in

the in front of the city hall building

downtown and then they take really

downtown pictures and then after that

you can go to a restaurant that you've

liked you know privately arranged for

you to have your private reception where

y'all could just sit down and eat and

then you could cover the food bill that

is a great low-budget way to have a

wedding and I think a super chic and a

super fun super out the box I really

like that idea if we got married in the

spring or summer I probably wouldn't get

that idea where everybody is dressed to

the nines but we're on the City Hall

steps and then we all go down to like a

really nice private restaurant that

we've like rinse it out for a couple of

hundred or maybe even a thousand dollars

for like forty five people that would be

so fun I like that idea you can use a

large mansion a backyard

of a large mansion this was another idea

I played we'd had we got married in the

spring and summer I would have Airbnb a

large house or a large mansion or a mini

mansion here in my area for a few

hundred dollars for just one day and

then I would have had a backyard wedding

that was super pretty high like the

white foldable chairs all over the

players would like the river swag going


you know flowers already probably would

already be out but have like pillars on

the grass and then people sit down on

the grass on the picket chairs and then

we would have had like an arch or

something and we would have gotten

married to have like a makeshift aisle

down there with my red roses down the

aisle like I would have had a backyard

ceremony in the spring or summer I think

that is just very pretty very good thing

to do so if you are in a climate to

where you can do that pretty much any

time of year that's definitely a good

option and then your reception could be

right there you can bring caterers in

and have them set up in the the kitchen

and then y'all can either eat inside and

then bring your food outside they can

serve the food while it's outside and

you can have you know the caterers serve

while they're cooking girl buffet style

listen I'm here for it you can do

picturesque parks I seen people do it in

parks I've seen people do it at the

villians indoors remember you

churches you have small banquet halls

that typically don't cater to weddings

again don't go nowhere to where they God

they all separate wedding prices no

we're not doing that right government

buildings anything that's not geared

towards weddings again the moment they

say oh this is a premier wedding venue

you paying three to five thousand just

for a day that is your budget we are not

doing that right you need to be able to

spend your money intentionally so you

don't have to break the bank and here's

some great reception venues outdoor

tents on a grass a small Country Club

shaded forces parts I am like I said if

you are in the springtime and the

mosquitos or the gnats all of that

aren't really out yet because I

typically don't come out to the evening

you can have your stuff during the day

every member of restaurants is a good

way I've seen people who have a brunch

as a reception and then they go to their

wedding ceremony outside or they have

their wedding ceremony on a beautiful

summer morning that's still cool outside

but it's like 70 something degrees

everybody's and flowy dresses and you

know we're outside taking pictures

that's eight or nine ten o'clock in the

morning and then you go to brunch at

eleven at a restaurant either y'all can

cover the bill as part of your wedding

budget or everybody can cover their own

bill especially if it's a private small

party how beautiful would that be what a

beautiful day would that be to have your

wedding like we don't have to spend

thousands and thousands and break the

bank for a wedding like you can think

outside the box all right some things I

told you to think about I want you to

think about is where do you have

connections and memberships at reduced

rates so when we started brainstorming

for wedding venues I do that we had our

my home church that I was coming from

and going to my husband's church

eventually but I knew at our current

church we could host a large a larger

ceremony of 200 to 300 people and we got

a reduced rate of $500 since I was a

partner or a member of the

and then for the reception of my dad he

was a member at a church and we got the

reception hall or their fellowship cause

what they call it for $450 that was a

membership rate right so where can you

go to where you have access to low rates

is it a Country Club you are already

affiliated with are you already working

in a park or forest that you already

have connections to do you know somebody

who works for the city that you're

working for or parks and recs to where

you can get discounts and different

things like that kind of gets your name

slid in there kind of get on the good

list think about that

be sure that the reception venue can

seamlessly serve dinner food and drinks

right so especially when you're thinking

about doing outside weddings you want it

to be seamless like although this is

going to be budget-friendly this is

still an experience that you want and a

party that you want people to come away

with very excited and happy so you want

to make sure that whoever you choose as

your caterers make sure that they're

equipped to serve outside they're

equipped to keep food hot outside that

they're cooked to kid keep bugs away or

anything else anything that goes along

with having a wedding at the beach or

having a wedding outside or in a forest

or in a tent or whatever the case is as

you start thinking out the box think

about all the nuances that goes into

pulling it off seamlessly and make sure

all your vendors are able to accommodate

that right let's see if I have anything

else on my notes one thing I did was

order and purchase up lighting so in the

wedding reception venue that we used it

was like bleak bland lighting and so my

BJ which most DJ's apparently have up

lighting that they could bring with them

for a little bit of extra charge some

people included in their rates always

make sure to get up lighting so for us

it was very bland so we got some white

up lighting then we also got a little

bit of red up

and then when the lights went down after

9 p.m. the dancefloor opened we have

some other different like blue and red

colorful up lighting that just really

set the ambience in the mood it was so

excited it was so good so always make

sure to think about up lighting if you

have a boring venue space up lighting is

your friend alright um let's see oh if

you have a large wedding ceremony guest

list and a small reception guest list

meaning that everybody who is invited to

the wedding research wedding ceremony is

not invited to the wedding reception

your best bet is to not have it in the

same place right so the reason why we

had our wedding reception our wedding

ceremony at the church and then we had

our wedding reception or wedding

reception at a private fellowship hall

is because it's very hard to kick people

out is very rude it's not polite and so

your best bet is to separate the two

right and so everybody who is going

who's invited to the ceremony they have

directions and time to be at the

ceremony and then there's people who

invited to receive money and reception

they got the information for both the

reception and the ceremony and those who

don't have the information to the

reception guess what they don't show up

because they don't know where it is if I

would have had it in the same space it

would have been very hard they would

have been like oh no I just attended to

see the wedding ceremony why am I not

going to the reception they will

automatically assume that they just

transitioned into the reception portion

and that's not the case so for me I

would highly suggest if you are going to

have it to where there's only a selects

you going to your private reception

dinner to make sure that they do not

that they do not come by separating the

two ceremony separating the two parts of

your day alright that is all I have if

you have any questions or comments about

what we talked about today please drop

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