good morning everybody


it is a very special day today today is

mine and Tim's engagement party day and

Roman is gonna go with everybody else

with Braden and Kathleen and Seth and

they're gonna go have a good time I

think you're also going to have your

cousins Austyn and Logan too

and then I will have hailey in a little

bit but she's at her soccer game right

now that I couldn't make because we have

to prep for the party and so their

grandparents came and picked them up to

take them to the game which was really

really awesome of them when they're done

they're gonna do like a little

switcheroo thing Seth is going to grab

Roman and then I'm going to grab Hayley

and then Hayley and I are going to go to

the town house to start getting ready

for the party but right now we're gonna

go prep and take all these balloons that

are shoved in the back of Tim's Jeep

right now and we're going to take them

to the party



look good



alright guys this is where we're setting

it up everybody's doing their part kind

of yeah people are starting to leave to

get ready we have Tim and Janelle trying

to work on the balloons and then we have

a bar section over here and what's

really cool is we have this whole bag

area just set up for a meal this whole

kitchen it's pretty nice

I'm excited to see the end result


















all right everybody








alright guys we are home and we're about

to open yes from the party we've ran

through batteriess night temperaments

we've ran through everything the only we

didn't run out of was apparently alcohol

we bought way too much food and way too

much to drink for one party apparently

so we're gonna have whole lot everybody

so whatever but you know what we save it

yes to the wedding

we literally have like cases of wine

left for the wedding case of beer left

for football I've already invited

friends over tomorrow my parents house

to finish this food because there's like

so much food I had a great time though

no it was pretty awesome just to see our

friends come out and like hang out want

to celebrate with us what do you think

that she dumped you was better than I


yeah everyone looks beautiful and I just

turned out really good the music the

food the alcohol I actually drank a

little bit too a little bit like four

drinks five drinks which is a like it's

like a cake for why than I've ever drank

in my life but I still handled myself we

all did I see you and I did I mean I

didn't help myself like a lady what I

liked is like everybody looked like they

were having a good time everyone was

like involved and talking nobody was

just like setting off in a corner right

like everyone was having a good time and

that's what I was mainly wanting you I

hate it when people are like sitting off

to the side and not socializing

that's why I was like hooking people up

like hey he really likes cars oh I

really like cars let me go talk to that

guy yeah and you and I were like walking

around almost so like literally the

definition of social butterflies never

been so social oh man we killed it

tonight it was pretty awesome

I like hands down to us so my parents

taught our parents our friends our close

friends it was an awesome day I mean I

tried to give a speech did that Paley

Mellon Jack's are fighting on president

but anyway it's like I tried to give a

little speech sometimes just can only do

so much you know Jim was like oh I'm

going to give a speech like for like

weeks now he was like I'm gonna give a

speech bubble Allah so then you find

this moment finally arrives and goes to

give a speech and you can say like maybe

three or four words it was a seven

sobbing I wasn't sobbing you were

sobbing all right guys Tim and I are

going to take a second open a few gifts

so we'll make it quick cuz I know this

vlog was kind of long hey you guys

that's why I said very important

we gonna need that a lot bottle of wine

wine glasses for our wine not for

nothing or our lies this is why I can't

be serious with that guy's then did so

car that bomb but you know what help me

use I'm use this do not disturb I

haven't decided when I'm a is it if I'm

gonna use it oh yeah okay

not me using right now do not disturb

cast a perfect we're probably time back

to a person names listen thank you in

advance thank you for the $50 Amazon

gift card from Bobby Karen and Dana

now you guys Karen dinner now that I

know that this is from you guys you

better be wearing that shirt because you

wanted Dana it cares what they're wear

this shirt fifty dollars are spent it

from mingles and man look at this card

though did you make this no pottery

class is that why we didn't see you on

Thursday whoa another one no this is

just a little bit of ice that you will

be signing everything that we have to

sign from now until next knowing

September excuse me is this from pay

under pamda tamna Oh

when we get oh oh thank you very much so

much that's awesome all in Jena Hey

oh that's awesome

heck yeah now we just gotta keep track

of it but I order to all my folks and

now we had to do it every day that's so

cool I love you Danny

oh thank you

are Dara's no it's from RV Adrian and

Ava thank you

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alright guys that's probably it for

today's vlog I still have to edit all of

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