How You Can Live (& Work) Abroad


hi everyone and welcome back so I've

been lucky enough to live and work in a

number of different countries over the

last five years actually five to be

exact and I get a lot of questions

asking me how others can find a job

abroad how others can live abroad and a

lot of things about the whole process

now obviously this is what I tried to

make videos about but I thought that

today I could focus a bit more on my

experience of how I made it possible for

myself to move to these different

countries and find work experience there

as I always say I'm very much about

showing my experience so that hopefully

I can provide resources inspiration show

you how that could be possible for you

too but not only my story but what I've

seen other people doing there too so I'm

gonna start with the UK move on to Paris


then pop over Italy moving on to Lisbon

Portugal and ending up in Brussels

Belgium which is where I am today before

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you so the first country as I said is

England in the UK and I can gets

important I tell you a bit about what I

was doing there because that definitely

plays into the context of how I created

these other opportunities now as a young

girl growing up in the UK I do already

have it in my head that this

was the part I wanted to follow and I

had to follow that I wanted to move

abroad and work for myself there were

seeds being planted there but the things

that I was doing along the way one

necessarily as strategic and just what I

wanted to do at the time I mean things

like being born in the UK I couldn't

have planned for I was lucky to have

English as my native town a strong

passport to be part of the European

Union at the time and to be born into a

country that had an education system

that let me do things like study

languages so that's the first thing I

want to mention I studied French and

Italian at university which is obviously

the languages that I then like to come

with in the countries of and another

thing I was doing around my time at

university was doing lots of internships

I was doing a lot of internships around

digital marketing I started my own blog

I was organizing events in my city for

other bloggers and basically developing

skills that not just anyone would have

from the outset and this meant that when

it did come time for my year abroad my

year abroad was something that I had to

do because I was doing a languages

degree I had skills that were appealing

to employers for internships in

different countries so that takes me to

Paris when I was 20 I went and did an

internship in Paris and actually during

my six months in Paris I did two

internships so this is your first

gateway into an experience abroad

studying abroad I had the option to

either study a different university or

to do an internship with a company or

teach English and these are things that

depending on your University and your

home country you might have access to as

well another option to something like

the Erasmus program which is a shorter

stint aboard like I did is actually

doing your whole degree abroad but of

course the other reason that I would

really recommend doing an internship

abroad depending on what your interests

are is that it could potentially lead to

a job offer afterwards now that's in no

way guaranteed but I was lucky enough to

be offered a job after doing an

internship in Paris I decided to turn it

down but that's another story and I know

a couple of other people who also got

offered jobs at the places they interned

- how did I find my internships great

question the first one I found because

it was advertised in my university a lot

of universities actually have public

databases with potential internships

companies that are looking for interns

so it's worth searching for some of

those and the way that I found my second

internship was just searching my job

websites like

so my next destination was Italy and to

be honest my six months of Erasmus in

Italy were somewhat similar to my past

experience in the way that I found my

job I actually found it through a friend

this time but I think what's more

interesting to tell you about is when I

moved back to Italy after I finished my

degree so this was my first experience

as being a real-life adult having to

navigate living in a different country

finding a job without the support system

of my University there I'm gonna talk

about three different approaches I guess

three different approaches that I

personally took when I was in Italy now

the first one is being completely

optimistic going to the country and just

working it out when you're there however

I didn't do this completely blind I had

a couple of plans that I knew I was

going to try to follow to make sure that

this living situation was sustainable

and of course I spent months doing

research about if I would need any visas

all of the bureaucracy behind it and

even then there were still some

surprises along the way so you

definitely copy2 prepared even if you're

going in with an optimistic outlook so

as part of my optimistic outlook be some

way to approaches English language

teacher now being a language teacher

depending on your circumstances could be

a good option for you and this is how a

lot of people finance and facilitate

their life abroad particularly English

native speakers if you're lucky enough

to have a native language that is in

demand and other countries to be taught

it could be a good route view I was

lucky because I'm a native English

speaker I've got a very agreeable accent

for teaching I had studied languages and

I even did a TEFL course before I moved

to Italy and that's basically a

certification to say that I was

certified by a recognized board to teach

English as foreign language so that

meant that for my first few months in

Italy I was able to do a couple of

freelance teaching jobs just to

my bank account while I like to help

what I really wanted to do and make that

happen that thing that I really wanted

to do and make happen was freelancing as

a social media manager freelancing and

entrepreneurship has a big role in my

story and they know it's not for

everyone like I said I'm just showing my

experience and I'm gonna throw in other

ideas along the way but as a European

citizen I was able to move to Italy get

my residency there and register myself

as a freelancer but even though I kind

of ticked all the boxes to say that I

qualified for taking this route it was

still a very long process it did cost

some money a long way so it's not a

quick fix by any means but having said

that within a year of moving to Italy I

was full-time freelancing as a social

media manager a lot of that was down to

my kind of drive the way that I sort of

made it happen was I was actually

applying for internships to do social

media because I thought that would be my

way to get the like my leg in the door

and meet contacts and find potential

clients and just get more experience but

lucky for me one of the internships that

I applied for and never heard back from

reached out to me a few months later and

said they were looking for a freelance

social media manager honestly it

couldn't it worked out much better for

me in that sense and from there I had

someone who was who took me on and that

was my first clients but after spending

a couple of years in Italy I decided I

wanted to move on I still wanted to be

doing my entrepreneurship freelancing

things but I wanted to travel more when

I went to Lisbon I was in the process of

kind of reorganize Ingush structure of

my my freelance business so when I was

there I was concentrating on networking

and I met a lot of people who in some

form we're doing digital nomadism

so this takes me onto another option if

you don't know a digital nomad is

somebody who has a location independent

job that could be having their own

business freelancing or even working for

another company when I went to Lisbon I

was in the process of kind of reorganize

in the structure of my my freelance

business so when I was there I was

concentrating on net

and I met a lot of people who in some

form we're doing digital nomadism

slightly dodgy way just about where

you're setting up your business where

are you paying your taxes how long are

you spending in each country what are

the laws and legislations they're about

working even if you do have a remote job

I meant people who would freelance in

their home country get up enough money

to go traveling for a few months and

then go and do that I met people who

were creating startups in Lisbon in

Portugal but then on the other side of

things I met people who were doing

normal desk jobs who had perhaps worked

for a an international corporate company

in their own country

and then had applied to transfer to a

different country and have ended up in

there's been Portugal so all of these

are routes that you could consider

taking as well and I think for those of

you who are looking for a more

traditional routes perhaps looking for

starting to work in an international

corporate in your home country and then

starting to apply for roles with them

that would take you to international

branches could be a great idea

equally I've met people and I have

friends who have just kind of skipped

the getting the job with the company in

the home country and started applying

directly for the jobs in other countries

a lot of people do that for example in

Brussels Belgium where I live now

because there is a really thriving

international community it's the home of

the European Commission and the European

Parliament so in particular a lot of

people from the member states of the

European Union will apply directly for

jobs in associations that are operating

out of Brussels Belgium

so that segues me quite neatly into my

final destination location which is

Brussels Belgium where I live and I am

based now this is probably the most

secure setup that I've had through the

whole time just because I've been doing

this for a few years now and I'm

starting to pick up some tips on how to

do it but it's also probably the most

complicated so essentially I set up my

company in the United Kingdom where I am

from where I'm still a citizen

and I set up my company as what's called

a limited company that means that it's a

legal entity within itself if someone

Sue's me then I can lose my business

money but I couldn't lose my personal

money or assets now another reason for

doing this is because I don't have to

reside in the UK to have the company

that I'm the only person working for the

company but I am based in Brussels

Belgium and I have registered so that I

am legally allowed to operate out of

Brussels it's complicated on animal I'm

not going to go into the details but

essentially I am paying my corporate tax

for my company in the UK whether

company's headquarters and I am paying

my personal taxes in Brussels Belgium

and then I also have to pay something

called the good deeds SEO sosial which

is just if I'm working as an independent

worker in Brussels

that's another feat I have to pay so

it's definitely not a cheap option it

really depends on your perception of

cheap as well but it is a very real

thing that you need to keep in mind is

that if you decide to take the

entrepreneurship route freelancing

routes and you're not planning on

staying in one country is your base for

a really long time

then expenses like this could come up

the reason I'm doing this is because I

don't see myself staying in Belgium for

more than two or three years it's

definitely not somewhere I want to live

in the long term but for now I do want

to stay here and I want to have a base

here and be a residence here which means

I need to be paying my taxes here as I

still with me but I hope that just

illustrates to you how this isn't a

solution that's being advertised that

after doing tons of research considering

what I really wanted to get out of this

setup I found that this was going to be

the best solution for me right now it

costs a lot to set up a company in

Brussels in Belgium and I don't know how

long you're gonna be here for so that's

not an expense that I want to take

equally when brexit happens I'll have to

reassess I'm not looking forward to that

so we'll just see what happens when that

time comes that really brings me to the

end of the video and like I said I

wanted to share my experiences with you

just to show you what is possible I

didn't have this exact route mapped out

from when I was at university and then

calculate it a lot of it was problem

solving and trying to come up with

creative solutions along the way and I

think whether you want to be an

entrepreneur or not when it comes to

living abroad there are so many

bureaucratic obstacles that are going to

come up and frustrations and that's not

me trying to put you off it's just me

preparing you for the fact that you need

to be ready to be independent and be a

creative problem solver and that's why

when I get emails saying help me to find

a job abroad if I reply at all I

honestly just refer people to job

websites and things but these are the

kinds of things that you need to be

ready to go out and find out yourself

because there's gonna be so many times

along the way but you're gonna just have

to get creative ask around and work out

how to do it for yourself because every

situation is unique so I really hope

this gives you a starting point to kind

of assess where you are at what skills

do you have where you from what's

possible with different visa agreements

in different countries and hopefully

come up with a solution that's really

tailored to you you're really happy with

it's definitely not an easy lifestyle to

pick but I think it's worth it I mean

it's not just about living in a

different country I love that but I also

love the freedom that the side of

working for myself gives me i rana

cleese picking freedom where i never

been picking freedom from the way i work

does bring up a lot of obstacles that

make it a lot more difficult but it's

all about balancing what's most

important for you prioritizing and going

from there so having said that let's

still help each other out in the


sharing your experience of how you were

able to move abroad or tell me about how

you're planning on moving abroad I can't

promise that I'll be able to consult

each of you individually but I think as

a community we can really help each

other out and if you are gonna be moving

abroad soon or you're taking a long trip

somewhere soon and of course check out

the send my bag link in the disc

I think it could save you a lot of money

and just be a real help with that thank

you so much for watching and I'll see

you in my next video if it's your first

time here my name is Emily I am an

entrepreneur a traveler a filmmaker and

I share videos all about my experiences

of living and working abroad so if you

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so best of luck and I will see you in my

next video bye