Santa Cruz de Tenerife for Digital Nomads (CANARY ISLANDS) w/Subtitles

Ok; starting over...

It's a beautiful day to be on the Nomad cruise

I'm here on Nomad Cruise 7 - day number five and we just arrived in the port in Tenerife in the Canary Islands

I'm gonna go check out what it's like for a day in the life of a digital nomad in Santa Cruz

What are you guys doing today? Hi guys, we're heading for Playa Las Teresitas

It's a white sandy beach with palm trees and the weather was being good today

We got all the rain out of our way yesterday and this morning, so we're ready for the sun and to hit up Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife. Playa Las Teresitas is...

...the beach from this capital; it's nearby. Only 5 km.

Teide is the highest mountain of Spain. It's about one hour by car. (Have you lived here before?)

I've been two months here last year working as a nomad. (Oh nice!) It's great. (Yeah?) Yeah. (Well, you're back...)

( I guess it's good!) Yes, it's been a feeling to be back on Tenerife

Today on the Nomad cruise all 500 of us have spread out and we're exploring pretty much every part of the island

I'm going to check out some of the stand-up paddleboarding here in

Las Teresita's Beach and then I'll head down to one of the many co-working spaces

And digital nomad meetups back near the port. You may have heard the Canary Islands being mentioned as one of the top digital nomad

destinations in the world recently

And even though I've only been here for a couple hours, I can definitely see why! First of all, the climate is pretty awesome

It's like this year-round

Apparently there's about 320 days of sunshine per year and the climate's super mild ranging between about 55 degrees

To 70 degrees Fahrenheit. There's all different types of beaches

20 different microclimates. So this place is an outdoor lover's paradise

Anything you could want is pretty much here, including good infrastructure internet and co-working spaces

So come along with me and let's find out what a day in the life of a digital nomad is like here in Tenerife! πŸ˜ƒ

But first - let's fly the drone 😏

Day in the Life!

Yeah we are chilling here :)

In December... I'm so extremely stressed ;)

Yeah, I know, right!? How stressed are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

At least 11

What do you guys think of Tenerife so far?

It's great; the beach is very beautiful. All good.

This is my second Nomad Cruise; my first one was Nomad Cruise 5

We went from Las Palmas, which is in the Gran Canaria to Panama

I'm loving my first impressions of Tenerife being back here in Gran Canaria for the second time of my life and

Couldn't ask for more. I'm having an amazing time.

Hello! Are you here to cowork? I am gonna cowork the hell out of this place! Hahaha

My name is Carlos, I'm the owner of Ingenio co-working space. We opened one year ago exactly we have

25 members. They feel like like home - they can come anytime of the day and they can leave any time today as well.

There's people in here that have been living in Tenerife for like 1 year...

2 years - 3 years - 4 years... most of the people in here are really focusing on work, but after that we do, like,

sometimes after drinks after work and

We do some activities like we're meeting have somewhere like when there's a little party

In the city... you have the mountains you have the beach, you have the main city, which is good

You can find anything that you want. So you have like almost everything in one island

Well, thank you. I have one other question for you... and that is: What is the Wi-Fi password? πŸ˜‚

[censored] 😝

Let's go see some digital nomads!

How do you how do you guys Tenerife so far?

Oh, I really liked it, I was living here for two years

What do you Tenerife is good for? What type of people? - Well, if you like surfing, Medano is nice...

It's nice. It's good for hiking adventure. Lots to do. Pretty good spot for work-life balance?

Yeah, definitely - it's still Europe but affordable and

always hot or let's say warm

And we need to go and find other people!!

Is this your first time here? Yes, and you? Yep!

Nice to meet you; I'm Aurelie (I'm Kristin)

So I'm here with Sonal Sadh from Tenerife Work and Play, and she's just gonna tell us a little bit about

What makes Tenerife such a great place for digital nomads and why they're trying to bring more of us over here!

Why do you think that Tenerife in the Canary Islands in general have become such a hot spot for digital nomads?

First of all, we are in November and you see what the weather is doing and sunny days. So it's wonderful and

Besides that I think the people it's a great factor because they really integrate all the digital nomads

They make part of the local people and we have really good

connectivity, we are a part of Europe but the cost of living is really cheap so you can have that quality of life - you can

Work from here, but you can enjoy and you can have a lot of things to do

You've got hiking you've got watersports you have nightlife and you can feel secure here. It's one of the most secure places

in Europe. Kristin: So, a lot of people say that

Digital nomads don't integrate very well because they're always moving around. What would you say to that?

Is that one of the goals of what you guys are doing to help digital nomads

Stay longer? and how long do they say on average?

Well, I think one of the principal things that a digital nomad thinks about when he wants or she wants to move to a place

Is about the people about the community of digital nomads that it's in that place because yeah

You can work in remotes you can work alone, but you need to have that community

So that's something in what we are working on we have different

communities in the north side of the island also on the south side and

The average time of staying here maybe can be three four five months

There are a lot of people who have come with the idea of staying three four five months

I have stayed for years! That's also true

It's a risk you have to take ;) but here the people make you feel like home

I mean say doesn't matter if you're Asian if you are from Europe

Wherever you are [from]. here people are like family. If you want to have a social life you can have it

There are a lot of things to do

Well, I am honestly already ready to come back. I'm planning my return

I've been to like 60 countries and I've been to Spain before but I've never been someplace quite like this

It feels kind of like a mix between a lot of different parts of Europe and parts of the Mediterranean that I visited before

I'm getting some Lisbon vibes here in the Botanical Garden obviously Spain as well, with the beaches but the climate

actually, the climate reminds me a lot of the Central Valley of Costa Rica which makes a lot of sense because I've heard that the

Canary Islands are known as the Islands of Eternal Spring and also Costa Rica and Medellin Colombia are known for having amazing

Climates as well MedellΓ­n being the city of eternal spring. So I'm feeling

It's like one of those places that it just feels

like the perfect climate outside

And what about, so, work-life balance is of course, very important for digital nomads

what kind of daily life are they having? - I think the balance of work and

Life actually it's one of the highlights of the life actually. It's one of the things that a lot of entrepreneurs

decide to start the business here because you know that starting a business is really stressing and in Tenerife you can quit your

Day by 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock and you still have a lot of time to enjoy. You have everything nearby you can go from

The south of the island to the center in a half an hour or 15 minutes

So that gives you a really good quality of life also. Kristin: And how is Tenerife different to Las Palmas?

For example, because we hear a lot of digital nomads want to go to Las Palmas

So what is the distinction between here and there?

Well, we are all Canary Islands

Obviously, we have a lot of similarities but Tenerife - what it has and what make it special

Is that in a small place you have everything. In one day you can go to the mountain you can -

go climbing wherever you want... you can do hiking and the same thing you can go to the beach and I

Something also I think that there's very few places in the world where you can do that. That's true

Actually, maybe a few places like Hawaii I think

Australia - you can go to the beach surfing and the mountains in the same day

But it's pretty rare. And where are we right now? Is this a place that digital nomads typically hang out?

Well digital nomads in Tenerife chill in different spots and in Santa Cruz, this is a city center

So here we are right now in Parque Garcia Sanabrio

it's a great place to just hang out to run to come with your pets and

We have a community here also, and that's a good thing is that we are

So I think in the north side now

People I don't know why but they're really liking it's because you have that mountainside that you know that more cold side and they like that

and you can come to

Santa Cruz to have just a drink or just to eat because we have a lot of places here to enjoy

Yeah, I have to say like personally I really like

places with a more temperate climate with kind of a balance between city and beach living

Because sometimes in the coastal lifestyle, especially when it's very warm, it can be hard to stay motivated to work

So I really like places that have diverse climate like the 20 micro climates here in center

It's nice because you can kind of get into that productivity mode and city vibe and kind of the

pace of life that you might be accustomed to back at home and then you can also escape and a

Few minutes or an hour down the road and get some Beach vibes as well without feeling like you're always on vacation. So

Awesome. Well, thank you so much for sharing you a bit about this beautiful island, and I can't wait to come back

Yeah hope to see you soon here

Thank you for watching guys, and we'll see you again soon on another episode of digital nomad destinations or a Digital Nomad TV

See you in Tenerife!

Well guys that wraps up our whirlwind tour of Santa Cruz in Tenerife. I really liked it here

It reminds me of a lot of the things that I love about places like Cyprus where it's a nice blend


beaches with city and

Development and good infrastructure and just a really nice laid-back lifestyle without being too laid-back

so if any of you are thinking of heading to Tenerife

I would definitely recommend it even though I've only been able to spend a day here

I can already tell that it has a lot of the things that digital nomads look for in a destination

great weather great outdoor activities lots of co-working spaces and

Possibly most importantly a community that's really accepting of digital nomads and foreigners in general

I'm gonna head back on to the Nomad Cruise, but I hope to see you again from Santa Cruz very soon

...that makes it "whoops!" Oh, well, I didn't know that was there