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hey everybody okay so today I want to talk about the differences between

living in Perth and Sydney and I know it's different to talk about Sydney and

London that I thought it might be useful to some of you so anyway yeah so

obviously Perth and Sydney are very different places to live and one is on the east

coast of Australia one is on the west coast of Australia, and apologies also

for my damp hair, it hasn't dried properly yet I I don't dry my hair

I tend to just leave it so it's the morning here I've still I still it still

hasn't dried yet anyway so the differences between Perth and Sydney and

so I'm going to start off by talking about the beaches because to me that is the

most important difference between the two, which sounds a little bit crazy

because they both have beaches it's Australia the beaches are amazing everywhere

in Australia, but they're very very different. okay so personally I think

that Perth has better beaches and they are a lot quieter, you literally you go

to a beach in Perth and there's like no one there, there might be maybe a couple

of other people but generally they're pretty empty

in Sydney you go to Bondi or Bronte or Coogee or any beach here and it's

literally packed with people. I'm talking about you know in England so I'm talking

for example so if you go to like Bournemouth beach on a sunny day in

England in the summer and it's like wall-to-wall people, that's what the Sydney

beaches are like

like it really shocked me when I moved to Sydney and I went to Bondi Beach and

that was just what this wall of people I was like oh my god so then I went to

some other beaches like Bronte and Coogee to see if that was any different they

all like that and manly to it and even Shelly Beach, Shelly Beach has like this

small little beach that a lot of tourists don't tend to go to even that

all the beaches here wall-to-wall people like lined up on their Beach blankets

Perth you do not have that issue, Perth you can choose anywhere on the beach and

it will be quiet and also the Perth beaches the sand is a lot whiter it's a

lot softer the beaches tend to be bigger I think I guess because Perth is

basically just one Long Beach or down the coast where as Sydney is very broken

up, Sydney the coastal area is a lot more Mediterranean and very kind of rocky

hilly cliffs whereas Perth is just flat beaches the I

guess the place that most reminds me of Perth beaches is Florida and if

you've been to Florida the Perth beaches are like Florida beaches - you've got that

pure white soft sand and then this stunning clear pale blue water in front

of you, um whereas Sydney is definitely more Mediterranean the kind of green

blue ocean and then more golden sands. Um, but anyway I prefer Perth beaches

some people might not agree with me or might think that Sydney ones are nicer

but it just depends what kind of beaches you like I guess whether you're more of a

Mediterranean, rocky, mountainous scenery person or more of a Florida

Caribbean-y type of person, so yeah okay. Um, the second thing I'm gonna talk about is all

about is housing, so Perth's houses are literally half the price of Sydney

whether you're buying or renting they're half the price. If you want like

a one, no not even a one bedroom, if you want like a studio apartment or unit in

Perth in a really nice area near the beach so for example Cottesloe or

Claremont you can get one for like $300 a week. In Sydney the same like a similar

unit studio decent size near the beach that's gonna cost you like six to seven

hundred dollars a week - that's double the price

sometimes more than double and it's literally crazy, and also in Perth the

houses you still have like terraces and units and apartments, but the houses

they're a lot more spread out, so in Sydney obviously because it's a big

city it's basically the Australian equivalent of London you've got a lot of

terraced houses the houses are all quite close together I live in a terraced

house with like houses either side of me, this is first time I've ever lived in

a house where I've got houses so close to me because I'm from the countryside in

England and even when I lived in Perth we lived in a house that was detached and

the houses in Perth you tend to get a lot more, like, just bigger houses that are

spread out detached, um so yeah, that's the house and city and then next up I'm

going to talk about the all-important job situation, so I well so when I first

moved back to Australia from London I actually went back to Perth first to stay

with my aunt and uncle see my friends hang out there for a few weeks while I

sorted myself out and found a job in Sydney, um so in Perth the main reason that

I came to Sydney was because there are no jobs for me and what I do in Perth so

I work in digital marketing and for a major agency and although we have a...

...a Perth office and I've worked in that Perth office just for like a few days

over Easter, um, it's the opportunities in Perth my industry in particular aren't

particularly good. Perth is very much a mining city a lot of the big oil and gas

companies have their head offices in perth a lot of the jobs are all to do

with the mining industry and like the fly-in fly-out

fifo industry and also obviously there are loads of hospitality jobs there

because there are so many restaurants and bars and stuff whereas in Sydney the

job opportunity is just a lot better especially for what I do and if you're

in media at all Sydney is the place to go and obviously

cuz it's Sydney it's like the major main city - it's not the capital, the capital is

Canberra but but it's like the unofficial capital city of Australia so you get a

lot of Australian head offices in Sydney and so yeah there's just a lot more job options

a lot more job opportunities in Sydney if you're not in the mining industry or

the hospitality industry. Um, okay, and then so moving on to kind of the more fun

stuff away from the housing, jobs, boring shit, um restaurants-wise I actually

similar to the beaches I think Perth has better restaurants and this is a

controversial one because Sydneysiders are very passionate about their food and

their restaurants and are very supportive of their restaurants and, but coming

from London and then moving and obviously having lived in Perth in the

past when I was younger and going back to Perth for six weeks and then coming

to Sydney and living in Sydney for the past year I do think the Perth

restaurants are better. Please no one in Sydney hate me but just from my personal

opinion I think that the Perth restaurants the food is a much higher quality it's a lot

fresher the seafood and the meat and fruit and veg it's a lot fresher I just

prefer the restaurants over there you've got, obviously because it's smaller

you've got like less variety and less choice even though there is still

loads of choice in Perth they're like thousands of restaurants and cafes

but I just think Sydney has so many restaurants and cafes a lot of them

aren't that great and because there is so much competition here, people, like the

prices in Sydney are really expensive for what you get

whereas in Perth - I dunno - I just feel like the Perth restaurants are way

better and I much prefer eating out in Perth than to Sydney and I find

Perth restaurants a lot cheaper, um, but the thing is you get a better quality of

you get better quality food in Perth restaurants for a cheaper price than you

do in Sydney so yeah but sorry Sydney. Umm, and, then also but bars and nightlife

Sydney is obviously far better if anyone has ever been to Perth you will know I

don't know what word to describe it the dullness the dull the dull nightlife in

Perth dull and dodgy, that is how I would describe Perth nightlife

very dull very dodgy not a lot there and they have gotten better, like when I

was 16 and I had a fake ID my friends and I would use our fake IDs and go to like

some of the clubs and stuff in Freo. Um at the time we thought they were amazing

because we did not know any different and those were the only clubs that we had

ever been to, but obviously now having gone to night clubs around the world and

having lived in London for five years while I was a student and then working

at, not five years, eight years, that's scary okay anyways the Perth nightclubs

are shit the bars have gotten better so when I I like so I left Perth

when I was seventeen to move back to London, umm, I used to go back every year

to visit my friends and my now ex-boyfriend because they still lived

there and I've seen it slowly change over the years

and slowly they have gotten better bars and a lot more bars and it's very much a

kind of hipstery scene there it's similar to Newtown in Sydney and like

Shoreditch in London where the bars are very hipster and unique, each of them has

their own little quirky personality they are a lot of fun but not many people go

to them they're always quite empty and they stop serving shots and what else no

shots it's just no shots after midnight which I mean they do that all over

Australia in Sydney too but it's just stupid why would you stop selling shots

after and after midnight and they also close really early and and the

nightclubs in Perth, there aren't many nightclubs but the ones that are there are

dodgy, very very dodgy and so yeah but Sydney, Sydney has great nightclubs, great

bars, umm obviously the nightclubs here aren't

really on par London and New York or Dubai or any of the other major cities

um, mainly because it's just not really the culture here and the culture in

Sydney and Australia in general is very much you go to a bar and that bar will

then turn into kind of a clubby type of thing later in the evening um sort of

like have a dancefloor and everyone will just go to this bar after like dinner

and move on to drinks and then the dancefloor and DJ will be there, and you

just stay there. Sydney has lockout laws so all of the clubs tend to close about

2:00 a.m. there are very few that are open later than that and they tend to be

the gay clubs and yeah Sydney has a better nightlife so Sydney

I'll give you that. Okay so when it comes to like the layout and the style of each

city, um, Perth is very spread out so Sydney is like your typical city major

city is city-style there's a CBD there are kind

of suburbs around it but even suburbs around it even the suburbs further out

don't have a lot of space so obviously but like I said earlier you've got

terraced houses a lot of apartments not many big homes, and Perth is the complete

opposite you've literally got three main roads in the CBD in Perth and then

that's it that's the city, the rest of Perth is suburbs and you have to have,

you really have to have a car in Perth it's very difficult to get around on

public transport and just because everything's so spread out and I mean

when I lived there I lived in a place called City Beach and then my friends

lived in like Mosman Park, Claremont, Dalkeith, Swanborne, and you had to drive to those

places because there was no train line in City Beach there's only really like a

train line through the main river route so like the suburbs that go along the

river and then you've got the Train line up to Joondalup and train going south but all

the suburbs in between those have no train line and the buses are shit, the

buses are very infrequent yeah you have to have a car in Perth. But I actually

really love driving and I love having a car and having that freedom to

drive and so for me I love the layout of Perth because I love how spacious

everything is how spread out it all is how you can just get in a car drive up

the coast road and yeah I I literally I love going back to Perth just to get in

a car and just drive on these big empty roads where there are hardly any cars

and yeah I love the layout I love Perth as always I am so biased

towards Perth because it's always been my second home I've always like I've

gone there most years since I was seven and lived there for two years and so I am

very biased I'm sorry if I'm like favoring Perth

massively in this video but anyway but the good thing about this about Sydney

as a city is it is a city as a proper city Perth does not feel like a city at

all Sydney, for me Sydney is the perfect

in-between of Perth and London, um so I was like fed up with London it was too busy

too frantic too many tourists but Perth is just too quiet for me to live in now

like at my age I feel like it's a perfect place to grow up in the perfect

place to settle down with kids but in terms of being a young adult wanting to

go out and do things it's not that exciting and so Sydney is that perfect

in-between, but the city is a lot more cramped than Perth when comparing the two

um also in Perth parking is free pretty much everywhere apart from the city and

Fremantle and the bigger suburbs like Subiaco, parking is free like everywhere

you can just park on the side of the road anywhere you want and it doesn't

matter you're not gonna get a ticket whereas in Sydney even on like my road

you have to have a residence permit or even in the outer suburbs you have to pay for

parking or have a residents permit and in Perth you don't need that there's so much

space and so little people you can just park wherever you want it's amazing I love it

I miss it so much yeah that's another great thing about Perth

So, in terms of the overall lifestyle as you can probably gather from this video so

far Perth is the perfect place if you want to be super laid back super chilled

out very easygoing, Sydney is a city it's a big city

well no that's a lie it is not a big city but it is a bigger city than Perth

it's a proper City and therefore it has the busyness it has a franticness

it has a lot of tourists that don't know where they're going stop at the top of

escalators and you know it it has that fast-paced lifestyle it is look it's

still quieter than London you know it's like London is a whole

other level but Sydney is still pretty busy and also Perth lifestyle it's kind

of all about the beaches and the river as soon as there's any kind of Sun even

through the winter people on the beaches people are going swimming people are

going sailing and although Sydney has a lot of that as

well there's a lot more variety in Sydney so there's more things to do

you've got more choice of things to do so because Perth only really has that

sounds bad because it really only has the beaches and the river and not a lot

else there, everybody focuses their lifestyle on the river and the beach or

if you live out in the middle of nowhere then it's all about 4-wheel driving like

driving through the bush and everything up in the hills

Sydney there's just so much more going on I've just found that there's less of a

focus on going to the beach or going sailing or going out on the water but

don't get me wrong, there is still massive ocean lifestyle here

obviously you've got all that outdoor pools as well like all of the ocean pools or

whereas Perth you don't have the ocean pools because I don't actually know why

In terms of places to travel to outside of the city, umm Perth is one of

the most isolated cities in the world and it's quicker get to Bali than

Sydney from Perth but Western Australia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful

places I've ever been to in my life I've travelled a lot of Western Australia

you've got places like Margaret River, Bussleton, Esperance where you've got

the pink lake and the Kangaroos that go on Lucky bay and then up north you've

also got Monkey Mia, Exmouth, Coral Bay, the Kimberley but

Perth is all about road tripping because there aren't you don't really get many

internal flights within Western Australia if you do they're very

expensive so everyone just loves a road trip you just go on a road trip to all

these places Sydney is obviously a lot easier

to get to other places on the East Coast every flight within the East Coast is like

two hours and it only cost like 200 $250 return but in terms of, also in Perth you

have rottnest island which is one of my favorite places in the whole world

I rave about it to absolutely everybody it's literally this tiny paradise island a 40

minute ferry ride from Perth and it's just like nowhere else it's like the

Caribbean, seriously, and it's 40 minutes from Perth it's like the Caribbean it's

amazing and you have the Quokkas there where you can take a Quokka selfie with

and but in terms of like flying overseas Perth it's only three hours to Bali and five to

Singapore and Malaysia, and it's also closer to Europe so it's like four to five

hours closer to Europe than Sydney in the East Coast um Sydney-wise when I

moved to Sydney I was so excited because I thought that it would be super easy

and super cheap to go to the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand and

actually it's not it's like 800 dollars return to get to Fiji or Vanuatu or even

my New Zealand flights cost me $900. I was not impressed um and yeah and like the

flights aren't easy because with the South Pacific Islands you don't have

daily flights you only have like two to three flights per week to each Island

maybe sometimes I think once or twice a week which makes it very difficult to

pop over for a weekend or a long weekend because you can't the flights were like

Tuesdays and Thursdays like what the fuck even though they're like a to two

to three hour flight away and also loads of them even though they were only like

a two-hour direct flight away there they only offer in-direct flights and yeah

it's difficult it's a lot harder than I thought it would be and even to get to

Asia from Sydney it's like eight hours to Singapore

whereas Perth's five and then going home to London and it took me like 30 hours flying

or something instead of 24 25 from Perth so yeah actually travel-wise

I found it's easier to get to places but obviously on the East Coast you've got

more cities and more places within Australia that you can get to very

easily. Yeah, anyway so those are just my opinions and thoughts on the difference

between living in Perth vs. Sydney I hope it's been somewhat useful even

though I feel like I've been super biased um I mean I dunno, I just really

love Perth. I love Sydney too, but Perth is just so

chilled out so laid back the beaches are so good the food is so good oh I really

miss that but Sydney is awesome for the bars and nightlife and things going on

and events happening and just it it just suits me in my current life stage right

now far better than Perth does, so I hope that helps and is useful. Let me know in

the comments if you agree disagree with anything um or if you have any requests

for any other videos yeah thanks for watching and remember to SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!