React JS Setup, Installation and First React Project Creation

- and all this is freaking Trump regime

technologies and a warm welcome for

everyone to the session number two in a

part of react learning series in our

last session we have discussed about

what is real its journey so far and

important features of RIA continuation

to re at learning series in this session

we will look at how to configure react

in our local system and how do we create

our first project using yeah to set up

react in a system first step is to

install node.js and NPM nodejs provides

a runtime environment to execute

JavaScript code from outside a browser

node package manager is used for

managing and sharing the packages for

either react or angular based projects

NPM will be installed along with node.js

node.js can be installed from the

official node.js website that is HTTP

colon double slash node.js dot o-r-g let

us open the browser

and let me type the URL HTTP colon

double slash nodejs dot o-r-g

here we can see download for Windows and

we have two options either to go for LTS

our current so led s is the one which is

recommended for most users let's click

on this and let us wait until it gets

downloaded installable file is

downloaded so let's click on open

we can run


click next next next

and click next click on install

let's click finish


let's move on start all programs and

let's check for new dot J's folder

and in note dot J's folder we can find

the command prompt no doubt J's command

prompt that is open this node or J's

command prompt and let's see whether the

node is installed properly or not so

there is a command available note space

- V and we can see the version that is

12 which is being installed there we go

now the node dot J's setup is done along

with new package manager

the next step is to install a tool named

create react app using node package

manager this tool will be used for

creating react applications we can

install this at system level ah it can

be installed temporarily even at folder

level we will be installing this at

global using the below command

now let us open the door Jess command


and then let's say npm install' - G G

represents at global level and then we

say create react app

as we could see create react app is

successfully installed now it's time to

step in and create our first react

project so I would like to create a

react project in this specific folder of

the drive so I copy this and let us make

a command prompt to point to the diaper

so it's a CD the follow me then we say D


now we are pointing to this specific

folder using our command prompt

now it's time to create a new project so

we use create a react app and then let's

say the project name I called as demo

project now this will create a new

project called as demo project in a

specific folder class we have programs

near will go it takes some time to

create the budget


now the project is created successful

and remember one important point

whenever you are creating a project

using react please do not leave any

capital letters in a project named react

will throw you an error when we try to

do that

how the project is created and let us

use our node.js command prompt to

navigate to the project which we have

created so we say CD

project as that is the project we have

created and now we can see our node.js

command prompt is pointing to the

project which we have created now we can

run the project by using a command

perlis NPM start now at react starts a

development server and which our

application will be hosted from where we

can access the application

here we can see our application is

running locally on this particular

location HTTP colon double slash

localhost colon 3000 and I will free

navigate to the browser we would see our

react application running inside the

browser and you can see messages the

command we have used to run the project

is NPM star we have created a new

project using react and we are able to

successfully run the project but as a

developer we would be more interested to

know about the project which is being

created its structure and we would like

to play around it so it's time for us to

get our reactor data when we think of

editor for react

there are plenty of options available

like Visual Studio code react IDE

sublime editor at am editor webstorm and

few of us we will use visuals for your

code as a editor Visual Studio code is a

free IDE built for developing and

debugging web applications it has

integrated grid control on terminal

Visual Studio coats intelligence hello

special Sharia Code to provide us with

useful inputs and not Oh completion

teachers when we write the code so the

next step is to install visual studio

code I have kept the location from where

Visual Studio code can be downloaded

handy I copy this

it has user browser to navigate to this

location that is HTTP colon double slash slash download

and we can see there are options depend

on our operating system so we can

download the respective one I have

downloaded for Windows and now I launch

Visual Studio code

I know we use Phi

open folder

program is created inside react programs

demo project I select demo project and

say s as one can see demo project has

three different folders word underscore

modules public and SRC we will

understand what each folder would be

holding in a later sessions the response

we see in this browser comes from a file

called as index dot HTML which resides

in a folder called as public now if we

open this it has head and body sections

in it inside the body we can see it has

one bill with ideas group

but to understand the relationship

between this output and the next dot

html' has this output says edit s FZ /

AB dot J's so let us get into this file

put sits inside SRC so let us open this

Abdur J's and in this F dot J's as one

can see it has a function called as app

inputs they are uttering a deal and the

deal has and match some text and net

link now we can make some change to this

link and see if this change could be

reflected in the browser let us see how

this change now go back to the browser

and one could see that this change is

updated here now how it gets updated is

something we'll discuss when we get into

the act perfect

now the next question is how these two

are linked to each other to get an

answer for that we have to open another

file called s index dot J's inside SRC

fold this index dot J's has one method

called as react Dom read renderer to

which we are passing two parameters the

first one is the app function which we

have created and second one is the

element ID in which the contents of this

function should be placed now how it


family will be discussed in detail when

we get into area further

with this we have the setup ready in our

system to explore react further but

let's say we are in office we have some

free time and we are interested in

playing around with there then we can

use an online code playground

we have few exits like Corbin code

sandbox our Beach available

now we're just go back to our pre PT so

we are done with this step now the next

one is online code editor so

for example let's say we want to create

project using Corbin then we can open

this HTTP colon double slash code

PennDOT IVA in a browser let me navigate

to our browser

all right so I open a new tab HTTP colon

double slash code PennDOT Evo

and here we have an optional s start


and here I write a simple live they were

ID is equals to test

then we go to a J's section and then we

say react down dot renderer

it's one

welcome to

yet programming

and let us close h1 , now here we can

pass the container in which this content

must be placed we say document dot get

element by ID

and the idea is test


but unfortunately our browser cannot

understand this random dot random for

that we had to refer to few JavaScript

files now how do we do that

page let us click on this pen settings

which is what we called s and here you

can see we can add external script

resources I have kept them ready

so we refer to the act

then in the second one we would be

referring to we have done so the second

one would be pointing to a virtual Dom

which is created are introduced by here

before my clothes we had to set this

javascript preprocessor to babble more

about babble we will discussed in our

upcoming videos now let's close and you

can see the output here welcome to Jack

programming I hope we all are clear on

doing the project step and creating our

first project using Riya thank you for

watching this video and have a great day