How To Make and Package Buttons!

today in the lab we're gonna have a

little father we are going to make some

button brilliant people of the internet

I'm Scott with circles art labs welcome

to the underground lair where we create

robots alien zombies and other imminent

threats humanity and sometimes we take

those things and put them on buttons and

who doesn't like button so without any

further delay I want to kind of show you

the process of how I create buttons now

some of this is going to require a

button machine but I'll tell you where

you can get the buttons done other

places as well but if you are thinking

about getting on these machines or if

you already have one I'm going to show

you how to do this so let's get to it

all right so I am getting ready to make

some buttons for my online store some

button pack so I thought today I talked

a little bit about how to make and

packaged buttons now there's a number of

different ways you can make buttons and

a number different ways you can package

buttons I'm going to show you how I do

it but I'm also going to talk about some

other ways that it may be a different

option for you

those ones you'll have to test out

because I'm not that familiar with but I

do know that there are other options out

here so these are some of the buttons

these are just pin back buttons these

are the one-inch size buttons different

button makers can do different sizes so

when you're looking into button makers

you need to decide what size you want I

like the kind of small ones I like the

one-inch buttons so this is my button

maker right here this one this one's a

little pricey this is more of a

professional ones or the prices range

anywhere from you can get like a small

like a hand kind of button making kit

for like maybe around $30 all the way up

to like 400 and sometimes even more this

one clocks in at about 300 dollars and

but I think it came with a 500 different

pieces for making buttons meaning you

can make 500 buttons you have to

multiply that because there's like three

or four different elements to making

these buttons so this is the kit I got

we're also going to talk a little bit

about packaging if buttons so these are

some button packs that I've made that

I'm selling on my online store this is

the nerd or geek pack

I've got the comic book pack the gamer

pack the hipster pack and of course the

zombie pack so I've got all these and

I'm planning on doing some other ones

I've got other buttons that aren't

ending any of these packs that I got to

kind of make collections for but these

are the ones that I'm selling right now

that are available on my online store

and I'm going to show you how to put

together these little packs but let's

talk about actually how we make the

buttons now again like I said there's a

number different ways you can do that

there's there's two ways that I've done

it one is with the button maker the

others just have them professionally

made now it depends a lot of it depends

on price and everything and it depends

what you're looking for so I'm I would

recommend and I still view order

professionally made buttons for things

like this so this is a button these ones

I usually just give away for free like

with orders and things because it's got

my logo not a lot of people actually

would you know want to purchase this

because they don't know what it is but

it's just marketing so this is you know

this is my little logo pin so I need a

lot of them because I give them out and

it's just one style button now if that's

the case if you've got one or two

different style buttons that you want to

do and you need the few of them then I

would have them professionally made I go

to a place I will put a link in the

description but they can do like a

hundred buttons for like it's like $15

plus shipping and handling so that's

like super cheap and it's painless you

don't have to worry about making them or

anything because it does take time to

make button so that's the way to go if

you need a lot of buttons like I said

I'll put the link to that place and I

feel use them all the time for things

where I need a lot of buttons and you

know but since like you can see these

are just a fraction of the number of

buttons I am and I also showed you the

packs so if I was to order a hundred of

each of these at 15 bucks a pop that

would add up now if you're a big company

you're going to sell a lot of buttons

that may be the route to go most of us

aren't like that so we need an option

where we can make several different

buttons but maybe not as big a barani

buttons so for that that's why I

invested in this the the button maker

now there's different kinds of button

makers like I said this one this one

runs around 300 plus but there's some

other options there there's like like

what I think they're like

snap-in buttons and you can buy a pack

of them I don't have any to show you

unfortunately but they're just like

little cases they've got a front in the

back and the backs got the little pin

back and you just put your artwork in to

snap them in and they're reusable which

is cool the problem is they probably

come out to about 50 cents a button and

that could be a little pricey if you're

trying to turn around and sell them for

usually the buttons will sell a button

like this might sell for about a buck or

so so that's an option if you just you

know say if you just want some little

buttons to show people that's a way to

go it's not really advantageous if

you're trying to like actually market

them and sell them and everything like

that the other problem with the snapping

buttons you can tell they don't look

exactly like this kind of button because

it's got like a little plastic case

around it I don't I don't know if they

have any at this side they usually like

bigger sizes so that is an option it's

cheaper there's some little plastic

button maker kits that I've seen online

and they just come with different like

you kindly you snap a man and everything

like that and you can make buttons but

it seems a little complicated your

mass-producing them this thing is like

super quick so that's why I went this

route and I've seen some other ones that

are around 150 little better quality up

to like this one like I'm talking about

so anyway so I will show you how I use

my buttons and if this one's maybe out

of your price range or if you want to

look at different options I'll put some

other alternatives links in the

descriptions to other button makers of

course I can't really dodge for them

because I haven't used them the other

thing you're going to want is a like a

button punch you know this will this is

way better than trying to cut all this

stuff out with scissors I wouldn't not

recommend it and they sell button button

punches or not they sell circle punches

that like Michaels and stuff like that

but you got to be careful because if

you're making one-inch buttons

you don't want to get a one inch you

know hole punch because even though

they're one inch and dynamic diameter

that the design has to wrap around so

you need extra space so don't be fooled

like this one you know I can see it's a

little bigger than

just one inch because you need that

extra space so usually you need to get a

hole punch that's designated for making

buttons and that's what I have here this

one came with my kit so that's another

you know that's another added feature

too if you are going to drop three

hundred dollars on a kit like this or

something you get you get all the the

elements to making the buttons plus you

get the punch so and there's some

there's also another hole punch that you

can buy separately some of some kids

come in it just depends you got to look

around there's one that's a lot better

than this one but this one works okay

for my purposes the other thing you need

is you're going to need a template so

this is kind of the template that comes

with the kit that I bought but you can

find templates online and I will provide

a template for this one inch button and

if you want to make bigger buttons or

whatever then you can go look those up

yourself you can just google it it's not

that difficult alright so I'm not going

to really go into how you design the

buttons that's kind of up to you you

just got to be sure that you keep all

your pertinent information anything you

want to show up on the button in this

inner circle I you probably can't see

this because it's super small and I

don't know if anyone will ever be able

to uh find a white one I don't know if

you can see I put I put my URL in my

company information on the outside of

this ring right here so it's just on the

outside that took a while a lot a little

trial and error to get that I don't know

if anyone has ever looked at this and

said oh yeah circuit works calm let's

check that out but I just put it in

there just in case but it was it was

difficult to figure out how to get that

to work right it's a lot of trial and

error but I got it so now I've kind of

got my own template for that and that's

kind of key but that was just a little

idea that I do alright so what you want

to do is you want to print what you get

your designs done you want to I've got a

big sheet as eleven by seventeen sheet

that I printed out with you know a

number of your buttons and you one of

the things you need to remember is when

you're laying these out you want to

leave a little space in between here

because as you will find out when you

start punching the buttons if you don't

have that space enough space it's

they're just not going to punch

so you need to leave enough space in

between each 20 buttons sometimes they

even have problems with this right here

on the side but but you usually can

usually get it to work so and you also

just want to print it on on regular copy

paper regular printer paper you don't

want to use heavy stock because it's it

doesn't work well with the cutting

machine so so I printed these out and

then after you get those printed out you

want to cut these out I use my paper

cutter but you can use scissors or

whatever and you just want to cut out

strips like this you know so let me find

all right so I've just got a little

strip here because we're going to feed

it through this button punch here or I

don't that's called if it's called a

button punch or a hole punch or whatever

but so Rams are shaken all right so yeah

let me move that all right let's try

this again

so you just kind of feed this through

get it where you want I'm just kind of

pressing it down not all the way but

just to kind of lock it into position

and then to press it like that and then

I've got my little design here all right

and then you can go through and just

keep doing that bump bump bump bump with

this thing here alright so now that we

have our artwork done we're going to get

the button machines out I'm going to set

it up like that so just get the swivel

arm it's a two kind of a two-part

process and there is a science to it so

I'm going to show you how you set this

all up and make it work so first of all

you are going to need these are some of

the different elements that you need to

look different pieces to make your

buttons alright alright so here's what

you need these here are the shells see

they look kind of like a little almost

like a little metal frisbee alright so

you going to take one shell and you're

going to put it in this now but this one

is raised a little bit this one goes a

little deeper so you can tell the

difference here so but there's really no

other way you can't if you're open it up

this thing doesn't swing all the way

over there so if you open it like that

it's going to be the one here on your

left you're going to drop that down so

the round part the curvature is facing

up okay then

you're going to get your artwork that

you've already punched out and you're

going to set that in there right now

next you've got these little I don't

know if you can see it because they're

transparent but these little mylar discs

and that's what's going to make it shiny

so you don't have to really use shiny

paper or like I said photo paper or

anything like that because that's going

to give it that shiny and look and

protect it and everything you're going

to set that on top and then these are

your backs now there's two different

styles okay the one I have has separate

a separate pen thing that you have to

add to it this is kind of a hassle so

the next time I order some I'm going to

get some that have the pins aren't

built-in but I don't have those alright

so we're going to take this this backing

we're going to set it in now we want the

sharp part pointing upwards okay so the

smooth part down sharp part and it just

goes in that little area right there

just drop it in there and here's where

the magic happens alright so we position

this here where the button press thing

comes down and you make kind of a

pounding clicking sound and as you can

see you and you move over it's like

magic it's gone where did it go well

it's in here we move that back over here

push it like that and then there we go

there we've got our button now if you've

got like I said if you've got the ones

like I have these little pieces you need

to kind of pop those in there and this

kind of becomes a hassle when you're

doing multiples of them and then I

always like to twist it so it's even so

when you put the button on it's facing

the right direction so there that's how

I create a button now now these things

go really quickly Bam Bam Bam Bam you

know do all that stuff and if you got a

nice a good decent button maker like

this one it's pretty easy you can go

pretty fast and it's kind of fun too so

so that's how we make the buttons so

this is how I package my buttons now

I've seen different people they package

theirs differently this is how I do mine

some people have more buttons some

people have less or whatever I think

five is a good kind of a starter number

plus I only I've got so many different

styles that I want

keep five in each one so that's mine

some people have six or nine or whatever

anyway so the way I do it is first I

just went and had some postcards made so

this is kind of like my card art so I

just had some postcard made they're the

same like if you were to fold this which

I will show you after I've cut them it's

the same on each side you can do that if

you want but sometimes it's cheaper to

actually if you can get postcards you

can usually get postcards pretty cheap

because you know a lot of people put

them on their home printer which is fine

but a lot of people don't pay attention

to how much ink they're using and how

much that's actually costing them to

print some stuff so a lot of times I'll

send stuff out for things like that plus

it's you know it looks nice professional

it's got a glossy finish to it and

everything so anyway I print turn two on

each one and then I just cut them with a

little bit with my paper cutter and then

like I showed you before you get

something like this and then I fold them

so now I've got that now I go with a

little smaller size because what I like

to use you can go to clear bags I use

clear bags for tons of different things

all my prints and things like that but

for what I'm using here you can just get

these penny card sleeves for you know

whatever like trading cards or like

pokemon cards just standard size that's

what I'm using for these so you get a

pack of these for like a buck you can't

even you can find a match like

comic book shops or any place itself

trading cards or game cards or you can

even I think you need findings that like

Walmart and Target and all that slick so

they're really easy to come by so that's

what I use all right and then I get some

of this stuff this craft foam and you

can find this pretty much anywhere as

well it's just it's that foamy stuff Oh

me crash stuff that's why it's called

craft foam all right so and then like

what I do is I cut these down to I think

it's two and a half by three inches so

those pieces and that will fit nicely in

here and it'll give us and it's just

kind of the perfect size so now we've

got to take our button so I'm going to

make a gamer pack button so let's see

what I've got I've got this one I pause

my game to be here

I wasted my life on video games good

thing I have two more Bowl schools the

old Atari controller don't don't hate

the player hate the game and this kind

of destroy them with a little space

invader type guy so let me look at one

that I've already done so I know how I

arrange them to kind of pay attention to

you know how these lay out like if I've

got like especially my zombie patch like

I've got a lot of blue ones so I wanted

to put the the purple one in the center

just so it looks nice and presentable

when you do that all right so because

this is foam you're just going to open

your pin up like this and it's really

tricky to get the positioning done and

but once you kind of get the hang of it

you just kind of go in here like that

and then fasten that and I will repeat

that process for the other ones all

right so we've got all the pins laid out

now we're going to get our little card

sleeve and we're just going to slip that

in there now that the buttons putting

the buttons on the little on the the

foam takes some getting used to if you

need a little practice doing that and

same thing with putting these in the

card sleeves they don't want to go in

that easy all right so now we've got

that we have our button card and we're

going to need one other thing this is

kind of optional if you're selling

online don't necessarily need these but

if you want to display them at a comic

convention you might want to get a

little hole punch and you can create a

little display for those and find the

center there

there you go all right

and we're just going to put that over

there like that line it up so it's in

position and then get a stapler any

stapler will do I've got a long iron

state look is that's what I use for

comics but and then I usually do two

staples and there you go

there you have it and that's how I

package my buttons so like I said I will

leave links to all of the area all the

places on the internet where you can get

the button makers supplies all that

stuff and if you're interested in

purchasing any of these buttons off of

the link to my online store as well and

if you guys have any questions be sure

to let me know just hit me up in the

comments section I would be happy to

answer this all right that was super

cool so it's always fun to make buttons

and yeah so there's a good be a lot more

buttons in my store you guys can check

those out at Sur course calm and I'm

going to take off I'll see you guys

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