Artist Alley - Buttons


hello friends welcome to another artist

Ali's tips video today we'll be talking

about buttons so let's begin first off

what are buttons buttons usually refer

to the pin back style of button or badge

that is designed to fasten to a surface

using a safety pin mechanism this

mechanism is located on the back and on

the front an illustration text or other

design is featured they are usually

circular in shape but they can come in

other shapes and we'll talk about that

later in the video so let's talk about

sizing typical button sizes range from

one and a quarter inches to three inches

I have also seen some as small as 3/4 of

an inch so with such a wide range of

sizes which size is best for you larger

sizes are better for displaying more of

the artwork because you have much more

room for details on a larger space

however smaller sizes are more

convenient for the person who buys the

button they are way less bulky than

larger buttons and they can fit more

small buttons on their bag jacket etc so

it's up to you what size you want

depending on your needs I would suggest

that more detailed works look way better

on larger buttons but nice simple flat

designs work very nicely on smaller

sizes next let's talk about shapes

circle shape is by far the most common

button shape some other button shapes

include rectangles heart and start and

you can find button makers that make all

these kinds of shapes that being said I

have yet to see a button maker for star

shapes that you can use for your own

home use these may be only available

through a man

a fracture but if you do know of where

you can buy a button maker for star

shapes please leave your recommendation

in the comments I tried to research this

myself and I had a hard time trying to

find this particular one in my opinion

when it comes to what shapes to use

circle buttons are by far easier to

design for make and get supplies for

since it's the most common button shape

it's very easy to find tutorials or

supplies and things like that

however rectangle and heart and star in

all those shapes because they are much

less common they could give your button

a little bit more Flair so it's up to

you to decide what shape works best with

your art but I would say if you're

starting to make buttons for the first

time stick with circle buttons as they

are the easiest so how many should you

keep in stock I would say anywhere

between 5 to 10 of them as always if

you're going to a bigger convention

stock more than 10 but if you're going

to a much smaller convention then

between 5 and 10 it's probably good

enough for you

it may just depend on your manufacturer

and what their minimum is though you can

always just take part of your stock with

you to a convention and not all that you

receive from your manufacturer and you

can always solve your leftovers at other

conventions or in an online shop if you

have those so what about pricing

depending on the size and shape I would

price them between two to five dollars I

wouldn't do any cheaper for sure I

actually did $1.00 buttons for a long

time and I'm pretty sure I barely made a

profit off of them especially since I

made a lot of mistakes when making them

at home

so I would say the smaller circle kind

of style buttons I was priced closer to

the $2 range and the larger or more

uniquely shaped ones I would price

closer to the $5 range so some final

notes for you

I'd say the buttons are a really good

item for our first time artists

especially if you can get a hold of a

machine so you can make them on your own

the cheaper selling price is appealing

for customers at small budgets so

buttons tend to be much easier to sell

than other products and as I said before

you can have buttons made through a

manufacturer or you can try your hand at

making them yourself at home

I would only recommend getting machine

if you plan on producing a lot of

buttons most machines can cost between a

hundred to five hundred dollars

depending on how advanced it is some

even cost up to a thousand dollars you

can get a really cheap version or a hand

press for about forty dollars but in

this case it's definitely an instance of

you get what you pay for

with cheaper machines I would have

issues with creating a lot of duds and

so I ended up wasting a lot of my

materials if you're able to invest in it

I would personally recommend going with

a semi-automatic style at the very least

it's on the pricier side for sure but I

rarely if ever make mistakes with them

especially compared to the hand pressed

version if you don't plan on selling a

ton of buttons though I would just stick

with finding manufacturer you can make

buttons through finally when it comes to

storing buttons I would recommend using

either a bead organizer or a hardware

storage box these kinds of organizers

have a lot of little small compartments

so they're great for organizing small

items like buttons you can usually find

this kind of stuff at your local

hardware or craft store and if you don't

have any of those in your area you could

probably find it very easily online and

that's about it for this video if you

have any more questions in regards to

buttons or button makings

please leave a comment or if you have

any questions or suggestions of what you

would like to see in future artists

alley videos also leave a comment on

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until next time friends have a great one