r/EntitledParents | "MY KID DESERVES YOUR $60,000 CAR!" (Reddit Stories)

let me have your 50,000 pound car

because my daughter works harder than

you before we start here's some proof

that I do actually own a Porsche and

that this isn't just a repeat of our

stash that happened and here is that

proof that's a lovely car I must say

firstly a little bit of background I'm

29 and I'm an architect in the UK it's

good money and I've been in the job for

four years it's hard work though and I

do overtime most days it's a rewarding

profession though and it's what I love


all in all lights good recently I

decided to treat myself to a Porsche 718

Cayman as we saw in the photo it's one

of my favourite car brands and I've

always liked cars so it's understandably

one of my most prized possessions so I'm

pretty protective of it one week we had

extended family come over to town not

disclosing the name it consists of my

aunt and her children whom I rarely ever

see notwithstanding the fact that I

rarely see them I know that the aunt and

her daughter are well difficult


my aunt's 48 right now she was born 14

years after my mum when my grandparents

decided upon having other trials her

children are 10 and 8 the 8 year older

boy and we get on really well he's

interested in architecture so I often

tell him about my work when I do get to

see him which is rare the ten-year-old

daughter conversely is an entitled brat

whose cause me and my mum nothing but

trouble whenever we've seen her I once

caught her in my study just about to

draw all over some of my plants however

I pulled her away just in time

thank Frick I of course got screamed at

for but I just had to buy the bullet

anyway when they did come over I was

pretty much forced to host the whole

thing in my house it's not exactly a

sizeable place but it's cozy and big

enough for a few people everything was

going well until I had to go into work

for a brief meeting that I couldn't

avoid it was a pretty crucial meeting -

it was about a project that was nearing

completion and the whole practice was

under great pressure this exchange

begins when I head out at the front door

I locked my car but then remember that I

left my briefcase in the kitchen so I

head back into the house it got bit

quickly leaving the car unlocked as it's

a nice neighborhood and I wouldn't be

gone long as soon as I reached the

hallway I hear giggling this is how the

following moments went down ek entitled

kid eeehm entitled mother and me hey

there ek look I'm sorry to interrupt

your fun but you're not supposed to be

in the driver's seat right now I've got

a meeting to attend

no I'm not leaving you have to I need to

go to work at this point I'm struggling

to cope but I managed to put on a stoic

facade and exude some authority then

a.m. says oh come on let her play in the

car I don't think you get that I have a

meeting but she's a good kid your

meetings not that important right yes it

is you know my work field and that I

can't afford to waste time but it's not

how it's dude links to that is doodling

so important I mean when architecture is

labeled as doodling you know this mother

has issues because it earns me fifty

grand a year and it's more than just

doodling now if you'll excuse me I have

a meeting to attend ek overhears the

exchange and now starts playing with the

horn beeping it constantly I start to

reach into the car to take her hands

away from the wheel as she's causing a

real disturbance and being rather rough

with my car it was at this moment that

entitled mother became stage to Karen

get off my daughter this is my car and

she is causing a disturbance I'm within

my rights to take her hands away from

the wheel and how she can play in your

car all she wants she deserves your car

she works harder than you she doesn't

just scribble and call it a job let me

play Ek then begins to start kicking and

screaming in the car mind you she went

to the park earlier so man's getting all

over the expensive interior

my blood is also boiling because

architecture is more than just

scribbling some of the designs are so

intricate you need a whole room to fit

the page for what it's worth I've done

some work experience at an architect's

firm and it's very in-depth the stuff

they do I would be all for latter it was

at this point that I snapped all right

get out of my effing car this instant or

I swear to god I'll make sure neither of

you ever drive a car ever

I was about to continue screaming but

then I thought better of it and just

stood there breathing heavily as I watch

my dream car get overrun by this p.m.

and her spawn e/m now decides to get

into my Porsche also taking over the

driver's seat the ek moves to the

passenger seat am this Carl be ours now

good day I think we're nor deserving of

this car than you it was at this moment

that my neighbor a policeman came out to

check what was going on it is worth

noting but I've known this guy since I

was a kid and he is a legend

he knows that I'm usually a calm person

and it's

a good bit for me to snap he also knew

that I tended to get very distressed in

certain situations I suffer from

asperger's syndrome social situations

like this are very hard for me to cope

with I find it difficult enough

sometimes to socialize the people when

we're both rational let alone when

someone's about to take my god darn

Porsche so the policeman says what's the

commotion about

I heard beeping and screaming eeehm says

this man is trying to steal our car yeah

it happens that PN actually accompanied

me to the sale of the Porsche because I

was quite nervous on the day

understandable due to the fact that the

car cost me fifty thousand pounds and

due to the fact that I was quite anxious

about the deal as a whole just the

aforementioned reason we look at each

other and he grins at me I'm awful at

reading facial expressions but I've

known this guy long enough to know that

this grin is his I've got an awesome

plan face ok with this your car

what's the number plates PN knows that I

have my number plate memorized

additionally PN also knows that this is

one of the first times en has seen his

car so she couldn't have memorise a

license plate am at this point grabs her

kid and tries to run off however when

she ambles out of my porsche pn stops

her I'm going to have to question you

and potentially charge you for attempted

theft as you and your child occupied

this man's car without permission come

with me the e/m was then taken off to

the police station and ek went back in

the house and threw a tantrum in there

fortunately there wasn't too much mud in

the Porsche as it was a dry day so the

dirt wasn't anything a leather wipe

couldn't fix if it was wet mud then that

would have been a totally different


eeehm ended up being charged with

attempted theft and was fined one

thousand pounds alongside being given

fifty hours of community service I

haven't seen a M or ek since but I have

seen the other kid of her since he was

in the care of a family friend for two


Wally M went to Vegas I don't know where

the ek went and I'm glad to say that he

isn't at all adopting EMS ways or that

his kidneys I ended up getting to the

meeting on time with a few minutes to

spare and getting a raise due to my

contribution to the project my practice

also paid for my car's maintenance as

the leather was a bit scuffed up even

though they totally didn't have to me

and my boss get on really well which is

amazing so I've got to say a big thank

you to Paul March 5 5 to 7 for this

story which was posted in my subreddit


yt as you can see on screen if you guys

want to be featured in upcoming videos

post your stories there and I will read

them out as soon as I can

eeehm accuses me of stealing in a store

which does not even sell the stolen item

so this happened yesterday I'm on

vacation in Dresden with my grandma we

often go out together to go shopping but

now and then I go alone if I want to get

something the cost me me of course I am

entitled mother ek entitled kid and see

cashier at the grocery store so I went

out because I wanted to buy another

overwatch pop figure in Game Stop I had

seen the figure of the day before but

was with Grandma the game stop is in a

large shopping center with many

different stores important to know is

that the game stop is the only store

there that sells pop figures I went in

took the figure off the shelf and headed

to the cash register there was no

employee so I waited in comes the e/m

and her ek the ek runs over to the

massive shelf filled with pot figures as

starts leaking through them meanwhile I

pay for my figure and start heading out

the e cave runs over and points at me

mom she has my figure that's the one I

wanted eeehm comes over to me and holds

out her hand

give us the figure no I just paid for it

all so this was the last one and I came

first the figure I bought was the normal

sized Symetra pop figure from the

overwatch collection I had asked the

employees if they had any other but they

said the figures on the shelves were all

they had eeehm tries to reach for the

figure just give it to us you don't need

it anyways also my son deserves it he's

been so good lately and deserves a gift

I don't care lady I paid for the figure

with my own money now leave me alone I

walked past her and left the store I

heard the ek whining about wanting the

figure but I couldn't care less I went

to Aldi which is a grocery store to get

something to drink

I'd put the figure in my bag which was

partially open I got a bottle water and

went to pay out of nowhere eeehm runs up

to the cash register stop her she's

trying to steal my son's toy I wanted to

get in that toy she tries to grab the

figure out of my bag again what was your

problem lady I push her away and take

out the figure but we don't even sell

these figures here I saw her take it I

wanted to buy it for my son and she

stole it she wasn't gonna pay for it I

take out my ticket that show I paid also

I will gladly go back to the game stop

and show you more proof I paid for it I

have a store card in my name

please leave the store now before I will

call security eeehm and ek leave and I

didn't see them for the rest of the day

I paid for my drink and went on shopping

I somewhat wish the cashier would have

checked my ticket I'm not from Germany

and I have a Belgian credit card so on

the ticket the machine does print the

text in Dutch I would have loved to see

the e/m trying to talk her way out of

that see I reckon what this Opie should

have done is offered to sell it to her

for just an insanely high price because

this sort of person would probably have

bought it but then again I guess she

could have also been a choosing beggar

and would have asked for it for free so

maybe that wasn't the best idea

EP inconvenienced by my cancer diagnosis

I'm currently a nanny for a family I've

been with for about six months they

always pay me on time and I adore the

little boy I'm taking care of so we've

never really had any problems until now

I recently found out that I have ovarian

cancer and need to have one of my

ovaries removed my conversation telling

EP about my surgery went something like


EP do not tell you about our family

reunion you did but unfortunately I

won't be able to come and help because

I'll have just had surgery and you'll

need to reschedule then I'm not going to

do that we've others played for months

you need to be there to help I'm sorry

but I won't be able to be there are you

kidding no I'm not sure how much I trust

even much all of you if you don't care

enough to be there for our family when

we need you I care about him a lot and I

hope I've shown that over the last few

months working for you

EP huffed and stomped off I'll update

when they're talking to me again Wow

so this EP is saying that instead of

having potentially life-saving surgery

this person should come and work for

them instead makes a lot of sense anyway

that is the end of another episode of

our slash entitled parents I hope you

enjoyed if you did like share and

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