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we're just gonna let things go we're not

gonna have emotional attachment to

things that's not healthier right here

let's go good job heroin is notorious ki

a welcome back to my channel and if

you're new here welcome my name is

pronounced kia not kaya

because some of you girls do try it but

it's okay and at the heart of my channel

it's all about sustainability that's

been my journey since I began it on

YouTube and you know I'm really about

that sustainable life you know thrift it

is life so if you're about that life hit

the subscribe button join the gang I've

been thrifting for years and it comes a

time and you kind of like want to

elevate it and you know you might be

making a little bit more coin or

whatever so you start looking for more

luxury pieces and that's where designer

meets sustainability and when you unlock

that level girl what endless okay so

that's pretty much the topic of today's

video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys

how i buy and sell designer items online

using an app called vest year collective

who's actually partnering with me on

today's video now if you guys haven't

heard a vest year collective they are

the leading platform for pre loved

fashion they have over 5,000 designers

and vintage street wear couture jewelry

handbags et cetera et cetera at 70% off

the retail price now you can't beat that

so yeah what's also awesome about this

year is the fact that it's a community

it really thrives off the people or the

buyers and the sellers it's designed to

be very interactive sort of like you

know social network and um you can

follow different profiles you can see

you know what are the girls giving okay

like what's she giving you can add

things to your wish list you can of

course add things to your favorites and

another neat thing about it you can also

create price alerts to where you'll get

an alert when an item drops below a

certain price and definitely stay tuned

to the end of the video because I'm

definitely gonna be dropping the price

to only $30 for one of my items so you

I don't want to miss that all right so

here's the home feed which is really

curated for different events and things

that's going on like you know spring is

about to spring we are sick of this

weather girl and so you could just look

at things that are you know popular and

in season and then you got me a news

feed for people that you follow oh you

can keep up with you know new items now

here's my profile you know gives them a

brief little bio followers following and

you know the different items that I'm

selling so you can follow different

people and see you know what items

they're posting you can you know

favorite them add them to your wish list

and these I've actually been eyeing

these for a minute so I'm gonna add them

to my favorites and so when you add it

to your favorite you'll you

automatically get alerts for like when

the price one nope I should say

notification so when the price is

reduced and then I'm also gonna add it

to my wish list as well which is gonna

give you price reductions as well and so

because I really like these boots I'm

also gonna create an alert so create an

alert is just gonna notify you if

anything similar comes onto the app so

once you create an alert you're able to

like change the model change the suit

your shoe size your color material etc

etc but I'm just going to keep it very

basic because I'm just looking for women

Saint Laurent boots boots are amazing so

we're gonna save that alert you can also

customize your alert settings I just

want it to be sent via mobile

notification so I'm going to save my


that's it that's how you add things to

your wish list and also add things to

favorites now when you want to see

different items that you collected over

in your favorites or wish list so here's

your wish list you can keep up with the

different prices and stuff now you can

also go to your favorites as well so

yeah that's the app now I'm gonna show

you guys the items that I'm actually

going to be selling and you know what's

crazy because majority of these items I

purchased secondhand so that cycle is

continuing of sustainability first up we

have these Chanel slides I picked these

up like a year ago never wore them

they're originally from bloomingdales

look at this so crispy okay your girl

never wore these a shame really cute the

good thing about all the money I'm

wasted so next up is a pair of Stella

McCartney it's just in a zebra print

suede type material here it was one of

those impulse buys they were on sale and

I was just like you know what that would

be cute to do like some print blocking

in these and the Chanel shoes are the

only shoes that I bought brand-new I've

never worn these like at all what was I


yeah and I'm a size 40 and the Stella

McCartney's and a 40 in Lycia nose as

well now moving on to two pairs of boots

that I actually picked up pre-owned

first up we have these Celine wedge

boots with the zipper you guys actually

seen me haul these on here and it's been

about two years

you think I've worn them no I haven't

worn them at all they also are you know

a little too small these aren't and it's

these are 9 and 1/2 if they were a 10

they'd probably be better

learning to just stop buying things that

don't you know fit right don't feel

right that weren't comfortable alright

so lastly for shoes we have these wrap

simmons calvin klein boots suede

material with the silver copies are like

so so so cute and she have a very nice

modest skill once again these just don't

fit me right and i never won them

they're pre-owned that one are probably

never one to me they're just look at the

bottom it's squeaky clean and these are

an italian size 39 so yeah that's it for

shoes let's move on to some some

accessories next up we have these

vintage Saint Laurent ceramic earrings

they're so cute they're just know so

vacationy now let's get into some I wear

I'm a sunglass fanatic I'm addicted to

them I have more sunglasses than I could

ever possibly wear and that's what

brings us to this unfortunate situation

to where I have to sell oh so first up

we just have a just plain pair of Fendi

black frame sunglasses I've had these

for probably 10 years ask me how about

one them the answer is no I have it when

I got these my hair was just going

through different phases and you know

certain sunglasses only look good with

certain hairstyles so this was probably

a straight when I was relaxed here and

now I'm natural here so she's not really

giving me what I need so have to move on

next up we have a pair of Gucci frames

that I actually picked up in Italy

movses 2018 I've tried to wear them a

few times but I don't know they just

they're cute but I just feel like I

don't know they're just I haven't worn

them it's been like two years and I

haven't worn them so yeah they're cute

yeah I want to wear them but girl you

haven't so she has to go we got to make

room for things that I'm actually going

to wear so these are

yeah install my style next up we have a

pair of Balenciaga sunglasses okay

Cyclops like this is definitely giving

Cyclops like it's definitely gonna ma'am

do you know why I pulled you over today

last year it's two pairs of sunglasses

that I actually picked up pre-owned so

yeah here they are they're by Celine a

pink and a blue pair I just love colored

sunglasses so these are really cute but

I already have like a pair of blue

sunglasses that I wear and I love


and so she's let it go and here are the

pink ones these ones are actually too

loose for my face so these if you unless

you have a big head you might have to

get these readjusted and they have

there's a machine that can tighten the

sunglasses for you if you go to any

place that sells sunglasses and the next

step is this APC pouch you know pouches

or in for a minute you know they were

inframan this color is just everything

everything go yellow is just so matter

school makes me so happy

but you got a little girl you're gonna

put you in a nice new home somebody's

gonna love you more than they love that

I could ever give you

alright and lastly we have this Miu Miu

skirt which is also pre loved soaked

good to see you cute so yeah that's

everything that I'm selling now it's

time for me to walk you guys through the

selling process and it's honestly so

straightforward so user-friendly gives

you the instructions and you know it

just take coz writing copy you know

salute to the girls who do it and do it

well but writing copy for our item it's

probably what deters me from selling my

items online but bestir makes it very

seamless as far as you know what

information to give so this is typically

the area where I

my shooting now what I love about this

new year is you don't have to be a

product photographer because they crop

every single image to have a white

background which is very cohesive and

easy to look at I like that

okay and so yeah I'm just gonna share

with you guys and my phone going to

share with you guys how I shoot the

stuff and how I listen to different

things as well so all right so let's

open up the app and then you're gonna

hit the cell gonna sell an item so I

think we're gonna do the ref Simmons

comic line boots so the women shoes

these are boots Klein almost every


the W 39 that collection next okay so

then you they walk you through each

individual step you really you can't

submit until you answer every single

thing so I love that as well to make

sure your your listing is as accurate as


here for it so I'm gonna go to

information and so let's do a

subcategory we'll say no we don't need

others if this is just like a regular

booty so for material material that it

has the most of so this is suede okay

and the color is black printed plain

size these are a Italian 39

okay so once confirm this step and

moving on to photos usually my foot is

not in doe fees okay so we're gonna get

it and I love that they give examples

for how your photo shoot should look so

here's an example for the side just in

case you're done you're on the technique

areas that you you're unclear about how

the photo should be taken they have

those examples there for you so let me

do the side photo confirm then you've

got a three-quarter view photo example

just a smidge



this mutation photo so for that pageant

take a picture of the size top beautiful



got all the photos you want then I hit

okay alright so now let's get into the

description these are cow cow then my


Simmons booties

- yeah I never warned

morons and then he'll I went to five

inches for the information to be suede

material silver toe

with tow it has a zipper inside zipper

side super box / dustbag I don't think

it's the top of this bag

is not included okay on to the next so

condition in price so the condition

never worn with tags never worn very

good condition good condition or fair

condition I would say the item is

Nevermore and if you ever have a

question about the condition of the item

you can always check the criteria so no

defects no alterations for an item that

is never mourned so do that and price is

always so hard trying to price items I

think that's where most people fail

because they don't put competitive

pricing they put with the prices they

paid or what they think the price is

what they think the item is worth I mean

it's too much guesswork so once again

invest year comes through with the hints

so they let you know similar items I

don't want to add to the item National

Post know so you can get an idea of what

to charge so so we see anywhere from 700

to 168 dollars so I think I'm gonna just

go with 400 you'll see the price output

no I'll put 350 how about that 350 and I

let you know how much money you will

receive after they take their cut okay

so I'm confirming this step and then if

you want to add any additional

information you can do so as well just

very very thorough neat just take the

guesswork out of it like you have what

you need and you're good to go so we're

gonna confirm this step and then we're

going to confirm just make sure

everything lines yes

and at this point your item is sent to

the best year for them to go through

their whole quality control process to

make sure the item matches the

description they crop your pictures and

all that good stuff for me my items have

been being posted in under 24 hours but

it really varies all right so now on to

the item that I will be reducing to just

30 dollars they are these 50 glasses get

into it check it out snatch it up before

the girls come and get it because

they're definitely not gonna last long

and yeah make sure you guys create

alerts for all the items that I have and

be on the lookout for a further price

reduction so that completes this video

guys thank you so much for watching

don't forget to head to the description

box to download the vesti air collective

app and the first 50 people to download

the app using my code vcx notorious kia

50 will give $50 off their purchase of

one hundred and fifty dollars or more

caching okay be safe out there guys love

you and I'll see you in my next video so

until next time peace and don't miss