New! Discover It with Contactless Payment: Unboxing and How to Get One


everyone now it is early 2020 Discover

has finally rolled out its contactless

payment credit cards this feature has

been available in a lot of other major

credit card companies including Chase

and M X so Discover is a little bit late

to the game but better late than never

right for those of you who are unaware

of what this contactless payment

technology is basically it allows you to

use your credit card to tap on a payment

terminal that accepts contactless

payment this allows you to very quickly

and securely process payments without

ever revealing your credit card number

to the vendor it works the same way as

you would if you use Apple pay or some

other mobile payment option so in this

video I'll just be showing you the

unboxing of this new contactless card

and also how you existing discover it

users can request a contactless card

yourself and for those of you who have

yet to own a discover it card it is a

bottom line fantastic cash back card

I've done reviews and unboxings of it

previously on my channel so if you're

interested after watching this video

definitely please consider applying

through my referral link down below you

get an additional $50 statement credit

when you apply through referrals all new

accepted discovered it applicants will

receive the contactless payment option

automatically but if you're like me who

has owned the discover it card prior to

them rolling out this contactless

payment option you can go ahead and

follow these steps so you can request

one yourself free of charge so you can

either go ahead and click on the link

that I'm providing in the description to

directly send you to this page right

here or you can simply log into your

account and then click on manage and

then the link for add or replace card

from there is really straightforward you

just pick the design that you want you

can pick the same one that you currently

have or you can pick a completely new

design the great thing about discover it

is that they give you a wide range of

options to choose from so once you pick

out the design can go ahead and select

it whether or not you want to replace

the current card that you have if it's

still fairly new or you know the

magnetic strip has not worn out in any

way I will just go ahead and add it as

an additional card just in case and then

just click Submit and then it within a

week or so you should

receive this in the mail so it comes in

a very plain envelope from Salt Lake

City Utah or Discover is based opening

up the envelope you only have two pieces

of paper one of which is just a simple

advertisement overview of how the

contactless payment works in the card

and then the other piece of paper is the

one that has your card on it so I

decided to go with the space design here

you can take a good look at it right now

see if this is also a design you will

consider picking out but the big

difference here is just this additional

contact list symbol here on the back

here's a quick comparison between the

card that doesn't have contactless

payment built-in and the one that does

so visually speaking that is really the

only way you can differentiate between

one that has the contactless payment

option and one that doesn't otherwise

the form factor the weight the thickness

is pretty much exactly the same as one

that doesn't have it so you don't need

to worry about the new car being heavier

or taking up more space in your wallet

so anyway it's a no brainer go ahead and

request that contactless payment card if

you don't already have instructions in

the description below and once again if

you don't have this awesome discovery

card yet please consider applying

through my referral link you get that

extra $50 bonus as well