IPFW Study Abroad process: ISEP Application

hello welcome to the next video for IPFW

study abroad process and today we're

going to be talking about the ISTEP

study abroad application you can find

this application online and you'll see

that both I and I set have access to

your application once you get started

we're happy to help you at any time but

hopefully this video will help you kind

of go through it on your own so first of

all please visit IPFW edu slash study -

abroad and you'll see on the very last

link there's page just for I said study

abroad and on this page there's a lot of

the links that you need such as a

reminder about exchange versus direct

and what that means

reminder about eligibility and the steps

for how to actually apply for those

programs as a reminder you do need to

fill out the IPFW study abroad

application you need to have at least a

2.5 GPA being good academic and

discipline standing and have completed

at least two semesters on a college

campus before you go so here is the link

to the ISS online application and you'll

see that they also have their own

checklist here again happy to help you

at any time but a lot of this you can go

through on your own it will be an online

application will you'll need to create

an account and you can see that you'll

need to find up to 10 places and you can

list them in order preference of where

you would like to go you should not list

places of places that you're not willing

to go to because what happens is I have

looks at your application and first they

compare you to your number one and they

look up preferences and your goals and

the courses that you need and if you're

not in the top four your number one then

they go to your number two then your

number three then you'll get an email

that says congratulations you've been

placed at when do you make out when you

birth you dad to Valparaiso Chile and

then the program have a chance to review

your application and accept your

application and

finally you'll get the chance to get it

back and you'll have the final say if

you want particularly in that program or


so the material will be actually need

for your application you can see here um

you'll need ten places of up to ten

places an order preference I would

recommend at least three or at least

four maybe at least one of those

programs should be good very good or

excellent chance of placement the other

materials that you'll need are courses

for each program that you wish to take

there and then up to five to eight

courses for each school and then you'll

also need a letter of recommendation

from my somebody who's had you in a

college classroom that could be an

academic advisor or a professor you're

welcome to add more letters of

recommendation perhaps from a coach or a

boss if you would like to make your

application more competitive but you

most definitely need one just for the

classroom as well and you'll need an

official transcript so you can get in

Kettler t $8 or you can get a free one

if you're a Purdue student online have

emailed to me I can upload it for you or

you just bring it bring your official

transcript here and again I can upload

that for you and finally um you'll need

a personal statement both in English and

the host language that you hope to study

in it's replicable and then a language

evaluation if you're planning on taking

classes in a language other than English

so those are all the materials that you

need now I'm going to show you the

actual application so I just have a

sample application here that I have made

and you'll see that the it's fairly

straightforward at first you just put

your name your GPA what program what

you're hoping to study while abroad but

here you are this quote make sure that

you get this year right what year you

hope to go abroad this section one

placement when

that you just hope to go to one location

and then come home again two placements

would be maybe you spend the fall

semester in Ireland and the spring

semester in South Africa or maybe the

spring semester in China and the summer

semester in Estonia so that's what that

means you can go to two different places

in one application and then you would

choose for how long you hope to be

abroad and then hit save and continue

once you have that set up then you're

able to add courses to your host site

request list so you'll see I have a lot

of courses here already to add a course

just simply choose for which program

that you're hoping to go make sure

you're picking exchange or direct

correctly you need help with deciding

which one you would like and you can ask

me for help then you pick what country

you're hoping to go to select which

program you're hoping to join and then

this is almost always regular University

courses and then you write something

here about why this campus this is the

only chance that you have telling I SAP

why this school over any other school so

this could be something with your

academic goals your personal goals

geography goals remember that it should

be professional can't be just like I

don't know sounds cool or I like the

beach but it should also be maybe

aligned with your major certain family

history the location could be anything

and don't forget I will review all of

this before we turn it in so don't be

nervous about what you write something

else I would like to point out here you

can actually have a mix of exchange and

direct on your list so if you're really

hoping to get into a certain program

that's hard to get into

you could always list it as exchange

first and then later add direct down the

line like you really want to do an

exchange program if you can get into any

of these you'd be willing to pay direct

that's where you could add that though

another important thing to mention

about this such this section is that all

eyes at school will appear in your

drop-down menu here but that doesn't

necessarily mean that that school is

available during the semester that you

chose so to find out if it is available

or not you use the iPad study abroad or

search for programs page and make sure

make sure that you choose the correct

semester in year for what you would like

to go and then your program would show

up there so if it's on this list you can

apply if it's not on this list then you

should not add it to your host site

request list so after you have all of

your courses your programs here and you

can see that I can move them around as

your preferences change then you go to

the course request list and you list the

courses that you're hoping to take at

that University you don't necessarily

add IPFW courses here because think

about it I SEP or maybe the school in

England doesn't know anything about IPFW

classes so there's no reason to list our

course numbers so here you would list

the course number that you find in on

each program site the course mean and

then in other information you would add

something that is relevant to that

program for example any upper level

expository writing course or any course

of linguistic any communication culture

class any 300 level Spanish equivalent

so that's just helpful that they can see

how flexible you are or how much what

type of course is that you're hoping to

take there you'll also see that the only

required thing that you add is the

actual course name sometimes programs

don't have a course number if you can't

find a course number then you don't like

that if you must must must take these

courses then you should check this box

if the courses above cannot be met I do

not want to do place to this institution

so they would

with the home institution if you can

take those classes before they would

move on to your number two number three

number four choice if that's not true

and do not click that button because you

might not be placed at that institution

so once you have at least five to eight

courses at each institution you're ready

to move on to the next step as you can

see if you want to move on to different

steps while you're still finding courses

that's okay you can always come back to

this page later but the program cannot

be approved until you have five to eight

courses for each program and remember

you are not actually registering for

these courses on this page you're simply

telling the host school I'm hoping to

take a variety of upper level Spanish

courses I'm hoping to take some business

classes and some chemistry classes and

that gives them an idea of what you're

actually hoping to take while you're


and then when you actually are placed as

a school and you're accepted and you're

officially going then you work with an

advisor like me at the host institution

and they help you sign up for classes so

the other types of materials that you

need we already discussed sometimes

you'll need a language proficiency

report if you hope to take classes

outside of English you'll need a

personal statement and if you see here

you click this arrow and you'll see more

instructions you'll write this in

English and another language if you're

helping to equip questions as a reminder

I'm more than happy to help you with

this type of essay as is Career Services

who has walk-in hours every day tend to

they're very good this type of thing

you'll need an academic reference you'll

see you'll put the faculty name and

email here however do not do this until

you ask their permission or their

willingness to write you a letter

because otherwise and you hit submit

they'll get an automatic email and

that's not a really good way to receive

a request

you'll also need a passport if you do

not yet have a passport and you can just

click this button and hit save and

continue however

it is very important that you start the

process on getting a passport as soon as

possible we have a scanner here in our

office you're welcome to come in and use

that and same as a transcript and then

additional information this is not

required it would just be extra

information such as another letter of

reference maybe your resumes which if

you're applying for a internship type

program I've seen students upload

specific course requirements that

they're really hoping to find abroad

maybe a list of all of the courses an

international study certificate if

you're hoping to work or not abroad so

you and I can just discuss that on what

we think might be necessary there once

all areas are complete and there'll be a

checkmark next to each of these a button

will approve here that says submit that

is submitted to me then I go through

your entire application I read every

word again as compared to each program

sometimes on the program page there'll

be specific information about each

program and what they might require on

the actual application so maybe you'll

see must have successes of Spanish

before you go must upload also a resume

or something like that sometimes you'll

see that information here are they what

they require so make sure to check that

before you turn your program in to me

but I will check that for you as well

before I in a group so if I see

something that needs fixing I'll hit

return to student I'll probably send you

an email like hey check out your

personal statement maybe rewrite this

part or you didn't add enough classes

please go add more courses let me know

if you want help with that if everything

looks good then I write you a

coordinator reference and then I hit

submit and at that chance neither that

point neither

I can edit the application it just comes

back to you for you to pay the $100

application fee and then it goes off to

either blink if you get it in by the

priority deadline August 25th September

1st for fall January February 8th or

February 15th so spring for the

following semester then they'll be about

three weeks four weeks and then what

else where you're placed so thank you

for watching I hope that you found this

helpful please please let me or Jakob

someone I SEP know if you need help with

this process we're happy at any time but

I think and you just start to work

through it it'll be pretty clear thank