Point Pleasant Beach & Jenkinsons Boardwalk in NJ

hi guys welcome back to the vlog today

we are at Point Pleasant Jenkinson's

boardwalk and Beach New Jersey

yeah New Jersey we're certainly not in

Florida they don't know where we're at

I could have viewers from England yeah

we're in Jersey sadly but third third

Beach their sand is way way cleaner and

up cat it is a little cleaner seaside

and wow thought it's only said dirty

it's hot it's a little warm today

could've at least walk down in a bathing

suit not clothing you know my hair is

sticking down hat

you don't understand how people could be

walking around Universal right now in

Orlando I know let's check out the

sights and sounds of it it's small but

let's check everything out


we'll look at these signs everywhere

don't touch the surface you're getting

close your elbow is on the surface we

have to do that doing everything heat up

the know last time was Florida when I

was really sick do you're dying I had to

get you out I'm pretty sure you're dying

I'll be went to that pirates mini-golf

way to being covet two years ago that

was last year

was it no to hear I was sick yeah last

year sorry for you were sick we need to

go to Florida when neither of us are

sick we just get off the plane and one

of us her sick the entire time must be

the plane we should just fly privately

in your plane just too expensive to take


I'd be worth it if neither of us were

ill the whole time yeah you say my

throat's on fire it was it was bad we go

back to the Pirates Golf don't we we won

one of us got a hole-in-one and we got a

free game for the next time hey Boston

feel like that's only good for a year

miss it's only good for an hour it's

just two years two years old it's been

through five owner changes but I could

go for Chevy's 57 Chevy I'd go for a 57

Chevy no Chevy's Mexican


Trump rally tonight


they literally have a sign says wash

your hands and keep you


this is

it's Point Pleasant


this stuff open and some of this stuff's

closed yeah our target we drove by hobby

lobby's open but

other stuffs closed

we can use our gate arcade games here

but like Dave Buster's a smokin

it's a little hot today it's really hard

that's for my hair

each car

miss Petrak

the new social distance sign everywhere

just poured off better than

a little nicer


big house

little warm it's nice with the cool air

it's nice to be out them it's nice yeah

I just

I'm sweating

it'll hermit crabs

I scream all the rides are closed

stupid if profit be here you're all

crowded on the boardwalk or the beach I

don't understand why just open

everything in the CDC say it doesn't

really last on surfaces Tim well yeah

but not as long as they thought even if

they woke them down there's no point are

you kidding me people don't even want to

go to work when you're gonna ask them to

wipe down there

back again but they're like freaking out

he's like you can't go on there unless

you have the badges like I have a badge

you just watch me walk

why be so that strict

the camera probably can't pick it up now

they're showing the back it literally

just walked off the beach and he wants

to go take his kids are into speedo

as you can tell the kids are loaded in

sand so clearly they had a batch Oh

clearly they just walked off the beach


the times

at $10 a pop even for a small kid yep

craziness is every beaches now $10 they

used to be like five and seven looks

it's not like it's the airport where you

walk that security it can't turn around

it's the excuse me just step through

security you can turn around wait a

minute this is in the airport it just

saw me come off as that family in front

of us politics and money

I don't like the direction the world is


just getting worse that's not like the

kids are older they're younger kids but

you know they gotta get oddly she wants

the big uns operon exactly



oh the ice cream nice I'd get up bold

yeah that's where I get my shirt

oh my auditorium really