HELLO PRAGUE - First Time in Czech Republic






oh yeah we wish you a Merry Christmas we

wish you a Merry Christmas Merry

Christmas everybody hope you guys all

enjoyed our Christmas video that we put

out two months ago we're sorry that

we're so far behind but that's just the

way it is when you're traveling

sometimes today is our last day in

Southeast Asia our last day in Vietnam

we are catching a flight out of Ho Chi

Minh City to Prague we're going to the

cold bitter cold of Eastern Europe first

we have a three hour layover in Russia

so we'll see you guys in Russia and one

10 hour flight of really actually

comfortable flight with the airline


oh man mark won the airplane lottery

yeah check out Amanda's Instagram story

mark feels like he won the jackpot right

now economy but I just got lucky look at

this Laker I don't have a seat in front

of me yeah merry Christmas to me merry

Christmas to you

I won the airplane a lot to read merry

Christmas to me look at my view I

basically am sitting business class we

are now in Moscow it's cold and snowy

we're kind of rushing our plane with our

plane was running behind it was late

okay so now we have to jump on our

flight it looks like it's loading

boarding now okay so we will see you

guys in Prague good morning beautiful

babies so the last time we talked to you

you're in Moscow and we've now been

abroad three days first day we spent it

hanging out with our friend who we've

mentioned before and she has helped us

with our travels with recommendations

and whatnot along the way you can find

her here and travel with candy we didn't

want to creep around with the cameras

all in her face so we're like you know

day one we'll just hang out with her and

you know we'll blog the next day went to

old town square which was absolutely

magical that was amazing OMG



now we spent the day just exploring

walking around met up with candy she

showed us some delicious bars Prague is

also known for being the number one will

Czech Republic is known for being like

the number one consumer here her

alcoholic beverage I guess in the world

so we went to a lot of like cool little

bars do at once place specific called

Hemingway's there's like a wait to get

in but luckily we know people now that

know people that got us in and so the

plan was to record on day two but since

we have been out all night drinking oh

there it goes

look at how cool this drink is it is a

snow globe how do you drink it that is

so cool you're hungover we're sorry guys

I know that was irresponsible we only

have three days and so yesterday we

didn't leave our Airbnb until noon we

just couldn't find it in ourselves today

what we stumbled around Prague yesterday

again amazing it just looked like a

fairy tale we just kept saying like feel

like we're in a movie set does it look

real bad more people need to come here

you can see the weather is not

cooperating it's raining / don't like

those snowing I'd be fine with snow but

it's raining we're gonna hang out here

inside these coffee shop for a while

hopefully the weather changes so this

trip of ours is almost like a scouting

mission pleasure to come visit this

beautiful city at the same time we want

to see if it's somewhere that we could

picture ourselves living possibly later

alright so we're gonna come back to you

guys after we get some work done we'll

talk to you later and hopefully it

stopped raining

oh so it's now three hours later if we

did some work in the coffee shop but

look at this church beautiful right and

cute little Christmas tree and cute

little Billy

we are just going to kind of wrap up for

the day we're gonna go do more work it's

just like it's so great and wet and

crappy out we don't want to show you

guys Prague like this unless we

absolutely have to so tomorrow the

forecast is Sun so we're gonna put this

away for the rest of the day and we will

see you tomorrow morning rain or shine

we'll show you how like awesome and cute

and beautiful progress hopefully

tomorrow is just better

see you guys in like a second






so what did you guys think of the

charles bridge we've seen it like three

times now and every time i'm like our

flight out of here is at five we've got

to check out we've got to get our bags

out of our air B&B at 12:30 so we've got

four hours to kind of explore around

we're just gonna warm up have a coffee

breakfast here a starbucks for a bit and

then we'll kind of take you on a little

tour of prague over as much as we can

get through in four hours



we walked up to the broad castle right

now the Czech Republic President lives

in the castle right now we're at a

Starbucks up here and this has to be the

best view of probably of any Starbucks

we've been in I'll check it out guys

isn't that that's crazy it's so nice

it's a pretty cold really cold this

would be the spot to come for sunrise if

you're coming to Prague come up here

don't go to bridge and you can see

behind me everything is just starting to

get kind of set up all the little shops

and stuff mmm I can just smell like the

food it smells so good over the

Churchill neck

I said mini Eiffel Tower yeah oh it's

kind of ugly yeah it's more of like an

electrical thing than any Eiffel Tower

okay let's go up here explore a little

more these government buildings look

really nice




is the castle and behind the castle is

the cathedral the church st. vitus to us

so everyone that you see walking is

going to the church or just a tour of

the castle I can't tell maybe we should

walk over there to find out and it would

probably be cool to go inside and check

it out but we don't have time to do that

today so if we come back to Prague maybe

we'll do it then but it looks really

beautiful from the outside it looks so

like medieval ok so not far like 10

minute walk from the castle we're at

this another famous little spot called

Lenin wall here's some little factoid

info on it but apparently also this wall

they'll paint it over white every few

months and then everyone will come in

and tag it




they also have all these like really

fancy cars like this and like that and I

don't know how much it is but you can go

for a little tour in them there's a lot

of walking tours here too we wanted to

do one but the prices were pretty

expensive so we're just kind of doing

our own mobile tour

and when you come to Prague you

definitely have to stop by and feed the

beautiful swans this guy over here I was


grunting at me he's not very happy I

don't slow clothes I'm waiting for him

to try to attack me

this bridge here in the background last

one we were on this morning that's

charles bridge this like city is so

european this is exactly how I picture

Europe we can't say it's enough it feels

like we're in a movie those like we're

in Cinderella okay my hands are freezing

you can't be cold at all okay yeah get

away from water too cold so that is mark

at the exchange booth funny story when

we flew in to Prague it was about 11

p.m. and that was on Christmas Day after

flying for about 15 hours total we're a

little exhausted mark went to the ATM

and accidentally pulled out 20,000 crown

which is 900 and like 90 US Dollars and

obviously we're not spending nine

hundred and ninety dollars in Prague in

three days so mark is now exchanging

some money for euros and some for US

dollars because a lot of the places also

accept credit card and I'd rather use a

credit card on purchases and get points

for stuff then use cash next on the list

is going to the post office because we

have to send back our I video Wi-Fi

hotspot let's go find the post office

just kidding

we have to go to another place to get US

dollars because they didn't have enough

there this is the first time we've used

an exchange booth right highly recommend

when you're traveling I think we've said

it before get a Charles Schwab card they

have the best exchange rates ATMs have

the best exchange rates

don't bring cash



so right now we're in old town square

and this is one of the Christmas markets

they're all around the city and this is

one of the more popular ones I believe

we got a huge Christmas tree and

beautiful Church in the background so

much delicious food


guess where we are answer damn if you

didn't hear me

sorry we didn't finish recording or

saying what we were doing in Prague we

just got caught up we had to hurry up to

get back to the air B&B check out catch

a goober to the airport all that stuff

it just kind of happened really quick

one and a half hour flight later no

immigration check no passport any like

that it's just like it's like traveling

in the States and we met this awesome

girl on some plane she sat right next to

us she invited us to her New Year's Eve

party which is awesome because we didn't

have any plans

and we hope that she like yeah I hope we

didn't seem too desperate but she was

really awesome and I'm sure it would be

an amazing time

and we will see you guys tomorrow

somewhere in Amsterdam we don't know

what we're gonna do

come back and see what Amsterdam is like

Oh comment like subscribe if you're not

already beautiful be seen well you

should be and we'll see you guys later