How did the transatlantic slave trade start? - BBC What's New?

it is said that this man Prince Henry the  Navigator of Portugal came up with the idea  

of the transatlantic slave trade he made Portugal  the first European nation to engage in the slave  

trade from the mid 15th century follow countries  such as Spain Britain France Netherland Denmark  

Sweden Africa were taking against the will and  force onto slave ships they were then transported  

across the Atlantic Ocean slavery was supported  a made legal by European governments and monarch  

this type of enslavement was practiced European  colony from the 16th century onwards Capitan John  

Hawkins made the first known English slavering  voyage to Africa in fifty sixty two in the reign  

of Elizabeth the first he was called the trans  Atlantic slave trade because he formed a trolley  

routes across the ocean how did he actually work  you try to relieve European ports towards the  

African West Coast there they capture African  load them into the ships the sail across the  

Atlantic Ocean to America those African who had  survived the journey was sold and put to work as  

slaves once the ship unloaded the slaves they  then returned to Europe with good sashes sugar  

coffee tobacco rice and later cotton which had  been produced by slave labor the triangle which  

involved three continent was dead completed  millions of African were enslaved and forced  

across the Atlantic to labor in plantations in  the Caribbean and Americas this led to generation  

after generation of people being taken from the  homelands why did the ship arrived below the menu  

open port they were involved in a slave trade  where Liverpool London Bristol other European  

ports Asha's Amsterdam a month there were loads  of resistance by Africans against slavery like  

the Motherhouse a Muslim LaMotta house who was  a slave turned rebel then became a general and  

Oladipo Chiado born in modern-day Nigeria  but the most successful slave rebellion in  

history for the 18th century Asian Revolution  led by former slave to some virtue and later  

versions are the salad who won the war against  the French colonial rulers this founded modern  

day 80 this became the only place where slave  free themselves and created their own country