Adopt me! These rescue dogs can now live in Singapore’s HDB flats | CNA Lifestyle

who are these handsome dogs who

previously weren't allowed in your HD

flat but now are let's meet them



he was found as a baby stuck inside a

drain and a volunteer had to use an X to

hack the drain apart but just so she

could get to him it's a little bit of a

nervous puppy but he's gonna do just

fine when he finds the right human he

was actually living in a cemetery and

then one day he was a little bit naughty

and he dug at a grave so at Bennigan's

here porkchop and his mother and his

sister were found in a cage actually now

he's looking for a home and just be a

really good boy


he was originally called scar boy

because he's kind of covered in scars

but star boy is just better for hittin

it you know I've been through so much



she was adopted when she was a puppy but

her owners decided they didn't want her

so they bought her back when she was

about six months old Wiseman was rescued

from an army camp actually one of his

best friends got adopted so he's kind of

lonely after that if you're looking for

a doe go to do some workouts with you'd

be perfect


there are a pair of sisters and they

were both rescued from an industrial

estate angel she is more affectionate

one and ginger here is the more

independent one

he was found with a broken leg so he had

to be brought in for surgery but he's

all healed up now and he's learning to

be confident outside and around


angel has a special condition it's

caught Meg esophagus she has to be

upright when she eats so she has a

special setup where her bowl is a little

higher and she only eats very soft foods


he was found on Jurong Island with a

whole bunch of his brothers and sisters

he's just spent his whole life in

shelters so as you can see he's a little

bit nervous to be out right now and he

just needs someone with a lot of

patience Groucho was found in an

industrial area with a chain around his

neck and he also had a wounded paw


he was found on the doorstep of the sost

president rusty is apparently very very

m'angil if he likes you do you like me


excuse me madam madam this way please