Cinque Terre & Tuscany Walking & Hiking Tour Video | Backroads

(jaunty Italian folk music)

- That's where we started.

That's Campiglia; yes, we were there.

- This is one of the most magical things I've ever seen

in my entire life.

- Backroads really caters for all levels of hikers.

There are many options throughout the day;

you can either do shorter walks

or longer, more challenging walks.

I had a really great experience with one of our guides

through the Cinque Terre, and it was really wonderful

to have that time with him where he got to tell us a lot

about the local area, and it was a fantastic walk

with excellent views.

- The Cinque Terre are Riomaggiore, Manarola,

Corniglia, Monterosso, and Vernazza.

This is Vernazza and it's my favorite.

Let's go visit it together.

- And this is types of local cheese.

We have fresh goat cheese,

and then three types of Pecorino.

- If you can go in, you'll also see those that's planted.

This is Portofino, one of the symbols

of the Liguria Riviera, and scene of many movies.

Have a look!

- And here we are in Tuscany!

As you can see, vineyards all over the place!

And here, the grapes of the Chianti wine

that we're gonna drink tonight at the wine tasting.

- Let me introduce you Fabrizio,

the best sommelier in Chianti.

We're going to have a wine tasting with him.

(speaking in Italian)

- Tonight, we're gonna try Brunello di Montalcino

and Chianti Classico.

- One of my favorite things about the Backroads experience

has been the immersing in the local culture.

Every time we stop for lunch, we are visiting

a local company where their produce is all locally grown,

and the wine, and the drinks.

- Hi there, how are you?

- I'm very well, how are you?

- [Hiker] Awesome.

- So, everything that you're having today

is really, really local.

Most of it is made by us.

- What I loved is you had people guiding us who were locals,

and really made us feel welcome and part of this country.

- Can you see all these symbols?

- Backroads is really awesome 'cause you still get

the wilderness experience, but there's never any doubt

or fear; you know you're gonna see the best there is,

and you're gonna be comfortable and happy doing it.

(women laugh)