Cash Out Gift Cards with no Fee

how's it going everybody this is beat

the bush today I'm gonna talk about how

you can liquidate your gift cards with

no fee whatsoever with a little bit of

financial engineering let's face it you

probably got some gift cards as a gift

or maybe you were trying to fulfill your

spend requirements you got 5 or 10% or

maybe you got some credit card bonuses

through buying these gift cards and then

now you have too many gift cards you

don't know what to do with it and you

want to liquidate it instead so that you

get the cash out you probably know that

every single time you do any kind of

financial transaction for example if you

sell a gift card you're gonna end up

having to pay a small fee you can sell

it to Coinstar or something you can go

on these websites that does reselling of

gift cards eventually someone's gonna

take a cut I did some research on this

and some sites as you can sell your

Amazon gift card for more then it's

actually worked I looked it up on eBay

myself to see what the past transactions

are and I do not see such a thing so

today I'm gonna concentrate more on

actual things that you can do gift cards

is a huge business it's not just that

they're selling the cards and then you

have to come back to the store to buy it

when they sell a certain amount a

certain percentage of this is gonna get

lost or stolen and this value will never

get claimed in fact in 2011 from tower

research there's about two billion

dollars worth of gift cards that remains

unclaimed and then it just kind of

evaporates into thin air this two

billion dollars is what you do not want

to lose and if you're able to keep this

from happening from your own pocket it's

going to represent a lot of money for

you now if you got a Visa or Master gift

card and you can spend it anywhere where

the SF credit cards you can essentially

I think the best way to spend this

amount is to spend it on something you

would have anyway and that your credit

card bonuses will not get you that much

a percentage back these include

utilities a lot of utilities can

actually accept credit cards including

water gas and electric your trash bill

your medical premiums your car insurance

premiums cell phone internet and also

cable they all mostly will take your

credit card without

charging you an additional fee the most

advantageous I think is to pay it into

your insurance what you can do is take

your Visa gift card

go on wherever you pay your medical

bills go on wherever you pay your car

insurance and then just put that money

in whatever the amount is worth in that

card and then just pay that month's

premium pay it in advance you don't have

to pay in full just pay whatever that's

in that gift card and then the rest are

gonna bill you and then you're gonna pay

the remainder of that with your credit

card now let's talk about other kinds of

gift cards such as the ones that you

have to redeem at an actual store or

maybe Amazon which is mostly what I

personally buy the idea here is you want

to look at this at a macroscopic view

where is the money going if you're

actually spending extra money to buy

stuff that you never would have just

because you have that credit card then

you're actually losing money the trick

here is to buy stuff that you would have

anyway so then you might have to wait a

little while and have a need for a

certain item and then you spend that

money therefore you need to have that

credit sitting there for a while before

you actually find an actual need for

yourself once you spend that money you

can kind of go well I would have spent

cash instead for that item so I can just

take money out of your checking account

and then go okay you know you just kind

of redeemed it for cash that way you

really need it to do this dual

transaction here because most times when

you actually want them to directly give

you cash you're always going to take a

certain cut from it so that's why this

video is about No Fee so it takes a

little bit of getting used to there's a

little bit of financial trickery and you

gotta you know spend it on one spot and

then take money from another spot

another way to draw down on your Amazon

gift card is to buy things for friends

and family you can entice people to go

through you because maybe you have an

Amazon Prime membership and they don't

so then they're gonna be incentivized to

you know say hey you know can you buy

this and this for me I've had this

happen to me all the time and then you

can order for them and then you know two

days later if they're your coworker or

something you can give it to them in

person they can give you the cash and

you know it's a win-win for both people

they get it fast you get whatever cut

that you

got from buying all those gift cards now

another way is also if you work at

someplace and you need to buy stuff for

that company a lot of times you can find

things that you need for your company on

Amazon therefore you can buy whatever

you need from Amazon use your gift card

credit and then you expense it and then

your company pays you back in cash

through this reimbursement if you run

your own business or if you're

self-employed you can also expense

things that you buy on Amazon which you

know whatever equipment that you need

there's a whole bunch of stuff on there

you just need to make sure that those

things that you buy are business

expenses this comes in many many

different folds of benefits because

number one buying those gift cards you

probably got 5% cash back 10% cash back

or maybe you were turning credit cards

or something so right off the bat right

there you got five 10% even 30 percent

cashback just from that transaction and

then you use that gift card credit and

then you go and buy business expense

things and then yet again you can write

off your business expenses and then this

amounts to something between thirty and

forty percent off that you are not

paying for whatever that item that

you're buying another idea is just

simply to regifter if you get it and you

don't really go to that store you can

certainly give it to someone that you

think would go to that store so this is

very easy it comes in you give it back

out in the same value now if all these

methods fail for you you don't like to

do any of it or maybe you cannot do it

because you know for whatever reason you

don't have access to these ways you can

also go on a gift card resell place

called Ray's comp you basically go on

there and then sell these gift cards for

a slightly lower value than the actual

value of the gift card and then people

will pay you through that of course on

this website you can't sell Amazon gift

cards for one reason or another if you

guys are interested in this check out my

referral link down in the video

description below we can get a $5 credit

if you actually use my referral yet

another way that you can convert all of

this Amazon gift card credit into cash

which is a little bit harder is to buy

things and then resell it now there's a

trick to this because you essentially

become a reseller and I feel like

over the years when I've done this

plenty of times and the best way to do

this is weight forward these Lightning

Deals wait for you know some very very

good deal like Black Friday or something

and then you can get some item for

really really cheap you just have to

monitor all the time and you know this

might take some time and effort okay

but when you do it successfully you can

actually maybe even make a profit on it

what I recommend to buy of course is to

buy things that has a lot of traffic

something that is very very popular and

you just monitor those items for

whatever amount that you want to spend

and then you have to just keep track of

it and then whenever the price drops on

that and you see that it's a good deal

so you need to be a reseller put on your

reseller hat here and you have to have

an eye for a good deal a lot of people

have this eye and then you buy that item

and then when it comes back to you just

wait a week or something until the price

comes back up so you have to foresee

that this price drop is temporary and

that it will come back and not in the

case where you know you have some item

and they permanently drop the price then

you can't have that price come back up

and then people will pay more for it so

when you resell the item you can resell

it on sites like let go offer up close

five and all those things you know their

track cash based transactions and in

person so you can avoid the fees of

things like eBay or selling on Amazon so

usually those fees would eat a lot into

you know you trying to cash out on this

thing you know they might charge five to

ten percent or something and this is

enough to kind of hurt so if you do this

and you can spot those products you

might be able to go on camel camel camel

calm just look for huge price drops and

just look for all the items and see

which one you actually recognize don't

buy those items that or you know some

random brand name because usually people

don't buy those things you want a hot

item and you want an item that temporary

lowered its price if you want to do this

you know resale thing and try to reclaim

the cash just to give you the guy some

examples I think buying markdown Legos

is actually a very very good idea

because there's a lot of demand

for Legos I used to buy a lot of it and

you know just I didn't want to collect

anymore so then I just got rid of my

whole stock but while I was doing it

sometimes if you wait around for you

know the sales sometimes it might be $50

off or something so you need to have a

knife or you need to keep track of it if

you don't have anything to do then this

might be actually a fun thing to do and

when they lower the price you buy it and

then maybe it will come back up maybe

not but as long as you lower the price

to market value people are going to buy

it another thing is also Apple products

now you don't want to go too expensive

sometimes because if it's a too big a

transaction people get a bit jittery

right because you don't want to go you

know did you steal it or something right

so you want to keep it around like

hundred two hundred dollars if it's

something really big

you know you might need to bite the

bullet and sell it on eBay because

through that people are a little bit

more trusting because there are buyer

protections involved in that and you

know people are more willing to buy

bigger ticket items through a site with

that you know monitors a communication

there's some guarantees involved so

thanks for watching this video having

access to all of these you have your

choice of all of them which you do not

have to pay a fee at all so I hope you

guys enjoyed this video don't forget to

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