oh god this is so messy

this is way too many white t-shirts

pants that I haven't worn and that I

never really wore that's the pile of

hangers I have a lot of white t-shirts

you would have seen in the video I

posted last week or whenever you're

watching this I'm not sure when this

videos going up but I did a complete

closet inventory because a lot of you on

the Facebook group early on when that

launched it's called little bi beauties

you guys can check it out it's awesome

everybody is so supportive and amazing

but in addition to that you guys have a

lot of amazing ideas and somebody

suggested saying that you did a complete

closet inventory and actually counted

how many items that you owned a lot of

you are minimalist but a lot of you guys

were like me where you had over 200 plus

items the inventory was basically also a

declutter at the same time and a lot of

you guys wanted to know how I sell my

clothes so I figured I would go through

this vlog and share with you how I sell

things on Instagram stories and on deep

hop so if you want to see how I saw my

clothes so that they can get a new home

and new life and new youth which they

were meant to do you want to see how I

make sure that my clothes continue to be

enjoyed then I'll take you along with me

and how I do that so there's a lot of

different ways that you can sell your

clothing do whatever is easiest for you

and whatever time alots for you for me I

primarily like to do it through the

website called deep pop this is not

sponsored I've been selling clothes on

there for about two or three years now

so I've had a really good experience and

it's really easy to use other ones that

you can try our Poshmark carousel is

another one in Canada you can do a

kijiji Craigslist Facebook marketplace

you can take your clothes to a local

consignment store there's a lot of

different ways that you can sell your

clothes or you can do a clothing swap

too which is another really great

circular a sustainable option to get new

clothes for yourself if you're missing

pieces in your wardrobe and to give your

clothes new life in somebody else's

closet so choose whatever is easiest for

you a lot of people want to get this

done really quickly so I'd say that

probably the fastest way to do it is to

take it to your local consignment store

so consignment shops will buy your used

clothes off of you and you can either

exchange back for a credit to shop at

the store or they will give

you cash money but just be aware that

you probably won't get as much back on

your clothing as you think I think a lot

of people get shocked about how much

money they make back because you feel

like you hold on to the value of your

clothing but clothing is like buying a

car it loses its value unless it's like

something rare like a vintage Chanel or

certain things like that but a lot of

clothing loses its value very quickly as

soon as it leaves the store and the

longer that you own it so just be

prepared that you're not going to get a

huge amount of money back when you take

your clothes into consignment and the

other thing to consider is a lot of

consignment stores are looking for

things that are seasonal so if you are

getting rid of a bunch of summer stuff

and it's winter they might not take your

items so just be aware of that be aware

of the season you can consider holding

on to your stuff if you want to do

consignment if it's more seasonal and so

for me I like to sell on depop it's

basically like an Instagram feed for

selling your clothing so a couple of

things to consider about depop is that

everything is done 100% through PayPal

and through the app any insurance any

guarantees on the clothing refunds

things like that are only guaranteed and

defendable if it's done through the app

if you guys DM and decide hey we want to

meet up and pay cash to save a little

bit of fees on the paypal or on the D

pop fees just be aware that your

transaction is not protected so depop

customer service won't be able to help

you if you end up doing you're selling

privately another thing to be aware of

is that depop takes 10% of the total

amount of the sale so there's a couple

of deductions that you'll see once you

complete the transaction so depop takes

10% right off the bat and then PayPal

also takes a certain percentage of the

total amount being sent to you because

it is a business transaction so just be

aware of that as well especially when

you're pricing in your items and you're

doing your shipping and speaking of

shipping that is definitely the next

thing to consider

in Canada shipping costs are quite

expensive and a few options that you

have in order to ship your clothing is

Canada Post that's what I use you can

use FedEx UPS there's a bunch of

different couriers and shipment methods

that you can choose and once you figured

out what website you're going to sell

your clothing through and what service

you're going to use for shipping the

next thing you got to figure out is how

to take photos of your clothing and how

to price them

well actually the very first step in all

of this is decluttering so once you've

got that out of the way then you start

dealing with that so a couple of tips

about taking photos of your clothing

well if you're gonna do it over

Instagram deep hop wherever there's a

couple of things that you always want to

consider one do you want to share photos

and video of the item do you want to try

on the piece and see how it wears on

your body type just make sure that

you're not wearing any crazy makeup and

that you don't get this clothes dirty

but I do like to show what the item

looks like on my body either in video or

photo to help you give it a real-world

sense of what the item actually looks

like how it moves how it wears so that's

the first decision to make second tip is

to make sure that you have good lighting

whether you have artificial lighting or

natural light natural light is probably

best make sure that the clothes are lit

well and that you can see the details in

them if it's too dark or shadowy or

grainy or you're using your regular

tungsten bedroom lighting it all kind of

disrupts first of all it looks bad but

it disrupts the true nature of what the

piece looks like I would avoid using

excessive filters or any filters at all

on your photos or on your video just

because they can tweak the color a

little bit the tones the white balance

and can affect what the clothing looks

like in real life so that's just

something to keep in mind so I'll show

you some examples of ways that people

have taken photos of their clothing

either they just have it hanging on a

hanger and you can have plants and cute

sort of background things but remember

that the focus of the photo is

to display the clothing if you're going

to just have the clothing item hanging

make sure you use a nice hanger they

recommend a wooden hanger like this try

not to use those like kind of cheap

looking plastic e hangers try to

approach your selling as if you are

selling from an online store that you

would shop from on an everyday basis

anyway take visual cues and tips from

your favorite online websites and see

how they display the clothing and then

you can try that yourself

so the lighting in my place is really

good right now I'm doing what I have to

I'm standing on the bed I'm making sure

my feet are clean but I'm just going to

take some photos with my iPhone of the

piece and I like to take a full shot of

the items of detail shots and I also

like to take a photo of the tag to show

off the brand and to show off the size

of the item and an important thing to

remember is if there's slight damage in

your clothing or if there's a stain you

want to be a hundred percent transparent

with any imperfections on the item and

you want to reflect that in your price

and you want to share what the

imperfection is in your advertisement


so another thing I wanted to consider is

sometimes on the iPhone showing blacks

and showing white items that are black

and white the exposure can be a little

bit off and it can make the blacks look

really gray and the whites look really

really overexposed if you are taking a

photo of your item and you expose for

the actual black part of the piece in

bright life so you might have to play

with your exposure and tap around to try

to get the truest black and the truest

white if your pieces are those colors

you also want to make sure that you're

getting some nice detail shots of your

pieces so if there's texture in the

fabric if it's a specific brand and you

want to share the tag if there's cute

details in the buttons you want to

capture all that because did pop allows

you to share multiple photos of the same

item so it just gives the person a

little bit more information a little

more detail just so they can take a

closer look at the piece and you also

want to display what makes the piece

unique and what makes it really special

so make sure that you capture those

details and another pro tip make sure

you steam your stuff no one wants to buy

wrinkly anything make sure you steam

your clothing before taking photos of it

so another tip I have especially for

things like Blazers and especially when

they are so oversized

is to try to get the measurements on the

item so that the person can get a sense

of how big or how small an item is so

you want to do like the

shoulder-to-shoulder measurement for

Blazers the length up and down the


since jeans are so hard to buy

especially online Oh see so I'm going to

sell these I have to make should make

note of that little red spot like in

addition to the size of the jeans it's

good to share things like the rise of

the jeans the inseam what they're made

of in addition to the brand so you can

find that information on tags on the

inside like this and same goes for

things like trousers sweaters if you can

share in your description or in a photo

just more information on

the material then that's really helpful

it helps the person decide especially if

their particular about fabric or if

they're allergic to wool things like

that that's important to know for your

buyer and these are all things that I

just learned over the years of selling

and just things that I noticed that were

common questions from buyers basically

the more I do this the more I find that

it is very much like having a legitimate

online store look at the adjectives and

descriptors of items that you see on

your favorite websites think of these

types of words because those are all

searchable terms that a lot of people

are looking for vintage oversized

menswear distressed and also just think

about what you would be searching for if

you were shopping for an item like this

so these are all things that you can

consider in including in your

description it doesn't have to be a

million years long but it can be really

quick and easy the more information you

provide to your buyer the better and the

easier the transaction will be to make

and it just makes you look professional

and like you know what you're doing and

that you are taking good care of your

clothes and that you want to make sure

that your clients are happy okay so it's

the next day I have posted my ads for my

closet sale on stories now I'm gonna be

organizing everything into piles so I

can keep track of what I sold and who is

going to so this is how I am keeping

track of everything that was sold I'm

keeping everything that was sold

separate in its own pile so this person

bought a couple of things two items here

and what I'm gonna do is put a post-it

note with the name the address and the

amount that the person sent me because I

did everything through PayPal it helps

me keep track of everything and what is

what in a little bit more of an

organized fashion so since I've sold

everything one thing I did not share

with you guys yet is how to figure out

your pricing so this is something that

is entirely up to you you can decide how

much you want to sell your clothes for

but for me I tend to generally price

them to sell but there's a couple of

tips that I would still consider when

pricing your clothing when you're buying

secondhand clothing it the price asked

is not always the price that your

to get so being open to negotiation be

open to accepting bundles bartering

waving shipping if a person is willing

to purchase a couple of extra items

definitely just be open if you have a

willing buyer see what they are willing

to pay for the item and kind of go from

there I still always just try to keep it

honest so if a person is wanting to buy

a couple of items off me then I'll waive

shipping I'll charge a flat rate of

shipping things like that it's just

whatever you both are comfortable with

in terms of what you want to let your

items go for and what the person wants

to pay so one of the key rules of

negotiation this is still a business is

to price a little higher than you are

expecting to make because a lot of

people will want to negotiate with you

and that price that you listed it for it

might not always be the price that you

get at the end but you still both want

to be happy as the seller and as the

buyer so have a starting point but be

prepared to go down from there if you

want to get rid of your stuff quickly

just price it to sell if I paid $100 for

an item I'm very likely not going to

sell it for $95 or $90 when I price it

to sell this is now something that's

pre-owned I've worn it usually if I can

make forty to fifty percent back or

higher on an item I'm happy with that

because for me that money I'm not trying

to make my money back here when I'm

selling my clothing I want someone to

enjoy it and I want someone to be happy

with what they pay for it and I want

some in someone to be excited and happy

when it arrives and I want the

transaction to feel like it was a

positive thing for both of us for me

selling clothes on

depop or on Instagram stories or Kijiji

or wherever to me it's just a little bit

of extra money that I can pocket and put

towards either of my debt or a piece of

camera equipment that I'm saving for

it's just another little side hustle to

make a little bit of extra cash for me

I'm not out thrifting and selling those

pieces out of markup I'm selling things

from my own closet so I do expect to

take it out a loss now I guess the next

thing you want to do is find out what

you're going to

your items in you can do an in-person

meet up you can meet up with people in

public places do whatever's comfortable

for you but right now I only really have

time to ship things out so if you're

gonna be shipping clothes regularly on a

regular basis it's a good idea to hold

on to envelopes bubble wrap envelopes

boxes that things come in any extra

packaging of things that might be coming

into your place anyways just take the

box apart hold on to it make sure you

buy a roll of packing tape and it's a

good idea to get a way scale and have

some measuring tape if you're going to

be creating your own shipping labels

because that's all information you need

to know you need to know how much your

item weighs and you need to know the

dimensions of the boxes or the envelopes

that you are planning to ship your item

in so that's a really cheap and I think

sustainable way of reusing old packaging

some other things that I like to do is I

like to hold on to old garment bags that

I happen to get I'll wrap the garment in

a garment bag to make sure it's

protected or I'll just go to the dollar

store and get some tissue paper to wrap

the clothing in and then I just make

sure that the bag or envelope is nice

and sealed before I send it out and just

wrap it with a little bit of love send a

love note and ship it off for the person

to enjoy so I just packed up all the

things I sold in my closet sale it's all

ready to go I just used like old Amazon

boxes you can go to the dollar store and

get some envelopes whatever you have

lying around try to reuse what you

already have that way it's a little more

sustainable and now we're gonna mail out

the stuff


so now that we've shipped out our

packages the last thing I will always do

if I got a tracking number along with

the package is diem or send that person

the tracking number so they can keep

track and see when their package is

coming to their door and then they can

get their new item and start to wear it

and love it so that's how I sell my

clothes you guys this is how I try to

get a little bit of extra money back

from any of my previously loved items

let me know if you've ever sold your

clothing if any of these tips helped you

and let me know any of your tips and

tricks that you've done in the past when

you've sold any of your items and don't

forget to give this video a thumbs up if

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one bye