Cashback (2006) - Freezing Time Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

my breakup with Suzy had left me with a

sense that time had become unhinged I

drifted between imagination and reality

between past and present increasing ease

real mathy like them like real mentor

when I'm out there in the kit on the

pitch with the boys

thank God

and darkness


I keep myself in shape

as it looks


I could feel the bolts of time slowly

coming away from the bracket time

manipulation is not a precise science

like any art it's personal to the

individual so what is the art in making

my shift go so fast

I imagine the opposite but time is

frozen I imagined the remote control for

life has been paused



within this frozen world I'm able to

walk freely and unnoticed nobody would

even know that time had stopped and when

it started back up again the invisible

join would be seamless except for a

slight shudder not unlike the feeling of

somebody walking over your grave that

moment when you see someone walking down

the street who is so beautiful you just

can't help but stare

well imagine as I do that was the world

on pause it becomes very easy to

understand the concept of beauty

to have it frozen in front of you