TIPS to SELL CLOTHES to PLATO'S CLOSET from an EX EMPLOYEE 2020 | Lauren Carducci

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today we are going to be doing a little

video a little throwback for me how to

sell your clothes at Plato's Closet so

for anybody that doesn't know me I

actually worked at Plato's Closet for

two years I stopped working there August

of 2018 it's now June of 2019 yeah so

yeah how to get Plato's Closet to

actually buy your clothes I know so many

people get frustrated they don't

understand why Plato's isn't taking

their clothes so I'm here to tell you

all the tips and tricks and what not to

do about selling your clothes to play

those closets so we're gonna be talking

about pricing and how to bring in your

clothes a little bit later in the video

but first is what kind of clothes should

you bring in so this is super important

so the best thing to do is to figure out

what season and what items your Plato's

Closet is looking to take in so my

advice is to go in the store give them a

call ask them what they're looking for

so everything it runs on like a cycle

with Plato's so they're not gonna be

taking in clothes that they don't need

for a certain season it's just a time

thing it's a money thing it's a storage

thing if they don't need the clothes

they're not gonna be bringing in the

clothing items so figure out what items

your Plato's is looking for and then

start going through your clothes

typically Plato's will tell you that

they are looking for current name-brand

Styles doesn't science be name-brand

styles but current styles and looking

for one to two years since they were

manufactured so this is a little bit of

a lie so it is kind of a thing they tell

people so they can get current styles

but Plato's well I've seen things that

are five years old in there if they're

trying to if they think they're gonna

sell if they're basic pieces that are in

Nice good condition they're gonna take

those items so when you're looking

through your clothes it's really

important that you remember Plato's is

not a donation place Plato's is looking

for money they don't want clothes that

are stained that are smelly that are all

these things so my tip to you is go

through your clothes so figure out first

what items that they are taking so if

they're only looking for spring and

summer items go through all of your

spring and summer items your tanks your

short your dresses all that stuff and so

then you're gonna look for any

staining pilling stuff like that and I

will show you exactly how to look

through your items so for something like


they are gonna look for trendy Styles

camo this is in and it is expressed so

that's a good brand they're gonna check

for any staining any pilling anything

wrong with the items maybe holes

stuff like that and they can actually

look at when the item was manufactured

so a lot of people don't know this a lot

of brands do not all but a lot do if you

look in like one of the side seams

you'll find like tags like this and like

for example this one was made in April

of 2016 so that's pushing three years

but I can almost guarantee you that they

would take this and probably excellent

this item which we'll talk about a

little bit later what that means but

basically getting the highest amount of

money for the item that they can give

you but my tip to you is if you have an

item that is trendy or what you think is

trying do you think will sell well but

might be a little bit older and what a

lot of people used to do is cut the tag

out I know it sounds dumb and we're

definitely finessing the system here but

if they can't tell the date there's no

if ands or buts they have to just take

it based on style and that year

sometimes they will just look at the

year and toss it to the side it really

just depends that's the hardest part

about Plato's Closet is that it's super

inconsistent you have to remember these

are sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen

year old girls just using their best

judgment on what to do and even grown

adults that know what they're doing

everybody has different tastes different

styles different things that they would

bring in what they wouldn't bring in

stuff like that so sometimes a year can

throw somebody off but if you cut off

the tag he'll never know and then for

jeans so these are going to be a mom

Jean type style something super popular

that they're gonna be into right now

they're gonna look for any staining

paneling fading again and then as well

as any zipper pulls so zipper pulls are

little lines that run through like the

side seams so basically what causes

those jeans from stretching too much so

basically if you're a little bit bigger

than the jeans should fit if that makes

sense they're gonna be pulling just

they're gonna like be stretching on you

they're gonna create little like ripples

in the fabric from being stretched too

much so they're gonna look for that it

can make it a harder style will say just

shows condition so they're gonna avoid

stuff like that but as well these are

American Eagle so that's a good brand

that they would take and these are from

ten seventeen so they remain less than

two years ago so these are definitely

something they would take don't need to

cut out the tags of these ones so

Plato's is going to be looking for the

year they're going to be looking for the

condition they're gonna be looking for

the style but again everything is

subjective because it's all up to these

young girls who are going through the

clothing so what some people would do

you guys can take this to the tip or not

as an employee this definitely was super

annoying but it did work for some

customers some customers would

repeatedly bring in items so say they

start with seventy-five items and they

put them in a bag and so they go the

first time when we take thirty items

okay cool so but they are going to keep

bringing back the rest of those 45 items

in hopes that either a won't see the

stain or hole or damage is wrong with it

or be another employee well think the

style is fun trendy something that the

other employee didn't agree with so if

you were to that is something that you

can do is just keep bringing back the

clothing items it is super annoying and

if the employees recognize you they're

probably gonna realize and go through

your items quicker and not paying much

attention and like just probably not

bring them but that is something you can

do for a couple times if you want to is

just keep bringing back your clothing

items because you might be able to sell

more to them okay so now that we know

what we're bringing so we're bringing in

the right styles we're looking for

standing pilling stuff like that it is

really important to go through your

clothes I might add if you're just

throwing in all your old clothes crappy

clothes it has stains on it socks

underwear which place does not take

socks or underwear the employees are

gonna think okay like this person is

just bringing in me and garbage so

they're gonna stereo tape your clothes

as garbage which we don't want because

we are making money here

and now how should we bring in the

clothing items so this is really

important even if your styles or

clothing items have holes or stains or

little imperfections if you make your

clothing items look good

you're gonna trick the Plato's Closet

employee I feel like a traitor here but

like Plato's Closet so it's okay so it's

super important so they do recommend

this not everybody does this a lot of

people don't do this it's to wash your

clothes so this is super important a

Plato's Closet employee does not want to

be smelling your dirty clothes so you

don't want to be stereotyped

as like dirty and like bad bye you want

to be considered a good bye so good bye

is lots of good clothes something that

the employees actually gonna enjoy going

through it and that's an actual thing

when you go through dirty disgusting

clothes every single day all day long

when it goodbye with good clothes and

cute clothes comes in they are excited

to go through that bye and I'm not

kidding so we want to be considered a

good bye here ladies so wash your

clothes washing your clothes is super

important we want them to smell nice we

want them to be at their best state and

then we are going to iron them if you

really want to be special and definitely

fold them so again people literally just

ball up their clothes ball up their

dirty underwear ball up their dirty

socks and throw it in a big trash bag

and that is the worst thing you can do

clean your clothes if you're not gonna

iron them fold them nicely and put them

in either a laundry basket or a reusable

shopping bag and another thing is do not

bring them in ten bags of clothes like

big garbage bags it's way too much

they're gonna go through it way too fast

my max I would say to bring in is like

two bins full anything more than that

they're gonna make it a 24-hour or at

least for our Plato's Closet which means

are gonna do it overnight a lot of times

these employees don't want to do them at

the end of the night which they have to

but they don't want to so you want to

give the Plato's employee the best

experience while going through your

clothes so they're happy and they take

the most amount of clothes so bring them

in spelling nice looking nice

then bring them in not in a garbage bag

and don't bring in a ton of clothes that

time and I mean this is all subjective

if you have genuinely you know really

nice clothes tags attached stuff like


bring em in you're gonna get a lot of

money stuff like that a lot of money

we'll get into pricing them a little bit

later in the video but I'm telling you

if you just have a lot of clothes that

you're not sure of or older you're gonna

donate them don't just bring them all in

I can almost guarantee the girl going or

guy going through your clothes doesn't

want to go through all of those clothes

so a gun my next tip is when to bring in

your clothes so typically for everybody

knows that I know it could be different

from where you are there are planes all

over the country I think just in the

United States I'm not sure maybe other

countries but they usually stop

accepting clothes an hour before they

close the store so frie story that was

at 8 o'clock because we closed at 9

o'clock so my tip is do not bring your

clothes in 10 minutes before they

stopped accepting clothes or 10 minutes

before they close the store they're not

gonna want to go through your clothes

and again they're probably gonna have an

attitude and don't want to go through

your clothes so they're gonna be a

little bit more harsh and I know this

sounds bad but this is just the truth

these are teenage girls and they get a

lot of crap and they don't want to just

go through all these clothes I don't

want to think stopped accepting clothes

and our before they close they can do

closing duties and stuff like that if

the store is dead and they have

everything done they may go through your

clothes but a lot of times they're not

they're gonna be short-staffed so

they're not gonna want to go through

your clothes so my best advice is to

bring them in during a slow time that's

just for your own benefit so you don't

have to wait I've seen wait times two or

three hours which I know seems insane

and some of it is just overdramatize

it's not that you can take two or three

hours but it can be that long so my

biggest advice is to bring it maybe

during the middle of the week maybe mid

day like 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. work slow and

chill but then the gun it's really

unpredictable it could be super busy at

that time - everything is really

subjective or we kept catching it being

here Plato's Closet oh yeah bring that

in a slow time don't bring them in

intimates before they close and you are

going to beat the best result

possible so once they are taking air

clothes and looking at your clothes

because the dust go from a first-come

first-serve basis once I actually get to

your clothes they're gonna go through

your clothes and they are going to throw

whatever they want they think will sell

into a bin and then throw everything

else back into whatever you brought in

the laundry basket or usable shopping

bag if you're listening to me because

you want to make money so they're gonna

take all the stuff that they like and

then they're going to enter it into

their systems

so so Plato's will tell you that they

don't come up with the pricing that it's

all of in a computer system and that is

true but there is some leeway so they're

gonna go for your clothes one by one and

they are going to type in the I don't

know what order it goes in I don't room

or thank God I don't remember the Troma

is starting to feed a way of working at

the store so they're going to type in

the style the condition size of your

item size doesn't depend size doesn't

factor into the pricing though and then

it is going to come up for most brands

some of its limited it's not all three

but it's either me value standard or

excellent the item so these determine

how much money you are going to get for

the item so standard is pretty standard

something that's gonna sell it might be

a basic a really cool piece but it has a

little bit of damage so just like right

in the middle is gonna be standard and

then value is going to be maybe a

slightly older piece that they still

think would sell that's why it's

important to cut out your text so they

don't know the year I've never done that

but something that they know is gonna

sell but they can't charge a lot for

they're gonna value it so values gonna

be the least amount of money and that

leaves excellent so what we want is our

items to be excellent hit ladies so

excellent is going to be a good item

good style good condition a good year

anything I think what is what do they

say I think you have to have two or

three things going for it so if it's a

cool collar and a cool style excellent

if it's a good year and a good brand

excellent so I think this isn't a hard

concept to graph if it's a really good

item it's gonna be excellent and that

is going to be the most amount of money

you're gonna get for it um going back I

guess I should have started with their

pricing a little bit um so Plato's

employess will tell you that their items

are marked 50 to 70% off below retail

it's like that's a face I live for and

then you get a third of that so how this

value standard and excellent works so

that's where the 50 to 70% off retail

factors in so if it's a nicer item they

can charge more for it um so it's gonna

be 50% off retail or if it's not as nice

item they're gonna sell it for a lower

price 70 off retail but then you'll

always get a third of your item so

Plato's is selling your forever 21 tank

top for 3 or 4 dollars because that's

literally how much they sell them for

you're gonna be getting 90 cents to a

little bit over a dollar or they sell

your jeans for nine dollars you're gonna

get three dollars she's are actually a

little bit more than nine dollars it

depends on what your brand everything is

subjective so that's another thing that

we should probably talk about this video

is a little bit disorganized but Plato's

doesn't just say oh jeans are $10 tops

are $5 this is that amount of money so

all the patents on brands so like

Express is a good brand that's gonna

price higher for over 21 price is really

low in this system

Lululemon price is really high in this

system but don't be fooled the system is


what a play those employees should be

doing is checking all the pricing but

take Lululemon for example Lululemon

does not price as high as it should in

the system so Lululemon leggings are

typically $100 go watch a video I try

and I went to lose them in close I'm are

like $100 so they can sell them for at

least where I'm located for like $30 but

in the system they may only count for

$20 even if they're excellent again the

best amount of money that you can get it

for but that's wrong so Plato's there is

a way that they can override it and

basically make any item this amount of

money they want to they usually do it by

the right price sometimes or but like

the right way sometimes they have to do

it themselves but they should be going

in themselves and adjusting that price

to $30 or the correct amount so that's

why I say my next tip is is okay to ask

questions I know you can sound a little

bit annoying but

come off really nicely the girls will

explain it to you but I think it's

important to ask questions about how

much you're getting you can actually get

an entire printout of your order so

there's a way they can show you every

dollar amount for every single item

about what you're getting and you can

question it or ask it I'm not telling

you to barter with them they're not

gonna barter with you but mistakes do

happen these are young girls running

these stores and mistakes happen and if

you say hey is this this much or

whatever they might be able to adjust it

for you but again this is just my advice

to you coming from an ex Plato's Closet

employee but don't be annoying but it is

okay to ask questions after you ask all

of your questions if you feel the need

to ask any questions they are going to

tell you the amount of items they are

taking and they amount of money that

you're receiving for those items and

then you accept or decline it and then

you have to sign and now you're rich

thanks to me and Plato's Closet you are

welcome for the free promotion I'm sure

all the ex coworkers are watching this

so hello guys it was a miserable time

working with you thank you no I'm

totally kidding um Plato's was

definitely horrible towards the end but

I don't regret working there at all it

really was a really interesting and

learning experience that I received I

would not be the person I am today

without Plato's Closet all of my thrift

eing and thrift living and all of that

stuff so I do appreciate them for that

um but now I get rich thanks to me but

yeah I think that's all for me there's

honestly so much about Plato's that it's

kind of hard to compile it all into one

video that's organized if you didn't

catch on this video is a little bit

disorganized but I plan on doing more

videos in the future if this is

something that interested you gave I

know everybody especially us wrote

college students are always looking for

extra cash so I can give you all the

tips I can't get the most cash I totally

will but that being said I don't want to

forget to say this is if you have the

time Poshmark is 100% the way to go

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the middleman well I guess not because

Poshmark is the middleman but you're

gonna make a lot more money for your

items and

Plato's because I know I really likes

the and moan about Plato's prices

but you do have to remember Plato's is a

secondhand story they are a business

they do need to pay their bills they

need to pay their rent bla bla bla bla

bla but if you have the time look into


and research how you can list your

clothes I'm there because I 100 percent

room recommend it I do that I will link

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