How To Cash Out Of The Crypto Market?

hello everybody welcome back for another

video hope you're all doing well and

that you're all having a great day this

is a requested videos we've been

requested quite a few times I do

apologize that I have not gotten to this

quicker a lot of people have been asking

me how exactly do they cash out of the

market once the market has gone up this

is not to be you know a comprehensive

guide I don't go too deep into it but

these are the methods that I have found

that a lot of other people have been

using some of them that I have used

myself and these I think are at least

the safest ways or I try to

I pretty much blanket cover some of the

easiest ways to if the cryptocurrency

market goes up to a certain amount if

the market gets too hot and you decide

that you want to pull your money out to

be able to get some of your profits back

these are kind of the simplest ways to

kind of do it first up we have a coin

base for those who do not know coin base

is probably the largest cryptocurrency

exchange that we have in the world right

now they're also one of the most trusted

they are the most not verified they have

gone through all the legal hoops that

they have to go through they're located

in the United States but they still

allow for international purchases and

stuff like that as well they definitely

handle people in the US if you are in

the European Union and as well as if you

are in the UK if I'm not mistaken a

couple of days ago they also just added

British pounds as well for people I know

a couple of people in Europe who have

also used coin base and they said that

they had no issue at all I guess it has

to be something on the lines of

transfers I have not heard any

complaints from people using coin base

and people in the US should as well no

coin base as well I recommend them

simply because of how simple they are if

you actually sign up and go through

their website it's very basic there's

nothing difficult about it everything is

pretty much clear in your face like

everything is kind of laid out it's

nothing you won't be using coin base if

you're trying to do something difficult

or something that takes a lot of effort

or something that you have to know

technical skills about everything in on

coin base is pretty much like there's an

option for by there's also an option for

sell there's an option for this is an

option for that it's one of the easiest

crypto places that I've ever seen in my

entire life they've definitely done

well to give you just exactly what you

need and nothing more on the entire

thing of coinbase they do have a

verification process as many of these

other things do if you have been in

crypto for a while or if you are how do

I say this if you were planning on

taking out a significant amount of money

if the market goes up or even right now

depending on when you were trying to

cash out the these websites have ways

for you to verify your identity and it's

usually through showing your passport

showing a state ID or showing your

country's ID sometimes you can also get

in contact with them as well to kind of

expedite the process or tell them if you

have a particular you know I am in this

country but I also live here can I also

do this and is this possible there

customer support has gotten a lot better

over the last couple of years because

they were a bit slow before but coinbase

has kind of ramped it up I know a lot of

people may have issues with coinbase but

coinbase is one of the easiest if you

have not signed up with coinbase

and are looking at to sign up with

coinbase I have a link in the

description below it makes it a lot

easier for you and also yeah this is

coinbase is probably like I said people

have had issues with them in the past

but I would rate them at least a b-plus

plus if not a solid a simply because of

how simple and easy their entire process

is next up if you are in the United

States I would also recommend Gemini a

lot of people we were talking about

Gemini a couple of weeks ago a lot of

people say that they definitely trust

Gemini they have been using them for

quite some time

Gemini is also very basic they don't

have a lot of coins but I'm going to get

that hopefully in a couple of seconds

pretty much if you are holding Bitcoin

or aetherium or they've also just

recently added Zed Cash you're looking

to swap out of the market relatively

quick back into I believe they probably

are only doing u.s. dollars so this

probably pertains to people living

inside of the US if you're looking for

an alternative to coinbase Gemini is

definitely it Gemini is not as large as

coin based but they are as well-known so

if you're looking for everything that

I'm telling you these are not random and

or shady websites these are like the

most well known things that we have in

the cryptocurrency space and they are

the most trusted a lot of these have

also gone through like heavy


with sec s and CFTC's in their own

countries depending on where these

things are so they are the most trusted

in this is why I am telling them to you

I'm not going to tell you anything that

I would not use myself next up we have

Kraken Kraken had a lot of issues

sometime last year but since they have

definitely revamped their entire website

they offer I believe if I'm not mistaken

they're also located in the United

States but they offer a very large

amount of coins that other US exchanges

do not so if you're looking for a place

where you can trade tons of coins and/or

get a large number of other coins to be

able to trade into I would definitely

recommend Kraken at the moment they are

supporting euros as well as SEPA which

is very good as well and Swift if you

live inside of Europe you know that you

need to have long strings of code of

numbers now in order to be able to

transfer and they do support this they

also support the US dollar the Japanese

yen and Canadian dollars as well which

can be very important I do apologize

that I don't have more for people in

Canada or in South America and/or Africa

there aren't a lot of options for these

countries or rather I do not live in

these places so I cannot tell you for

certain what the most trusted things are

so this is what I'm trying to cover as

many potential bases as I possibly can I

would definitely recommend Kraken like I

said give them a try if you need to or

even look around online as always do

your own research and figure out exactly

which place is right for you before you

put your money into them but Kraken has

been around for quite some time they've

revamped their entire website things are

a lot cleaner a lot smoother a lot

quicker and I think they are definitely

one of the most well known exchanges in

the cryptocurrency space next up for

those who are in Germany and are not

looking to use coinbase and or maybe not

even Gemini maybe even Kraken and you

feel a lot more comfortable with this

you probably should already know Bitcoin


this is like the easiest place it is

very basic it's a very simple website I

mean everything you kind of need is

really there there's nothing really

technical about it you pretty much click

buy and/or sell and the

thing kind of goes through they ask you

for your bank details or whatever the

case might be it is definitely one of

the most trusted especially if you have

just moved even to them a day as they do

allow euros there are a lot of other

people you can see little flag right

here from other European countries who

are also allowed to buy sell and trade

on Bitcoin boom-de-ay as well so that is

not just restricted to people living

within Germany or in german-speaking

countries but it's for everyone within

Europe it is a very basic layout don't

expect anything spectacular from this

but it's very like if you need to buy

and or sell and have money go directly

into your bank account this is what you

would want to use depending on how

comfortable you feel compared to

coinbase or any of the other places if

you are in France and you go to Bitcoin

point FL you can see that they also have

a number of other places that they

recommend for people to use to buy and

sell crypto currencies not only selling

it but also being able to switch back

into your local currency they recommend

Kraken like I said Bitcoin can get a bit

stamp which is something that I'm not

familiar with so if you have used bits

down before and you feel comfortable

with it please let people know in the

comment section below

pay Miam comm that I am also not

familiar with coin house at i/o local

bitcoin is also a another place that you

can use this is typically one please

know the laws regarding local bitcoins

dot-com in your own country simply

because a lot of places have actually

banned local bitcoin or their

governments are not comfortable with the

transactions that are happening we had

an instance a couple of weeks ago where

somewhere k-member the country they had

their police force stopped a man in the

street because they said that he was

trying to launder money so typically if

you are interested in selling around one

two three four maybe five hundred

dollars and/or euros local bitcoins

could be the place for you especially if

you're not really interested in doing an

entire verification process in order to

be able to cash out of your money local

bitcoin is very very popular it is very

well known I think they also have not

verification processes but they have

like a like a ranking so if someone has

transactions with at least 25 people you

will be able to see them as well so you

know that they are relatively trusted

and you're not just meeting some random

person on the street and handing them

cash they also have coinbase listed as


it says books simply fee a which is like

a simplified exchange it is very easy to

use and they actually offer I think even

one more coin it actually says over here

right now to get slightly more technical

not even really more technical another

thing that I would suggest I know a lot

of people right now are dealing in out

coins and as we know coin base doesn't

have a lot of out coins now that does

Gemini Kraken has an okay amount but

they're not as out there as many other

exchanges they still have a certain set

of coins that they are offering and it's

not around 100 or so another option that

I would suggest would be to download the

Exodus wallet Exodus is absolutely great

they update once a week so the entire

thing is you know constantly new

constantly refresh they make sure to

constantly patch things to make sure

that your money is safe they also have

options as well for you to be able to

write long passwords so that your money

is even safer in using Exodus what I

would suggest is I'm gonna show you for

one second they have a list of all the

coins that they actually support I will

not read through all of them they have

Bitcoin litecoin Ethier IAM - golem all

gordy cred eos is something we'll talk

about in another video what it says

right here is not bad but it's something

we'll talk about later Omi's they go bat

salt Bitcoin cash Ethan areum classic

Bitcoin gold tons of others they also

just recently added if I'm not mistaken

ripple x RP and stellar lumens two of

the most requested coins for Exodus the

point is is that if you find yourself

having any of these coins you may find

it very difficult to cash out at coin

base or on crackin or any other place

that you were trying to get fiat

currency sent back to your bank account

what I would recommend is to simply if

you have your coins on here if you

decide to put your coins in download

Exodus you are actually able to swap

your money back and forth with in Exodus

directly without actually having to go

through a cryptocurrency exchange for

those who can see it says aetherium

swapping into Bitcoin cash

sometimes Exodus does have slightly

higher fees they say that it has to do

with the network they give like exact

network visas sometimes it may be a bit

higher than you would like to pay but

for the convenience let's say in a

scenario where you have a coin and you

find yourself in a position where you

have made twenty five thousand dollars

and you are trying to figure out how to

cash out quickly you would simply be

able to swap that coin into Bitcoin and

if you have a coin base account send

that money to coin base and have

coinbase send you that money directly to

your bank account hope I said that

pretty clear I definitely definitely

recommend Exodus I it's without a doubt

one of the most beautiful wallets that

I've ever seen in a very long time they

have a lot of features they're always

adding new coins and they make sure to

only add new coins once the once their

network is stable so they're not just

adding anything random they make sure

that they are verified well known

projects that they have out there so

this is this is kind of the end-all when

it kind of comes to everything I know a

lot of people like I've said before not

a lot of people own around 35 Bitcoin

but they may own around 35 Bitcoin gold

or some other coin that is not yet

supported on coin based on Gemini on

Kraken so what I would recommend this is

me is to simply download Exodus have

your money on Exodus and should the time

come and you're looking for a very quick

swap so that you can dump your money

back into coin base to send it to your

bank account this is one of the easiest

ways that I found to cash out of the

market and it'll probably be this way

for quite some time until these major

exchanges end up having around 30 40 50

60 70 different alt coins but as of now

it may take a bit of effort a couple of

clicks but this is the easiest way for

you to get your money back into your

bank account the last thing - is also a

very large cryptocurrency exchange if

I'm not mistaken there either number one

or two compared to coin base in the

world right now they're extremely

popular they have mentioned many times

before that they are adding fiat support

I guess because of the rules and

regulations within the United States

they have announced that they're going

to be trying to add euro support as in

Fiat pairing so you'll also be able to

then send them euros by coins and also

swap out of that to send euros

to your bank account I assumed as time

goes on you will then be able to as well

send US dollars in Japanese yen what

have you but at the moment if you are

looking to use coin by Nance I would

definitely recommend them as well but

then also I mean the cryptocurrency

space for what it's worth is still in

its infancy it's still relatively new so

all the kinks have not been worked out

but it can be very simplified in the

easiest ways that I found or that I've

offered to tell a lot of people like I

said this is not or these are not the

only ways for you to cash out of the

market these are just some of the

easiest ways in most simplified ways I

tried to tell you the largest and or

most well-known crypto changes that we

have out there and this is kind of what

it comes down to I would definitely

recommend buy Nance coinbase Kraken and

also downloading Exodus or maybe even

reading through the exodus website to do

your own research and figuring out if

you want to use this but I definitely

recommend them because it is a very easy

way to not only deal and altcoins but be

able to swap between out coins from the

comfort of your desktop and not actually

having to sign into an exchange and then

being able to swap directly back into

Bitcoin that you can then send to coin

base to send back to your bank account I

hope I helped really I hope I helped um

thank you once again everyone for

watching and are listening I hope you

guys all have a great day morning

afternoon and or evening wherever you

are wherever you might be

thank you once again for watching and or

listening and I will talk to you all

soon see you