Money part 2: How to Exchange Currency Traveling Europe

okay what other things can you give us

about money and tickets and traveling in

Europe so the third tip I have is when

you buy a safe public transportation

ticket and don't go to the tourists

tourist office yeah either tourist

offers or any other private operating

rooms just go to the ticket booth or

machine to get it we had some ticket

here and it's supposed to be just one

day pass we just take a transportation

but we had to pay extra for it if we got

it at the machine would be cheaper verb

the next topic is is that how to change

from dollar to Euro there are many

options to make this change there are

classes on - the first option is you

just have the dollar and change at any

US banks so if you go to a US bank what

they do is they make a request you don't

get this euro same day they will deliver

to you so there's a deliverer charge

there's a service charge and the

conversion rate also is not as good

the conversion rate you see a poster on

the internet will not be the same you

get booked because you are only changing

a few hundred dollar thousand while the

conversion rate posts therefore a much

larger amount so we didn't go through

that or route the second option is if

you get have a dollar you can actually

go to a

you're in Europe the conversion rate

will be a little bit better butters you

get a euro same day that's an advantage

but still they are what they call the

euro Commission fees and some place just

exchange currency they charge a

percentage like a few percent two or

five percent on the overall transaction

so that's not the best option the best

option is go to an ATM machine at Europe

the ATM machine there are three type of

card you can have either an ATM card see

another ATM card from there is different

Bank now the ATM card has either in this

case called a plus or interlink or a

star or plus but I noticed some of the

ATM in Europe has this sign which means

you can withdraw with an ATM card but a

lot of them don't and they all have a

visa logo so the best is instant the

using ATM card you use a debit card

debit card you have to give a pin code

the fees for daddy card or ATM card is

there's ATM fee the first ATM if it's

not the same tag

I didn't see any Wells Fargo taste and

even Citibank I didn't see a the

different bag which are taken feet I

found one it's a child swap and I tried

it I didn't try to me any him fee so

that's what up the one I'm using or I

used that's nice to know

right cuz it yeah yeah I usually I'd

expect to get sucked with a lot of

different theories and the chase

I checked the account we have a tie

chase I also got a debit car I'm chase

allow five time for us a month so that's

another often the other fees are

transaction fee the bank could charge

three per son but child swap didn't

charging the only problem I had was I

didn't have that earlier so I they have

to FedEx to me charged me $15 for just

overnight the liver so I got this car in

three or four days overnight but you get

in three or four days yeah but so I

guess what you mean is that you didn't

order it until maybe a week before you

were leaving right so you are worried

about whether you get it yeah yeah but

over nine million they don't start until

next day and then there's a I think it

may be the second day but I paid a

$15.00 that's the you know if you'll

withdraw $500 only that would be quite a

few percentage

make sure you request the debit car long

before your trip so again everything

ready the credit card they all could

give you cash from ATM now the only

problem is a credit card charge very

high percentage on the interest once you

the day you withdraw money from ledian

is that accrue entries and I think you'd

have to have a pin code yeah you'll have

to have a team called correct so I

request pin code for each card even

though I at the end I didn't use it the

interest was very high check a Martin's

price 19 something person and all others

at seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty

one twenty two percent Wow

very high in addition the old card

charge three percent transaction fee


a very good car now the transaction fee

if is you withdraw very small amount is

not up to say five or ten dollar they

will have a fixed amount say five or ten


ah piece okay

actually right now I'm wondering why if

you requested the pin codes for the

credit card why then you had the trouble

as a hotel with needing a pin code yeah

so that's a different that the pin code

is used at the bank to withdraw cash

it's not that pin code for credit

transaction so it's different type

of transaction Wow okay so in other

words you could have more than one pin

code attached to the same credit card

for different purposes for mm-hm

yeah so it's so so it sounds like you

had to contact several you know all

these different credit card companies

and banks ahead of time to make sure

that you'd be able to withdraw money

make charges and so on so you didn't end

up in trouble yeah so oh the credit card

or bank they have a fraud alert

Department so I have to contact them

tell me exactly which country where

we're going to and which they owe this

in order that that any charges you might

make there wouldn't be rejected and yet

in the end the easiest was just to go to

the ATM with one of the credit cards

that you had already contacted the bank

to make sure it would work yeah so it

wasn't just your usual credit or your

usual debit card ATM card that you plug

into your bank at home on only yeah it's

a I use an ATM our home but for this

trip I got a the chop shrub with a visa

tapping so I use a debit card to be SPRO

money sounds like too much work

well yeah you I probably next time if I

start again maybe I won't take the cash

and maybe just trust there's some

technical would work so avoid all other

problem but you know I just want to be

safe to have a plan a plan B you know

what if Wendy doesn't work at Plan C so

the Plan C is the credit card is drawn

cash okay and how how hard was it to

find ATMs where you were we were there

were they all over the place like they


in city cities here or did you ever have

a situation you couldn't find an ATM

when you needed one or yeah we found an

ATM the only thing we were not sure is

whether how was the fee on the ATM there

is an ATM and doesn't tell you how much

he is charging if you using I had a

child swap the reverse of the AT&T fees

but I didn't know what kind of fee

because their ATM from the bank and ATM

from a third party so I think it's

better to use the one from the back okay

but anyway you could find the machines

they weren't they weren't right uh too

few or hidden right I couldn't find the

oh the but if you do have a choice we

use the one from the back okay the very

last copy

is the credit card purchase and then

before I left the purchase they all

charge three percent fees for

transaction and Americans price charged

2.7 percent that's the only different

but at the end we didn't use any credit

card because we didn't have that Penal

Code ha anyway and that was a good

experience we didn't really have a money

problem at all okay well you know I mean

so the only place you tried to use the

credit card though was that at the hotel

did you even try anywhere else

yeah the Barcelona bus stop

we tried that buy the ticket okay but

pretty much everything else you didn't

in cash that you would withdrawn from

the ATM

okay cash is good okay thank you