What Brooklyn Bridge Looks Like As NYC Slowly Reopens.. | #TATradersVLOG

alright y'all know who it is more fuller

team Alliance New York City

Brooklyn this is the TA traders vlog I'm

out here right now this is Sunday just

decided to come out just get some fresh

air check out some scenery from the

Brooklyn Bridge really came out here to

be nosy look and see what people are

doing out here derman is pandemic we

know he's been in the lockdown for the

last two months

so people are starting to come outside a

little bit I'm really just getting an

idea of what it looks like so

out here alright yeah so this is New

York City um you could kind of see like

you know it's not a lot of people out

here but it's a decent amount of people

out here

this looks nothing like it would

normally look like normally you have so

many tourists and all that on the bridge

you it would just be ridiculous like

there would be like you see all of the

space you see how this how did space

here you wouldn't have all of this if it

wasn't for Kovac Colvin has changed the

dynamic of the landscape of the city to

say to lease but anyway yeah so this is

all kind of like a little different vlog

it's Sunday so markets are not open this

is Memorial Day weekend also so I really

just came out what he was doing down


hold on you see what these doing - doing

down in the water they doing

on a chess game Wow who would have thunk


jet-skiing that dad over there is on

South Street Seaport this is this right

here is the Manhattan side this is the

New York City side of the bridge these

are the golden arches of Brooklyn Bridge

yeah but anyway so you know traders blog

so even with all the the fact that the

market is not going to be open for

Memorial Day

I forgot what day or whenever he opens

it might be Monday night so it might be

tomorrow night I honestly don't remember

that over there's the Brooklyn side

which is the Sodom headed back to you

yeah so the market may be reopening

Monday night I think today being Sunday

I believe that is closed you know so

once we open we'll be back at it doing

what we do you know but in the interval

just enjoying the scenery join in New

York City vibes

of course I messed up a lot of people

out here without mass but not not I got

my masculine

even though it is um it's more helpful

when you are in ventilated areas so like

being outside and getting fresh air you

know more movement and more airflow is

actually better versus being inside of a

building or inside of an area with other

people where things are more likely to


so just you know a little tip as far as

staying safe for taking precautions one

stay away from people and you definitely

want to stay away from confined areas

where they're people you know I mean so

even though I'm on the bridge there's

not a lot of people out here he's gonna

say this is this is really the only

reason I came out here today because I

wanted to come out here because I'd

normally wouldn't be out here like to be

honest with you I don't like being

around a lot of people but I took the

opportunity being that arm things are

starting to slowly you know read open

and I guess adjust to the new the the

new paradigm that we're in as a result

of this pandemic so I decided to just do

something I knew I wouldn't normally do

which is take a walk on foot the bridge


very nice days beautiful eyes beautiful


got that's on the Williamsburg Bridge

over there we making our way back over

to Brooklyn

big welcome signs welcome to Brooklyn

all right so I probably picked this back

up when I get over to the other side I'm

Hollis all in a minute

and that ever I did that's a beautiful

shot right there look at that that's


beautiful blue skies yeah so again this

this right here it's the Manhattan side

of the bridge so we actually probably

gonna go back in Manhattan and grab a


Conny to move for some pizza you know

one of my son left favorite pizza spots

that we like to go to I think we don't

hit that up but out there in the

distance you can see Empire State is

over there

down on this side is the world trade

this building right here with the with

the point on the top I am mean to get

the Sun in the shot but you up in New

York City

this right here is I sort of me I don't

know why he built this building right

there in front of the damn bridge

that's the Williamsburg Bridge over

there they put that building up and

basically anybody that had a view before

that building went up of the bridge and

of you know over on that side they don't

have that view no more it's gone so that

was kind of whack in my opinion nobody

put that there just one big-ass building

sticking out like a sore thumb

by the bridge silliness yep

all right so so that's about it this is


we'll be back over there in a minute

I had to walk for the team Alliance t8

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