Exchanging Money in Costa Rica Currency Dollars to Colones

hey guys I'm Michael Allen I'm the

Angelou for trouble Costa Rica now calm

guys one of the first videos we ever did

it was about the exchange rate and the

currency used down here in Costa Rica

and I got to admit it was probably one

of our more drab videos but quite a few

drab videos ok one of them but anyway it

was drab because of a couple things one

because that we used not very good

lighting we didn't know about lighting

really and the other one was the Costa

Rican money back then was drab very drab

now it's a nice new colorful bills like

they came from a land of rainbows or

something where they got all these

beautiful colors these purples and

oranges they got butterflies and

hummingbirds beautiful money the money's

called the Cologne and right now the

exchange rate goes for about five

hundred Colonus to one American dollar

now we've been down here seven years and

that's almost always been true about the

average which makes conversion pretty

easy now it does fluctuate from day to

day but that's the average norm around

where it's gonna be and in your head you

want to keep it at 500 now one time it

got close to 600 but that was a while

back four years ago and it's but it's

been around 500 now the other thing is

you'll notice on these bills

it says mil well that's the Spanish word

for thousand here so the trick of

learning this money you only have to

know one thing the number to take any of

these numbers times them by 2 and it's

going to be the American equivalent so

this is a $4 this is $10 this is $20 $40

$100 approx now the thing they don't

really you don't see too many of these

too too much you're normally going to

use these so but conversions I think

kind of easy conversion is pretty easy

now especially with the new bills they

have dropped all those zeros at the end

that which was confusing every corner

because there was a lot of zeros now

it's a kind of it's a lot easier now

when you go into the airport do not

exchange money there they're kind of

kind of I don't want to say rip you all

but it's a bad it's a worse exchange

rate than you would get in the city or

get a better bang for your buck at the

banks in the cities and a lot of times

you don't even have to exchange your


it's everybody here will take dollars

they normally will give you the five

hundred to one conversion or there

abouts there abouts I've the only

problem time I've ever had a problem

with nobody wanting to take a American

money was on a public bus yeah I need

Costa Rican money now this goes against

what most people say most people say

convert your money convert your money

you could if you get off the plane go to

a bank maybe convert $50 $60 because

what's gonna happen when you use your

American money you're more than likely

most people give colonna's back and as

long as you know the rate you're not

gonna get ripped off it's you know but

if it is it's by a few cents so almost

everyone in the country or most places

you're gonna be going takes American

money so don't get all caught up in this

I got to convert my money I got to

convert my money you'll get colonna's

back like he said what change so just

keep track of the conversion you'll be

set right and the other thing is just

real quick you don't want to carry

around they don't really like American

50s and $100 bills they they kind of

consider them counterfeit so don't bring

out don't definitely don't bring a lot

of those now that they don't consider

counterfeit it's just it's a big bill to

worry about getting a counterfeit bill

for so they don't even touch them now

just did today this is my change do this

you do get a lot of coin change to here

in Costa Rica yeah W by and the only one

so they're the highest one is a 500 coin

which is about a dollar the next one is

a hundred which is about twenty cents

well anything under that which they have

a lot of they have 50 s and twenty fives

and tens and fives some of them are less

than a penny so you get a lot you get a

lot of change

useless change yes that so what I would

say the what's the best thing the change

could they could use it for tipping

tipping because normally - you don't

really tip here tips include it so if

it's already included and you just got a

handful of change just or me or maid

service or something just be careful

because you might be laying down a bunch

of change and you're thinking wow I hope

that let's all buy hundreds and it could

it could literally be maybe thirty five

cents so just be careful that the other

thing you could always do is give your

change when you leave the airport they

have those boxes of 90 boxes

boxes which is really nice as well so so

that's the thing about the the money

down here beautiful I wish that America

would kind of get caught up and if

you're wondering about any other Kurt of

ways of payment down here you can do

credit card you can do debit cards ATMs

are down here we do not recommend

traveler's checks at all ever never

those are the forms of payment that you

can use down here anyway guys this is

our updated video the two thousand

almost thirteen video about currency and

the exchange rate in Costa Rica

I am Michael Allen I'm D'Angelo Flor

travel Costa Rica now calm peace guys

hope it helps look at this money dad the