MONEY IN CROATIA | Croatian Currency | part 1

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in today's video I'm going to talk about

money about Croatian money this is the

first video of a small series of short

videos I planned to make on the topic

operation money I'm going to talk about

famous question money's worth the

conversion to euros or to the US dollars

and how much money you need to take the

croatia and what kind of money you need

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videos and now let's jump right in I'm

going to show you the money last week I

did my best to collect all the money we

have here all the banknotes we have and

all the coins this is one corner this is

the base of all creation money 1 Kuna is

like $1 so this is 1 Kuna it's like $1

except it's worth approximately 15 cents

so why on earth is Croatian currency

called Kuna and what does it mean it

means Martin and if you look carefully

you can see a Martin behind 1 Kuna kings

of Martin were medieval units of value

people were paying taxes even in Roman

times in continental Croatia close to

Hungary in the skins of Martin because

they were highly valuable goods and when

Croatia became an independent country

Kuna became the name of our national

currency 1 Kuna the basic unit has 100

liebe liebe is a subunit of Kuna and

Lipa means a linden tree which used to

be found and planted close to the market

places in Croatia so we have Kuna and

Lipa the coins we have in Croatia are 10

liebe 20 Lipa 50 liebe and then the

bigger ones 1 Kuna to Cunha's and 5

Funes so the biggest coin we have in

Croatia is that of 5 kunas which has a

bear on it the European brown bear the 5

Kuna point is approximately worth around

70 cents so the thing about creation

points is that one two and five Poona

point have an animal on them and all the

coins which are smaller than one who 'no

which are leaf as the subunits have

plants on them increase you can still

find points of one and two leaf us but

they don't produce them anymore even

though they circulate and now i'm going

to show you creation banknotes let's

start from the smallest one

it's the tank Kuna banks don't on all

Croatian banknotes there is a famous

person from creations history on the

front side and on the back side there is

an important monument from Croatian

culture architecture and history so on

10 Kuna bank note there is a bishop a

catholic bishop from East LA from the

region of East LA which in English in

Israel this bishops name was given to

brilla and he advocated for Croatia when

Croatia was under foreign rule on the

backside of thank you note there is one

of the most famous pieces of

architecture in Croatia and it's the

Colosseum in Pula this monument is

actually smaller than the Colosseum in

Rome but it's better preserved and even

today there are many events and concerts

taking place there and now let's

continue with 20 Kuna banknotes

the famous person on the 20

hakuna bank note if can't yell teach

increase against full title and name is

bunny or ctlt's County Oct alleged it

was familiar face me maybe for some of

you because he is riding a horse on the

most famous monument on the most famous

square in Croatia which is the main

square in the city of Zagreb crazy

capital and on the other side of the

banknote there is an else manner in the

city of Louisville and the ceramic

butcher Dada which is dated from 2800 to

2500 BC and now let's continue with a

bit of blue the 50 Kuna banknotes has

one poet the poet's name is even go to

it and hit the most famous Croatian the

rock poet on the other side of the

banknote there is the old city of

Dubrovnik and directors fellows and for

when you come to Croatia the name of the

city is Dubrovnik do not pronounce it

Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik or whatever else

remember Dubrovnik both wrote it for you

and now a bit of forage at 100 Kuna

banknotes here you can see another count

even the Sudanese he is one of the most

important people in Croatia history

he is a famous politician lawyer

linguist and poet and the curious thing

about him is that he was the first

who did not come from an old Croatian

humble family and on the other side of

the banknote barry's st. Vitus Cathedral

or in creation Cathedral effete Amida

which is in my city of Rijeka and it's


octagonal layout so the 200 Kuna

banknotes is brown and he pronounced it

Kuna not Kuna like I did a bit earlier

the famous person on this banknote is

stefan karate he was a creation

politician a very famous politician but

he was unfortunately shot in Parliament

by radical Serbian politician and he

died from stomach wound several weeks

later he also played a big part in

creation a bit more recent history and

on the other side of the banknote there

is the old general command building in

Austria a bit difficult to remember and

to pronounce and the layout of the city

fortress called tu varita and now let's

continue with the 500 Kuna banknotes

which is green and has another famous

poet micro model each from split micro

model which was a famous Croatian

national poet and Renaissance poet on

the other side of the note there is do

collisions palace in split Roman Emperor

Diocletian so how beautiful it was on

the Adriatic coast of Croatia so he even

built his palace here that's one more

reason why you should come to Croatia if

it was good for an emperor it's great

for you too

this 500 to Nabil is great for when you

want to tip your waiter just kidding

it's a bit too much but if you want to

make somebody's day go for it

and the last and the most valuable

banknote is 1000 Kuna banknotes which is

worth approximately 150 US dollars this

purple beautiful banknote has another

famous person from British history he is

an T star cherish a politician and the

writer who laid the foundation for


nationalism and on the other side of the

banknote there is a monument to King

Toby flop King Thomas love is gracious

first king

and there is also the Cathedral in

target which is a Gothic cathedral from

13th century one interesting thing about

creation banknotes is that they have

these small symbols here and this small

square over here contains Croatians

anthem written in super tiny letters so

if you're coming to Croatia please do

not have this with you because you

probably want people to do anything with

it unless you go to some fancy shop and

buy something expensive usually

sometimes people won't even accept it

don't try to go to bakery to pay for a

sandwich with this for example do not do

that even 500 Kuna

Bank Kuna I said Kuna again it's Kuna

500 Kuna banknotes are also quite rare

and to prove my point I will tell you a

detail written on both of these

banknotes so as you can see these

banknotes are well preserved there I

think better preserved than all the

other ones I have definitely better than

this wrinkled 20 Kuna banknotes

but this wrinkled 20 Kuna banknotes was

printed in 2012 and also this one the 10

Kuna banknotes which is also quite

wrinkled the dirty and grey and to

compare them with these two banknotes

these are super well preserved straight


well this one is greenish but it should

be like that

and they were printed in 1993 so these

two well preserved beautiful banknotes

were printed 25 years ago 25 years ago

that says something about how many of

these people are using it

so I think this proves my point if you

come to Krisha do not use these ones and

if you must have this but the best thing

to do is to use banknotes from ten

Cunha's to two hundred pune that way

wherever you come and whatever you buy

people will have enough change to give

back to you and you won't be stuck with

one huge banknote you can't really do

anything to it except look at how

beautiful purple it is I hope you had a

lot of fun looking at money with me I

will include the names of the people and

the things I mentioned in the

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