Niagara Falls, Canada - Your Guide: Travel/Weather/Currency

welcome to the niagara falls canada your

guide this section involves preparing

for your trip I travel how to get here

weather conditions and currency unless

you're within driving distance of

Niagara Falls chances are you'll be

flying now you've got two choices you've

got Toronto International Airport also

called Pearson Airport and Buffalo

International Airport Buffalo Airport is

actually closer and then you've got

across the border to come into Canada or

if you're flying into Toronto obviously

already be in Canada and either way I

would definitely recommend renting a car

at the airport there's a few places to

rent to Niagara Falls but not that many

if you're coming from Canada or Toronto

obviously the border is not an issue if

you're coming from buffalo airport or

you're driving in from the US currently

today you do not need a passport is this

februari 09 but I believe in June you

will need a passport to cross the border

so be sure to check before you leave

make sure you have all the documentation

you need to cross the border if you're

coming in you've got four choices for

bridges but its really three you've got

the Buffalo for dairy which is the peace

bridge which is south you've got the

rainbow bridge which is right in agri

Falls there's also the lower whirlpool

Bridge in Niagara Falls but that is for

Nexus people only unless you have that

you cannot take that bridge and there's

a bridge to the north a little further

north the queenston lewiston bridge

which is also available so you got

pretty much three bridges to choose from

and once again be sure to check if you

need a passport

okay got a bit of a zoom in here you can

see you can't really see it here the

next map will be better the falls are

basically at the very bottom of that

picture in the in agri river there at

the very bottom that yellow bridge going

across near the bottom is the rainbow

bridge and the very top that is the

Queen's and lewis and bridge crossing

chances are you'll be coming across the

Rainbow Bridge most people do if they're

crossing from the state so that'll be

the bridge you're probably going to be

looking at

it is the same map but a satellite view

now at the very bottom you can see the

little white section there I've always a

it up a bit but that's the the

Horseshoe Falls or the Canadian Falls

and then run the board of error where

it's contoured says Ontario New York at

the bottom there that is the American

Falls gets kind of covered over by the

word New York there but i'll zoom in a

little more in the next one you can get

a closer look but you can get a feel for

kind of lay out there of Niagara Falls

okay this one's a zoomed in a little

more you can see the Horseshoe Falls

you're Canadian Falls there it's that

whitish area that's the mostly the mist

from the water going over the falls and

a little further up there just north of

gold island that's the American Falls so

those are the two i'll be getting into

more details in those in another video

and you can see the bridge crossing

there that yellow line crossing that is

the rainbow bridge which is definitely

the most popular one as far as crossing

the border I should mention there are

websites to give you bridge wait times

if you're coming in obviously if you're

flying you will be able to check it but

if you can check it or house call

someone up and check the wait times I

just do a search for Niagara Falls

Bridge wait times I'm sure it'll be one

of the first hits they tell you how long

the bridges are as far as during peak

seasons you can wait sometimes an hour

syb see if you can save that time by

just going to one of the other bridges I

certain strongly recommend that it can

definitely save you some time thereby

avoiding sitting there at the bridge and

like I said ask mostly for coming from

the states if you're coming from Canada

chances are you'll be on the QEW the

Queen Elizabeth way and the vast

majority of people take the 420 highway

420 which is at the top of that picture

into niagara falls the QEW is that

orangi line and the left there it's not

labeled unfortunately and the you from

that you take the 420 exit either way

for coming from the Buffalo side or from

the Toronto side and you take 420

and it ends at Stanley and from there

you have choices you can choose to go

straight you'll come to a stop light at

that at Stanley there the highway

actually ends you can continue straight

down Robert Street it does get a little

busy especially if it's a weekend there

could be people lined up to actually

cross the border back into the states so

at that point I'd probably recommend

making a right on Stanley and chances

are your hotel is going to be down there

anyway where you're going to your hotel

is going to be a long lundy's lane I'll

have another section on hotels but

certainly everyone a Canadian side take

the 420 s most people do you couldn't

you can take the lundy's lane exit off

of the QEW that's another option if you

do take the 420 down I would turn right

at Stanley that's where most stuff is

you could go straight but it does get a

little busy there certainly that's up to

you guys we got GPS and save you more

time and that's pretty much it for

getting here I'll move on to whether

currency and other stuff

write a brief talk about the weather

here in Niagara Falls despite the fact

we're in Canada does not snow all the

time and we're not living in igloos it

does get quite warm in the summer mid to

upper 20s is not unusual plus humidity

does get quite warm I would bring shorts

t-shirts in the summertime and the

winner does get chilly we get the

Buffalo weather for those of seat on the

news we this won't get there snow

chances are most of you will be coming

in the summer so I would definitely wear

summer clothes shorts t-shirts and then

check the forecast probably the day

before you leave go to the weather

network com they got a good 14 day

forecast out or Environment Canada they

must have good long-range forecast but

it does get quite warm here in the

summer so pack accordingly

okay moving on to currency you're coming

to Canada you'll be using Canadian money

I strongly recommend probably changing

your currency where you are now

especially if you're in the US you may

want to get canadian money before you

come virtually any place in niagara

falls will take US dollars that's pretty

much a given the other thing is you may

not get the best exchange rate at the

time right now our dollars worth about

eighty cents eighty-five cents us right

now it fluctuates all the time but a lot

of places may give you 70 cents on the

dollar I've seen as low as 65 I mean

that this this fluctuates so it's not a

steadfast rule but i would get canadian

currency before you leave i can say you

can use US currency they'll take it

anywhere you just may not get the best

exchange rate in canada we've got pretty

much the same coins as the US has the

penny the nickel to die in the quarter

ignore that 50-cent piece the only

picture I could find then we have the

dollar coin also called the loony

because there's a picture of a loon on

it and we've got a two-dollar coin which

is called the Tunis because we couldn't

come up with a better name so as far as

no more one dollar bill and two-dollar

bill we have one-dollar coin and

two-dollar coin and Looney and to near

pretty much the accepted name for those

and then we have our bills same as the

u.s. the five-dollar bill 10 20 50 100 a

lot of places will may not take a 50 or

100 so you know stick 2020s there the

nice and color-coded a lot of people

seem to not like it they call it funny

money whatever but we certainly like the

colored money we can easily look in your

wallet and see what you got and you see

green you got a 20 is either purple you

got a 10 you see blue you got a five so

that's the money you'll need Canadian

currency obviously places take these a

MasterCard you know all that stuff we've

got ATM machines all that's going on but

I would definitely have some Canadian

cash before you go and it's be sure to

call it a loony an attorney and you'll

fit right in

that ends the niagara falls canada your

guide part on preparing a travel whether

currency quick overview there you'll be

flying a neither buffalo or toronto now

your two choices if you come in the US

you'll have to cross the one of the

three bridges unless you have nexus and

you have four bridge choices and the

summer i can say it does get quite warm

and humid and as far as cash i'm using

candy money get some canadian money

before you leave but any place within

the UN the canadian side will take us

money he just may not get the best

exchange rate and thanks for listening

and hopefully you'll pick up one of the

other parts