hello and welcome to Prague Czech

Republic in our country Czech Republic

we do not use euros as a currency we

actually have our own currency which is

called Czech crowns this is what our

bills look like so if you visit you may

want to change euros into crowns but it

can be quite tricky so here are some

rules on how to change money in the

Czech Republic as of right now today

January 2017 a hundred euro bill is

worth two thousand five hundred Czech

crowns so you want to get as close to

that amount as possible so let's see

what we can do so we're on the main

square and look we found an exchange

place that claims to have 0% Commission

which would mean that for this 100 euro

bill we should get 2500 crowns

well no you actually have to go inside

look at the list the exchange list look

at the we buy column and there you'll

find that you're only gonna get 1500

crowns that's 1000 crowns less not a

good place but the trick in Prague is

that only few meters away is a place

that is honest and will give you what

your money is actually worked


so we have just walked literally 30

seconds and we are going to save nine

hundred crowns on this short walk

because this place will give you 24

crowns for one euro which means

twenty-four hundred crowns

for a hundred euro but still in

beautiful downtown Crocky at another

exchange place claiming to have 0%

commission but once you get closer and

you ignore the big sign and look at the

small sign you'll find out that for one

euro you're getting 17 point 39 pounds

that's really really bad so in this

place this 100 euro bill is worth

seventeen hundred crowns but as I

mentioned before only few meters away

this is literally seconds away and right

here on this place it's twenty four

hundred fifty crowns so if we change the

bill here we're gonna make seven hundred

crowns on this short walk did you guys

get it you have to be really careful and

also don't take taxis okay you get to

another exchange place let's see how

much how 100 euro bill is worth where

you gotta go for we buy one euro

25 crowns well that looks good but you

got to go down here to find out that

Commission for exchange from foreign

currency it's 28% so on this hundred

euro bill we would lose 28 euros and as

we mentioned many times just across the


is this place that has 0% Commission and

also will give you 25 crowns for euro

which means 2500 crowns for this bill

which means we have just saved twenty

eight euro just by crossing the street

guys and I'm sure you know the story by

now that place this bill is worth

nineteen hundred crowns and at that

place it's twenty four hundred crowns

difference of fifty meters is a

difference of five hundred crowns you

may be wondering how much is five

hundred crowns is it a lot that's ten

beers that's a lot I'm sure you get it

by now that hundred euros can be worth

different amounts of money but we're on

the most absurd street in Prague

there's the Wenceslas Square the main

square and here's one Exchange Place

that has zero percent Commission another

place that has zero percent Commission

and another one over there that has zero

percent commission well let's see how

much we will get for our hundred euro

bill sixteen hundred now I don't want to

change it

sixteen hundred crowns oh well luckily

there's two more zero percent Commission

places hello

oh so it's eighteen hundred but today's

rate is much higher yeah eighteen

hundred in this place who well luckily

there's one more place let's give a shot

to that one twenty five hundred crap

thank you very much

well last but not least this place will

give you twenty five hundred crowns

finally so we can highly recommend it

this was the ultimate honest guide of

how to change euros into Czech crowns

guys do not get fooled there's always a

good honest place just across the street

or even next door to the bad tourist

traps there are three rules you have to

follow always read everything that's on

the board then ask before you change the

question should be how much money in

Czech crowns will I get for my euros

dollars whatever have them show it to

you on a calculator and the third rule

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how much you cash the colic so they will

show you how much money you should get

so you don't get scammed