How to use ATM abroad? Watch for SCAM!

how ATM can scam you easy I will show it

to the in Poland using my British card

actually Pyrex which I operated all the

time I'm using cryptocurrency all around

the world and the thing is when you

using car different country you will see

what's going on how ATM can easy scam

you let's first think you always will

see the huge amounts of money when you

using different currency in other

country so always use that other amount

other amount I will Robb like 500 police

water ok observe this and another thing

when you see exchange rates

it's 4.37 actually is four point ninety

four like this it's a huge difference

that's why they ask you always about a

huge amount of money to withdraw because

they would add much more money if you

withdraw more than that that's what you

do in yes I want to continue you never

accept conversation you do this one

decline conversation all the time they

clean it again and now receive and look

what's going on now an ATM anyway we

withdraw money for me in the normal

exchange rate which is four point ninety



yeah when you decline

anyway you will get your money the

normal exchange rate so always watch for

the especially when you upload and using

the different country always deklay

exchange rate and the same is in the

shop when the salesman ask you about

which currency you want to use all the

way you use the local currency never use

the currency which you have on the card

always use the local one stay safe